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How To Choose The Best Movers In Richmond VA

Moving can be a daunting task, but in order to succeed, many people choose to move.

Movers are the best option to have a quick, less stressful, and efficient move. Let’s take a look at the variety of tasks involved in moving before we go into the factors to consider when selecting a moving company.

You need to pack, load, and transport your property in order for a move to be considered a success.

Well, you can go ahead and move, but, if you need a smooth move, the best deal is to hire a moving company in Richmond VA.

However, in order to hire a mover, you need to take into account several factors that lead to a smooth move.

When you hire the right company for your move, it ensures that you have a stress-free move, while choosing the wrong company can turn into a nightmare.

So how do you choose the best moving company for the move? Read on and discover the right steps before committing to a particular mover company in Richmond VA.

Before you can set up on a particular mover you need to do some research – this is called shopping around to find the best option – and it will also help you to avoid scams.

  • Obtain Recommendations From Friends

Check with friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations for the best moving company in Richmond VA.

This will help you to eliminate fraudulent companies that are after your hard-earned money and provide below-average services.

This, of course, on the premise that your friends, colleagues, or family have used the mover before and find their services exceptional.

Alternatively, you can search your local telephone directory for moving companies in your area.

You then call any moving company in the area and find out their initial fees so you can have the provisional cost of moving.

This also gives you a rough idea of whether you will be able to hire the mover within your set budget.

Now choose the mover that suits your budget, let it come to you, and make an estimate that will calculate the final cost of moving.

It is best to have a personal estimate, as they will need to see how the properties are moved for the estimate to be correct.

Remember never to assume that companies with big names are the best because without their marketing they would not be big companies.

Also, note that you will never receive quotes from a website and will ask the moving company to send you a quotation after you have visited each property on your premises.

There are sites that perform multiple scams on unware movers by ticking the “Receive your estimate online now’ shtick.

Another thing to remember is never to use a brokerage service to help you find a moving company in Richmond for you.

These service providers do not comply with the laws that moving companies have to comply with.

  • Conducting The Initial Investigation of The Company

After you have received the recommended list of mover companies, you should take a look around and do a background check.

This can be an easier test by reading the reviews of previous customers. Most websites list some reviews and this is a good starting point to search.

For a further check-up, you can search the Better Business Bureau for more information about the moving company. There is also the American Moving and Storage Association to find out if the moving company is a member.

If the moving company is a member of the association, this means that it adheres to all the rules of the association.

However, membership of the association is purely voluntary and the company should not rule this out when all other aspects of the company are reviewed.

There is also another scam, which checks websites such as, where companies that move have a blacklist of complaints.

It also contains general information and tips for a safe move.

  • Shortlist At Least 3 or 4 Moving Companies

After the moving companies have been shortlisted for the final 3 or 4. It is time to contact the moving companies for a quote.

This gives you an overall overview of the costs of moving and allows you to compare companies to see which offers the best overall cost of moving.

If you are moving to another country, ask if your moving company offers a binding quotation. You can also request a binding quotation in order not to exceed the quotation.

These two estimates guarantee that the moving company will not increase the fees for the move or include hidden fees after the move.

Movers offer free quotes, and under federal law, non-binding quotes are legal as long as they are offered free of charge.

But the U.S. Department of Transportation is warning customers to always expect a higher estimate.

Interstate movers will offer a fee on a quote, but most businesses will offer it for free.

Estimates for interstate moves are always based on the weight of the property and the distance you are moving to.

If you move within the same state, the rules on the given estimates vary depending on the state you are in.

Some states require a written and signed estimate from the mover. Either way, the offer for the move is based on the time the move can take.

  • Show The Moving Representative Everything

When the moving representative comes to your home, make sure you show him everything in your home, including areas such as closets, basement, attic, and backyard.

This is to prevent the foreman from questioning the quotation given during the move.

The foreman cannot force you to pay a higher fee when moving. But he is also not obliged to move your property if the quotation is challenged.

When this point is reached, you do not have many options. Especially if the move is urgent or the days you plan to move have elapsed.

Also, make sure that the valuer is aware of any condition that could hinder the transport of items from our old premises.

This includes stairs, distance from the truck, and elevators. Make sure that the valuer takes in as much information about your property as possible and also receives as much information about the company.

By getting information about a company from employees, you learn more about the ethos of the company.

Disgruntled employees will always be grumpy and have to drag themselves to work. While the opposite is the norm for employees who are treated fairly by management.

  • Check The Provided Estimate

The estimate is the document that is offered as an order and as a waybill upon signature by the moving company and the customer.

These documents and the inventory list offered by the moving company when moving, are the most important documents.

These documents must necessarily be submitted by the moving company, as it is your order for the move.

For interstate moving, the documents provided must describe the type of goods and their quality.

It should also indicate the distance to your new premiums. Other information that must be included in the documents includes additional services requested, the insurance provided, the cost, and details of coverage.

These details are included in the documents to ensure that you are not charged extra after moving.

If you are moving within a state, make sure you receive a written estimate indicating the hourly rates and any additional costs that may be incurred in the event of moving.

If you are unsure about the move, please contact the moving company and request a change.

  • Collect The Estimates in A Colorful Folder

Store the moving estimates and inventory lists in a colorful folder to make sure they are safe.

This folder is also hard to miss during the move. As the day gets hectic and you can misplace the moving folding.

  • Compare Offers

After receiving the various quotes from the moving companies, it is best to compare the bids offered.

Be aware of any moving company that has a much lower estimate compared to a median of all other moving companies.

Be sure to consider the high bills and see where the high costs come from.

Call the moving company if you do not understand the offer.

Also, make sure to negotiate for a better deal if you believe a particular company is reputable.

Please note that markets with a lot of competition will cooperate with their customers on pricing.

  • Check If The Moving Company is Insured

A moving company must legally move you and your property. Check with the authorities to ensure that the moving company is registered. They should also offer insurance for your property when you move.

So check the name, address, and telephone numbers of the company. Make sure they are the same as those provided to the moving company.

  • Select A Mover

Based on the information collected, you can easily select the company that will move you to your new location.

Make sure you confirm the details and dates of your impending move. Also, make sure you receive a signed service order and bill of lading.

  • Get A Copy of The Inventory List

Give the overs specific instructions on the new premises. Also, make sure you get a full list of the inventory that will be moved.

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