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How to Convert Outlook OST to PST Format Efficiently

In our day to day professional lives, we rely on OST files while working in offline mode in an office environment. However, there are several scenarios where one finds the need to convert OST files to directly open them in Outlook. In this article, we look at quickly converting OST files into the PST format with the help of the DataNumen Exchange Recovery application.

Given the dominance of Microsoft in the business software space, a large number of companies run their mailboxes on an Exchange server with users typically accessing their email accounts through the Outlook mail client. The architecture is designed to centralize emails at one server and then push the same to individual users. Working on an Exchange backbone is extremely beneficial for businesses as it allows users to create schedules and match calendars, book resources and protect users from email-based threats. Now when you are offline, the emails get stored in the OST format locally on your system. This allows you to work on your emails in offline mode and when you connect online, the data gets synched.

How OST Files Typically Work  

In a mail setup that runs on the Exchange backbone, the moment one creates a user profile on a client Outlook system, two files are generated. One of these is set up on the Exchange Server while an OST file is created locally on your system. In the event of the user working in an offline mode, Outlook stores data locally in the OST file. When the user reconnects to the Exchange backbone after getting online, mails and other data get synchronized. In case you had sent some emails while being online, Outlook would have kept the same in the Outbox. After reconnecting to the internet these emails are actually sent through. After synchronization is complete, you will find that the items and container folders in your server mailbox and local OST files would be the same. It is interesting to note that OST files are also created when you are using Microsoft 365 accounts.

Possible Scenarios Where you may need to Convert OST files into the PST Format

It is important to note that you cannot open OST files in the Outlook client in a normal fashion when you are online unless you are connected to the Exchange backbone. This leads to several scenarios where one might need to convert OST files. To start with any incident of Exchange crash can leave you hanging. Especially if you are working in a small business setup or in a remote location, it may take time to get your Exchange Server up and running again. It is equally true if you are traveling and your office VPN network fails. You would want to use the normal internet to send emails, but without access to the Exchange network, OST files would be of no use. Also if you have to change the system or migrate data, it is always better to make a copy of the OST file into the PST format so that you can easily access your data and work on it without encumbrances.

In addition, you may encounter situations where the Outlook OST files get corrupted, especially when the synchronization fails over an unstable network connection. To recover the corrupted OST files, it is better to first convert them into the PST format and try opening them with Outlook.

Get Hold of DataNumen Exchange Recovery Tool to Convert OST files to PST in Quick Time

When you are looking to convert OST to PST file, it is better to utilize the powerful DataNumen Exchange Recovery application to quickly achieve this objective. The application converts OST files into PST format in an effortless manner while maintaining data integrity. The application is extremely easy to use and a business user can convert the files in a jiffy. Just launch the application and select the OST file you are looking to convert. The application will generate an output PST file name. In case you wish to set your custom file name, feel free to do so. Once set just click on the Start Recovery button and the application will convert the file within minutes.

A Must-Have Tool for Businesses

If you are running a business or happen to look after IT operations, it would make great sense to invest in the DataNumen Exchange Recovery application. Besides helping your recover corrupted OST files, the application will come in real handy in situations where you need to quickly convert an OST file into a PST file. It can help your executives to work on their critical email data during Exchange downtimes and can be a lifesaver in many situations. Instead of their mails remaining stuck in the Outbox one can actually send out emails without waiting for the Exchange server to go live. Businesses can choose to take up volume licenses of this highly effective software at discounted rates and keep their mail data accessible during contingencies.

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