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How To Configure AT&T Email On Your Computer?

Despite the emergence of multiple social media platforms, email communication is always the first choice of many individuals. While platforms like Gmail and Yahoo Mail hold the lion’s share, less popular email platforms like AT & T are increasingly being adopted to fulfill the communication requirements. You can use it for sending and receiving emails, managing contacts, calendars, and scheduling meetings. To ensure the smooth functioning of AT&T email services, you must ensure the proper setup of the platform on your computer. Here, we will discuss how you can configure AT&T email and ensure a steady flow of communication via emails.

AT&T Email – A Brief Overview

Before we start with the configuration of ATT Email settings for Thunderbird or any other email client, let’s have a brief overview of AT&T Email. AT&T is an email program powered by Yahoo. When you visit the website,, you can use your account login credentials to log into your ATT account and access your emails.

Besides, upon successful ATT email account login, you can go through various content on the email platform such as local and national news stories, the local weather report, sports news, information on shopping, games, chat, and much more. In other words, the look and feel of the AT&T Email platform are almost similar to that of the Yahoo Mail platform.

How To Configure AT&T Email on Your Computer?

You can use Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client for your AT&T email account. In this case, Thunderbird downloads messages from the AT&T Email server and stores them on your local system. In the same way, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird to compose emails that can be sent from the EMail Servers of AT&T. To configure your AT&T Email for Thunderbird, ensure the below-mentioned settings:

  • Description:                                                Your full email address
  • Server
  • Port Number:                                 25 or 100 (as provided by your ISP)
  • Username and Password:Unchecked
  • Connection Security:None

Setting Up an ATT Account Using IMAP? Here’s How!

Accessing your AT&T Email account from a desktop email program requires you to ensure the below-mentioned IMAP and SMTP settings: (AT&T) IMAP Server:      

IMAP port:                                                  993

IMAP security:                                           SSL / TLS

IMAP username:                                    Your full email address

IMAP password:                                        Your password (AT&T) SMTP Server:     

SMTP port:                                                  465

SMTP security:                                           SSL / TLS

SMTP username:                                       Your full email address

SMTP password:                                        Your password

Upon configuration of the AT&T EMail account, you might need to use the ATT email to text process for sending an email as text to an AT&T phone number. In this process, you can draft a new email on your AT&T account and send a text, image, or video recording to an AT&T phone number. For a text message, compose a new email and enter the recipient’s 10-digit mobile number, followed by For eg., if the recipient’s mobile phone number is 1234567890, type However, if you need to send an image or video recording, compose a new email and enter the recipient’s mobile number, followed by

In addition, you can send a text, image, or video recording directly to an email address by composing a new email and entering an email address, instead of a mobile phone number. If you want, you can also reply to an email which includes text, image, or video recording sent from an email address.

What to do If AT&T Email Stops Working With Outlook?

Outlook is one of the leading email clients being used by many individuals; however, instances occur when you might see that AT&T Email stops responding in Outlook. To resolve such issues, you can follow some simple troubleshooting methods to get rid of the issues and continue accessing your emails. Here’s a quick look at some of the effective ways to get over with the issue:

  1. Use webmail or another email client: If you are encountering issues with email and MS Outlook, you can try using the webmail version as a temporary fix. Since the webmail version doesn’t require any configuration, it can be an effective way to check your emails without any issues. Alternatively, you can use a different email client and replace Outlook with it completely.
  1. Ensure that your account is configured correctly: Instances might happen when you will notice that email isn’t working with MS Outlook. This can occur because of incorrect configuration of the email account. However, if you ensure a correct email account configuration, you can eliminate the risk of encountering any issues.
  1. Prefer IMAP over POP: There are types of email accounts, IMAP and POP. IMAP is the newer one that allows you to sync your emails across all your devices. The introduction of IMAP has made POP outdated as a result of which many email service providers, including AT&T are not counting on it. If you are encountering any issues with your ATT Email account and MS Outlook, it might be a result of using a POP account, instead of IMAP. Change your email account settings to IMAP and check if the issue is resolved.

AT&T Email is increasingly making its demand due to the addition of certain features and continuous bug fixes. While the email platform ensures seamless flow of communication via emails, it is important to configure your ATT Email account by following the correct procedure. Follow the series of steps and account settings for configuring your ATT Email account on your computer and get assured results for your email communication requirements. Whether it is ATT email to text message or ATT text to email, you can convey your message to the recipient by following a couple of steps. Besides, if you have the MS Outlook installed on your computer; however, you encounter any challenges while using it with your ATT account, follow the various troubleshooting techniques we’ve listed in the last section of this article. 

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