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How to Choose the Best Cable TV Provider

These days of isolation, cable TV has become a staple in every household, everywhere. People turn to TV for news and information and entertainment. This is why you must choose the best cable TV provider for your household.

What to Consider

Preferences of Your Household

In choosing a provider, the first thing to consider is what type of household do you have and what are they going to need the TV for? Will they require news channels or educational channels for information or is the household generally watching TV for entertainment? Or is it both? By recognizing the needs or preferences of the members of the household, you will then be able to pick the cable TV provider that caters to these preferences and offers programs or channels that are a match to your household’s requirements.

Value for Money

Next thing to consider is the price and what you are getting for the amount that you are paying for. The price of your cable bill should not hurt your household budget, especially in a crisis. Choose a provider that offers premium service at a reasonable price.

Added Value

Cable TV providers these days offer a lot of add-ons to their cable packages. Aside from discounts, they offer tie-in internet services, free gadgets such as mobile phones, smart TVs, etc. However, do not be blinded by these tempting freebies that you overlook the actual services you need from the cable TV provider.

The Reputation of the Provider

Also important is to check the track record of the provider. Take note of the testimonials of the current subscribers and see if they meet your requirements.

Cable TV Antenna Reception in Your Area

Perhaps the most important, yet often neglected, consideration in choosing your cable TV provider is the TV antenna reception in your area. Is your area creating a lot of interference in your cable TV signal? Are all the channels in your package available in your area? Is your location in a remote area for clear reception of radio frequencies?

Survey your area, check if there is a lot of interference for a cable TV antenna such as tree branches, power lines, etc. Ask your neighbors about their cable TV and compare which ones have the best reception. Sometimes, a poor signal may be remedied with proper antenna placement. You may call a professional cable TV antenna technician to do the job for you.

Having a professional technician work on your antenna comes with a lot of benefits and advantages. They know what they are doing, they have the tools, they know the safety drills and you will be safe, not having to go outside for installation or repairs.

Main Players in Australia

In Australia, there are two major digital/cable TV providers, they are FOXTEL/Austar and Optus/Fetch TV.

Foxtel, which has acquired Austar, has popular bundles that start at $55 a month with a minimum of 50 channels. They have a tie-in offer with Netflix and with no set-up cost.

Optus, which also acquired Fetch TV, has separate packages for entertainment and sports. Their packages start at a little over $400 a month with broadband and internet bundle.

There are also other local cable TV providers in some areas, Foxtel and Optus just have wider coverage and are the key players in Cable TV Australia. You may also search for area-specific cable TV providers nearest you.

All Set…

Once you are all set to have your cable TV subscription, you will be able to maximize your viewing pleasure because of the prior research you’ve done for this commitment.

Looking for tips on how to successfully install your antenna TV by yourself? Being under budget might make you be stuck on a tight spot, as we all know hard and dangerous antenna installation is. Especially when working alone, without the help of professional installers.

Well, it doesn’t have to be, just make sure you follow these 15 antenna installation tips for a successful and safe installation. It’s a bit hard I know, but with proper preparation and presence of mind, I do know you can do this. Stay safe and be careful always.

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