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How To Do Laundry While Traveling

Do you know one of the secrets of traveling with lighter luggage is doing laundry while on travel? You might be surprised by this revelation, but it is! If you are traveling for a week, you are probably thinking of bringing your wardrobe. But, traveling with several heavy luggage could be a burden. Not to mention, you have to deal with a big pile of dirty laundry.

You do not want to carry a laundry for five days, yet you’ve only worn it once, don’t you? It keeps your luggage from unpleasant odors and dead weight. We want to give you ideas on how to do laundry while traveling. Here are some of the best things to do with your laundry while on travel:

Do Laundry in the Sink Or Bath Tub

If you cannot find a laundromat and the hotel laundry service does not offer a laundry service, or their service is quite expensive– then, use the sink in the bathroom! Using a sink to wash clothes isn’t a big deal. You can easily wash your clothes and it surely will turn out clean. 

  1. Plug the sink or bath stopper. Using a sink or bath stopper will allow you to collect water for hand washing your clothes. Although most hotels have an available stopper, it would be best to bring one to make sure as several hotels do not have one. Most travelers who bring their own stoppers prefer the lie-flat as it only takes little space and the water will completely submerge the stopper.
  1. Fill the sink with warm water. Ensure that the water is warm and not hot. Hot water might break the fabric of your favorite shirt. Warm water can help break down stains without causing the color stain to blot. 
  1. Soak clothes for two minutes. After soaking it for two minutes, drain the water, rinse the clothes, and repeat the procedure at least once.
  1. Add laundry detergent. If you plan to do the laundry while on travel, it is best to bring with you a travel-sized laundry detergent. Using hotel soap is not a good idea since it is not meant for clothes. There’s a greater chance it will leave soap suds on your clothes as it takes too long to rinse hand soaps. Rub the cloth against itself to lather and remove obvious stains. Make sure your hands mimic the motion of a washing machine to effectively remove grime and stains.
  1. Rinse clothes. Thoroughly rinse clothes until there are no evident soap suds.
  1. Wring excess water off the clothes. Squeeze out the clothes to get more water off.
  1. Hang clothes to air dry.

Ask for a Laundry Service in the Hotel

Doing laundry in a hotel sink is pretty easy and simple, isn’t it? But, if you do not have enough time to do it on your own, try asking the front desk of your hotel if they offer laundry services. Do not easily assume that all hotels offer laundry services, you will be shocked by how many do not. 

However, you need to brace yourself as hotel laundry service fees are quite expensive. If you are in a 5-star hotel, you have to expect that the fees are a little higher. But, if you are in a budget hotel, a self-service laundry machine might be offered. 

Acquiring a hotel laundry service can help you maximize your time to roam around and fulfill your travel destination bucket list. 

Visit a Laundromat

Now, if you do not have time to wash your clothes in your hotel bathroom sink or the hotel offers expensive laundry service, or even worse, they do not offer one. Then, you have your last choice– take a trip to a laundromat. 

If you are concerned with your time, you can drop off your dirty laundry at the nearest laundromat, or there might be some laundry shops that offer laundry pickup. Typically, laundromats offer wash, dry, and fold. 

Sticking to laundromats for laundry while on travel could save you time and a few bucks, which is your concern with the other two methods of doing laundry.

Tips for Doing Laundry While Traveling

Laundry while on travel is a good idea for backpack travelers. They do not deal with heavy luggage and a huge pile of dirty laundry. Indeed, travel clothes are not an asset, but a responsibility. Since we discussed how you could do the laundry, I will leave you some tips and advice about doing laundry while traveling.

  • Consider your travel destination and determine how you could do your laundry during your travel. It may not work well with your travel destination or time constraint.
  • Research how you could laundry while traveling– which of the ways would best suit you? Are you comfortable with washing your clothes on the sink or bathtub? Did you check in to a nice hotel? Is there laundry service affordable? Or doing laundry at a laundromat is a better idea? You have to plan these things so you could check which laundry shops are near your hotel. 
  • Always check the care label of your garments. Some need to be hand-washed while some require a delicate dry cleaning at a laundry service.
  • Do not forget to bring a gentle laundry soap, especially if you have sensitive skin. You do not want to ruin your travel with allergies, right?
  • If you have decided to do laundry on your bathtub or sink, ensure that you have enough time to air dry your clothes. You would not like the idea of traveling with damp clothes. It is estimated that air-drying your clothes could take overnight or within 25 hours. Remember, the fastness would differ from the type of fabric.
  • If you are planning to do your laundry on a laundromat, it would be best to do a little research. Determine where is the nearest, or if there’s a laundromat that offers laundry pickup. 

That’s some of the tips I could give to you on how to do laundry while traveling. Are you planning to do laundry for your next trip? That’s awesome! You could apply the methods and tips.

Practice to pack less, do laundry often, and travel light.

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