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How to choose a consulting company

A consulting company acts as an agent of change, accelerating the transfer of knowledge and raising the level of training of people. It is for these reasons and more, it is important to know what to keep in mind to choose the best one.

A good client-consultant relationship is essentially based on trust. The consultant strives to make its work impact the organization over time. If there is no good personal compatibility, trust is less likely to be built and some kind of impact will occur. Furthermore, many consulting tasks fail when clients are not committed to managing that relationship.

Although a Sharepoint consulting company provides a result or deliverable, its activities do not replace the work that your company must do prior, during or after the intervention of the consulting company.

What should be taken into account when selecting a consulting company
Before hiring a consultant, the following points should be considered.

Alignment of the consulting company with the objectives of the project
Frequently, clients and consultants have different views on the end goal, and goals are often loosely defined (for example, “improve a business process”). A consulting assignment without measurable goals generally ends in frustration. Evaluate the scope and purpose of the proposed project.

Some consultants insist on an “acceptance” certificate for each activity they carry out. This is the sign that you have worked with a quality firm, and that you have a clear interest in providing superior service.

Consulting is not forever
The consultant’s activity must have a defined beginning and end. It is not advisable, nor is it profitable, to hire consultants to run the entire business of the company.

Most consulting firms will work to achieve customer satisfaction, but they will rarely offer a 100% guarantee on the money invested. During the proposal stage, make sure the consultants accurately specify what they will offer.

Consulting experience and post-project support
Each type of project has its specificities. Choosing business software is not the same as setting quality standards or conducting an audit.

It is necessary that the consultant has a deep knowledge of the type of project that he will do for his potential client. If, in addition, the consultant knows the sector, he will know in advance the particularities that he must attend to.

In addition, it is important to analyze how the support will be once the project is finished. Consulting is like physical exercise: without follow-up, it’s about wasted effort. To ensure success, closely monitor the post-consulting program.

Well-detailed consulting company fees
Consulting firms have high overhead, and therefore need to allocate them to all their consulting activities. However, clients must have a clear understanding of fees and how they correlate with specific services.

Generally the client pays the expenses that are part of the project . They are not considered as fees, for example: staff transfers, air tickets, bus tickets, accommodation, meals, etc.

Increasingly, consultants consider a stake in the client’s business as a form of payment, and seek to increase the value of that estate through their efforts.

What should a proposal for a consulting project contain?
A consulting project submitted by a consulting company must contain:

Objective of the project.
Understanding of customer needs.
Scope of the project
Stages or phases of the project.
Detail of tasks and activities to be carried out with assignment of responsibilities at the institutional level (supplier company / client company).
Criteria of acceptance.
Economic proposal.
Contracting mode.
Price and method of payment
Obligations and resources that the contracting company will have to provide
Background of the consulting company or consultant that offers the consulting service.
Today you can find many types of consulting depending on what is the main need of your company. We invite you to continue reading about our Consulting Service Guide to answer any questions you may have.

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