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How to clean vinyl floors?


Perhaps vinyl floor is one of the best flooring in the market so far. Gone are the days when vinyl flooring is considered as the cheap option for the homes. As we all know that with the revolution in technology , vinyl resembles the  hardwood , ceramic tiles or stone. Vinyl has a long life span and a good resistance against heat and moisture.

 Not only to moisture but vinyl floors are also resistant to stains , scuffs , dirt and debris. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean. This does not require any kind of extensive can simply clean the vinyl floors with regular mopping it doesn’t mean that there are not any kind of special tools for the vinyl floors cleaning process.

Given below are the cleaning equipments for the vinyl  flooring 

You can do light cleaning of vinyl flooring. Light cleaning involves the cleaning methods that you use for daily , weekly  and monthly cleaning. There are certain specific tools for the light cleaning.

  • Brooms 
  • Dust mops 
  • Vacuum cleaning 


Soft brooms are an ideal choice to clean vinyl floors. You can sweep away the dirt by soft mopping. Rough tools might affect the shine of the vinyl floor. 

Dust mops

A dust mop is also a good choice. Dust mops are effective tools for removing dirt and dust on vinyl floors. Traditional brooms work greatly for the vinyl because it doesn’t need any back and forth sweeping. 

Vacuum cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning is a safe choice for cleaning vinyl floors. Most of the homeowners take this issue seriously that either it will damage the floor or not. Keep in mind don’t apply beater bars just apply gentle vacuum cleaning on vinyl surfaces. 

Second method for vinyl cleaning is the deep cleaning of vinyl floors Depending on the traffic you might clean the vinyl floor that is much more than the simple moping. 

Remember  vinyl is only resistant to water, it’s not waterproof. Frequent moping will affect the shine and colors of the vinyl surface. It will also affect the adhesives and can cause seams and allow the water to penetrate beneath the surface. 

 Given below tools are the perfect choices for the deep cleaning of vinyl floors.

  • Spin mopping 
  • Spray mops 
  • Vinyl surface cleaners 

Spin mopping

Spin mop is an ideal choice for a deep cleaning process.spin mops are incredible you can wring the mop to clean the vinyl floor.

Spray mops 

Other than spin mop, spray mop is also a great option for cleaning the vinyl floors.bissell spin weave or bona stone are the great choices for cleaning the vinyl flooring. These tools are easy to work with . spray mop is a wonderful option regardless of your home style.

Homemade Cleaners 

Will you want to do something on your own? Then, to refresh your house, you can make your own power-cleaner by adding water, vinegar, and your new favourite aqueous extract. Pour this solution into the bucket when you’re using a traditional mop. For a deeper sweep, use a few drops of dish soap or a vinyl floor cleaner like COREtec.

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Special cleaners are the good choice for the vinyl floor cleaning. If you really want to maintain the look of vinyl surface you may use some special cleaners that are available in the market. Dish wash soap will also work for  but frequent use will affect the adhesive on the vinyl surface. 

Be careful about the vinyl flooring.

What to avoid 

There are some precautions that you should consider about vinyl flooring. However keep these point in mind while cleaning vinyl flooring 

  • Always apply gentle vacuum on the vinyl floor. Never use the beater bar because it will damage the floor. 
  • Don’t use the highly abrasive chemicals on the vinyl flooring. Don’t use scrubbers or any kind of steel wool.
  • Don’t apply detergents , chemical cleaners or shiners  on the surface. These products will fade the real shine of the floor.
  • Never use solvents , waxes or polishers on the vinyl flooring.
  • Don’t apply ammonia or ammonia based cleaning solutions on vinyl surfaces. These cleaners might cause cracks or the holes in vinyl flooring.
  • Keep all these points in mind. Else you will ruin the vinyl looks and it will just look like a damaged floor. 

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