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How to Connect Internet Through Android Phone to a Computer

Today I bring with me a major tip and tricks for all internet users. That is how to connect the internet through an android phone to the computer. We all access the internet through mobiles, laptop,s and desktops, etc. with the help of different techniques you can share the internet connection through an android phone to the computer.

We know that there are USB and Wi-Fi options available for the connection. But that time also you get the error messages. Now we will explain in detail in the step by step. We hope this will may helpful for your internet access. Look at this. With the help of simple methods you can share the internet connection of the phone or tablet with your we introduce that methods here.
What is Tethering
Are you an android Smartphone user? You must aware about tethering. Tethering is to connecting one device to another. It also allows sharing the internet connection of the phone or tablet with your PC or laptop. Otherwise you can do over the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Physical cables such USB.

Before we all are accessed through the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .now the latest technology is easier for all the users. Tethering is a superior way to connect your Smartphone to computer. Tethering can be done in 2 ways they are:
· Through funny Wifi Names
· Through Wifi Names
Many mobiles are well manufactured with software with offer tethered internet access.
Method 1
For this method you need to install an app for to access internet through android phone to the Pc. That the app named as PDANet 3.02 this app is available in the android market.Dont forgets it. This app will install in your Android device as well as in your PC.
For installing PDANet 3.02 to your android phone at free of cost it also provide the premium version for 14 days. Just install the version click below the link.
How to connect to the internet
next method
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Now the time to connect to the internet. Here I describe how to do it.

Step 1: after installation complete, run the PDANet 3.02 on your android phone.

Step 2: in the PDANet 3.02 home screen have two options in that click on enable USB tether.
Step 3: next you need to plug the phone into the desktop using the USB cable. Now it automatically detects your device. And connect to the internet immediately.
Step 4: in the desktop, you need to select or right click the PDANet 3.02 and select connect internet from the menu.
Now you can enjoy with your internet connection.
Method 2
Second method is simple to access with tethering. Just try it.
To access android mobile internet through PC /laptop
We need to follow some set of way to access android mobile internet through PC and laptop. Just have to do the changes in android devices as well as your PC.
Changes occurred in your Android device:
Step 1: Go to mobile settings and then select the wireless networks.
Step 2: Then choose Tethering option or portable hotspot.
Step 3: Configure security option for secure Wi-Fi connection.
Changes occurred in your PC:
Step 1: Start your PC or laptop
Step 2: switch on Wi-Fi and search for your android mobile device.
Step 3: if your search complete connect with your android device. If you need pin code enter it
Step 4: now you can access the internet easily.
We hope these two methods are informative. Just give your experiences share with us.
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