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How To Deal With The Impact Of COVID 19 Lockdown

The majority of us suffered numerous psychosocial problems, which include the stigma and tension related to the COVID 19 lockdown. This resulted in drastic changes in our everyday lives and accidental negative results. However, we can turn this crisis into an opportunity. How?

First, the COVID-19 lockdown is an opportunity to bolster the circle of relatives bonds. Since anyone remains domestic, every member of the family can interact in higher innovative sports such as baking, cooking, gardening, and drawing. Parents find time to play with the children and interact in the day by day sports, which strengthens the family relationship.

Second, the lockdown furnished humans with more free time, which in turn can be used creatively for self-care and acquiring new pursuits or talents. Not knowing how to make use of the time successfully can cause overthinking, ruminating, and dropping hope. So, individuals can stability their time for sleep, exercising, leisure, online socializing, and relaxation.

Third, the confinement is a superb time to revitalize your passion and study new competencies. We can teach ourselves on the way to control anxiety and stigma because the worry of contracting the pandemic could be greater adverse than the virus itself. Therefore, we need to be privy to extraordinary pressure reactions.

Fourth, the lockdown is a threat to stay a healthy lifestyle. We can shift from our lifestyle to a healthy one. For instance, we can plant veggies in our vacant area at domestic. By doing this, we will eat fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed meals because we can’t get out of our residence. So, it is time to divert our energy into something helpful now not simplest to our fitness but additionally to our average psychosocial properly-being.

Fifth, the lockdown is a splendid time to read and write, considering that information is energy. Read at the least 30 minutes an afternoon. Even in this type of small-time, you can already accumulate many things that allow you to along with your boredom. Like my youngsters, they surely allocate time for reading and writing journals out of their enjoy for the duration of the confinement.

Lastly, this hard time is a risk to grow to be resilient. We’ve been thru plenty. It began from the strong earthquakes that devastated our residents and livelihoods to African swine fever (ASF). It is then followed through this pandemic virus, landslides, heavy rainfalls, and once more, earthquake. Just early this morning, a four. Eight significant earthquakes hit Kiblawan, Davao del Sur. We are not, but thru with the Pandemic COVID-19, the shock is back to scare the hell out of us!

These herbal risks come to be our new every day. Thus, we want to learn how to fast get over our severe conditions; if no longer, our vulnerability will kill us.

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