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How to Care for Your Nose


Do you know what the American singer and actress Christina Aguilera has in common with the Indian goddess Lakshmi? Both great beauties have nostrils. Nose piercings are cool and fashionable. But it’s not as easy as you think. It usually takes one and a half to three months after the nostrils fully heal. If you want to use this time with ease and care, take good care of the wound. A good piercer will tell you how to care for your nasal cavity. Here we look at a specific method.

Make sure your company or school allows the wearing of nose jewelry. Remember, you can’t remove your nose ring, you haven’t worn anything for hours. This can increase the healing time of the wound and seriously shrink the nasal cavity.
Find a good mouth-to-mouth piercing specialist. Don’t even think about going to the nearest salon to fix this problem. You need to find a place you can trust, make sure the lancing device can penetrate you, and make sure your anesthesia is appropriate.
Pay attention to hygiene. In any case, wash your hands before touching your nose.
Thoroughly clean the nasal cavity twice a day. You may need a saline solution and a cotton swab.
Don’t play with decorating your nose. If you don’t want the bacteria on your hands to get infected, don’t touch your nose with dirty hands.
Be careful with your makeup When applying makeup, make sure you don’t expose the newly opened nostrils and that you don’t expose any cosmetics or skincare products to the wound.

Perm is the process of permanently reshaping the hair with chemicals. Perming hair can create curls or straighten hair well. Because perm requires the application of powerful chemicals on the hair, if proper protective measures are not taken, the hair is easily damaged. After the perm, set your hair immediately, wash your hair gently, and use appropriate styling techniques so that you can protect your permed hair well.
Touch your hairless. The new curly hair may make you “love it” and you can’t help but want to touch it, but it takes 24-48 hours for the hair to be set, and the hair is still very fragile in the process. Do not move your hair for a few days to help ensure that your hair stays styling for a long time.
During this time, only use your hands to treat your hair when necessary, and do not comb your hair.
Don’t wash your hair. Do not wash your hair or trim your hair within 24-72 hours after the perm. This will prevent water or other chemicals from making the curls less noticeable, thus allowing the styling to last longer.
Keep your hair as dry as possible, especially when it rains or snows.
Ask the stylist how long to wait before washing your hair. The length of time may depend on your hair quality and the type of perm. If you really want to wash your hair, call your hairstylist for advice on the best treatment. Before your hair can see water, you may be advised to use hair dry cleaners or other products.
Keep it loose. You may want to make the most of your new perm, using pins, hair clips, or with the help of coiled hair to create different styles. You may also want to keep your hair out of your face while exercising or studying. But because hair still needs time to style, be sure to let the hair loose for a few days after the perm. Combing your hair into a ponytail, braiding it, or creating other styles requires some accessories. These accessories can dent part of your hair and may even break fragile hair.
Never use your fingers to comb your permed hair, as this will make the curls looser.
If necessary, use a silk scarf to gently tie the hair back. Make sure to tie it as loosely as possible without leaving any pressure marks.
Don’t stain. Permed hair is fragile and easily damaged, and requires careful care, especially in the first week after the perm. Therefore, for at least one week after the perm, do not dye your hair anymore. This can prevent further damage to the hair and even prevent hair loss.
Ask your stylist when you can safely dye your hair after a perm. Hot dyeing is best done by professionals.
You can use hairbrushes, colored powders, or colored shampoos to replace hair dyes because they will not damage the hair as much as hair dyes. It can be used within one to two days after the perm.
Even if it takes at least a week to dye your hair, you may still find your hair breaks. The concentration of bleach and hair dye that may be used can have different effects on the hair. You can ask the hairstylist what products are recommended.

Do not rush to change the nose have a peek here decoration. Wait for the wound to heal completely and then put on a new nose ring or nail.
Deal with any skin problems properly. If you have pimples or blisters around your nose, handle them with care. It can be a keloid, pimple, or granuloma.

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