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How to Block Someone on Snapchat?

Social media sites have changed the ways to live in the current digital marketing world. Snapchat is a full-filled social media platform that offers users the ease of getting in touch with their friends, loved ones, relatives, and colleagues. There are some Snapchat rules and regulations in place as well for the users. As a user, you need to live up to the Snapchat community values to keep your account in good standing. 

Interacting with Friends

Like Facebook and Instagram followers service, Snapchat is brooming with tons of exciting features designed for users’ best interest. Everyone gets entertained with this application as it allows them to have a chit chat with their friends and add friends in an instant only. 

With the Snapchat AR camera, the users can voice and video chat with their friends with ease. Group chatting is fun, as well. Moreover, there’s an option to make interactive music videos using the Snapchat feature as well. 

There are tons of great emojis as well that you can use for editing the pictures and when making a great status to share with friends. It enhances your overall social experience. There are more ongoing updates that the company rolls out to make the communication even better on Snapchat. 

How to Block someone on Snapchat

There might be tons of logical reasons why you don’t want to stay in a friendship with someone on Snapchat. These days, bullying and stalking are two major social networks problems faced by many internet users. If you fall into the same categories where you are being harassed virtually, you can take the necessary measures to remove the toxicity from your life. 

You might have been on good terms with your particular friend for a long time, but then things may change. They might be sending you messages displaying their loath and hatred towards you. This should be the right time to block them on Snapchat to keep peace of mind. 

If you are wondering how to block someone on Snapchat, keep reading this guide, and I will show you how to get rid of a toxic friend from Snapchat in a blink of an eye. 

Guide to block someone on Snapchat?

Here’s how to block someone on Snapchat most easily without any trouble and struggle. 

  1. To block someone on Snapchat, first, open the chat option.
  2. There’s always a separate chat box when you have a chat with a particular friend. 
  3. You will see a stack of three lines on the top left side of the page. 
  4. Click on these lines from the menu.
  5. Now all you have to do is click on ‘Block,’
  6. Brave, you have blocked that friend who’s been bothering you.

No More Hate Speech and Bullying

Once you block someone on your Snapchat account, their chat disappears. There won’t be any tyranny to face anymore. You won’t have to worry about anything from this point about their terrible messages or content or postings.  

Another way to stop seeing their messages would be to remove that individual, not very friendly friend, from the list of your friends. Select the “Remove friend” option from the list to exclude them from your list of good friends. This way, you won’t have to worry about the content that they post and share with you to disrupt your peace in any way. 

When you block someone on Snapchat, do the messages delete?

Once you block someone on Snapchat, you need to accept the truth for what it is. You would never be able to retrieve their chat ever again because you have deleted the friend from the list or account.

Before you block someone on Snapchat, make sure that you don’t want to have them on the list for real. After removing them, you won’t be able to view their stories and posts on your account. Perhaps, it’s just that you have a grudge for the time being. Instead of removing the friend from the account, take your time and think about it profusely before blocking them finally. 

You may have some good memories that you have shared with them on Snapchat in some ways. So, think if you want to lose all the good times that you shared with them by sharing the snaps, videos, and voice messages in the chatbox. 

If you block someone on Snapchat, can they see your messages:

Your chat history with your friend will disappear from the phone and Snapchat once you delete someone on Snapchat. It may just disappear from your end but not from your friend’s side. They will be able to view the messages that you both have exchanged. The reason for that is you have blocked that person, but they have not blocked you. Therefore, they can view their data since they still have you as a friend on their list.

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