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How to Backup G Suite Data to Computer

So, well you’re here, it must be because you want to backup G Suite data, because you just want to make sure you never lose your precious data in case of any data breach.

Or may because you have been a victim of some malicious act committed by a Hacker onto your system, which resulted in major data loss and this data loss has highly affected your business.

Doesn’t matter what your problem or case is. Don’t worry as we have got you covered, as you have come to right place.

So! Let’s get started without wasting any single minute.

“So, take a seat and make yourself comfortable and be ready to get some of the best solution, as this step-by-step guide is here to help you out in best possible way.”

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Why Backup G Suite (Google Workspace) Data?

In today’s digital world data is one of the most vulnerable things to theft and loss as it doesn’t matter how advanced your security tools are, or even if it is stored in the cloud. Either you have personal or business-related data, it really doesn’t matter what data you’re having.
Every data is valuable and must have a backup. Moreover, is you’re a Google Workspace user you must be aware that Google is not responsible for backing up your Google Workspace data.

So, in case of any type of data breach you’re the one who will be responsible for your loss. Here’s the terms and condition of Google. So, let’s know why one should make backup of their G Suite data

So, following are some of the reasons why one should backup their G Suite data:

  1. Ransomware: One of the biggest reasons why one should make a backup of their data.
    “Ransomware is a type of malware virus that freezes your system screen by displaying a message that threatens to publish the victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.”
    So, if you’re the one who doesn’t want to lose your precious data, you must start thinking seriously about your data backup.

2. Accidental/Intentional Deletion of Data: We all know human mistake is one of the biggest reasons for data loss, you never know when your company employee may, un-intentionally delete a precious data by mistake.
But isn’t it worse than a nightmare when a confidential information of a company is accidentally deleted without having a backup?

3. Lost or Stolen Devices: G Suite is very convenient when it comes to accessing your data. It allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime all over the globe. But what if your device gets stolen, yes unexpected things happen. It would expose all your important data and all you can do is, leave it at the mercy of criminal.

“So now as you know unexpected things can happen any time, which can badly affect your business. Let’s discuss what methods we can use, to backup our precious data into a computer or external storage.”

Methods to Backup G Suite Data

1. Built-in Google backup Tool – Single User
2. Automated Cloud Backup Utility

Method 1: Built-in Google backup Tool – Single User

To backup single user account data, Google offers Google Takeout Service. This service allows users to take backup of complete Google account. By default the emails will be backed up in MBOX format only and rest of the data into default file formats.

Following are the working step of Takeout Service:

1. Go to and login with G Suite account credentials

2. First, deselect all items and select the applications that you want to backup.

3. In the next step, customize your backup by selecting delivery method, file type, file size, frequency, etc.

4. Once all the fields are set, click on Create Export.

5. Depending upon the data stored in G Suite account, the export creation can take hours or a day. Once done you will get a mail. Open the email and click on Manage Export and download the files.

“And that’s how one can backup his/her data from G Suite, using the Built-in Google backup Tool. Although it is free to use service for G Suite data backup. But this service by Google has a lot of limitations.”

Limitations of Built-in Google backup Tool

  • Backups only single G Suite account data at a time
  • Save emails in MBOX format only.
  • No date-range filter available

Method 2: Automated Tool to Backup G Suite Data

The Automated Solution, like SysTools Cloud Backup & Restore tool allows users to backup complete G Suite account data of multiple users simultaneously. Administrator can backup emails, contacts, calendars and documents from every user account. Additionally, the tool offers multiple filters that assist during the backup process by taking backup of select type of data.

This tool comes with a lot more features that covers up the limitations of Built-in Google backup Tool.

Let us discuss the benefits automated tool:

  • No file size limitation to backup G Suite account
  • Downloads documents in original formats
  • Admin can copy/export all or selected domain user mailboxes in a single click.
  • Backup & download G Suite for business/work emails, contacts, calendars & documents
  • It can archive both single G Suite user & domain user account data
  • Gives option to save contacts as v-card, calendars as .ics format.
  • Provides option to download specific folder from Google apps user mailbox to your pc/HDD/SSD

So, let’s see how SysTools Cloud Backup Tool works:

1. First download and launch the tool on your machine.

2. Go the Activate tab for the activation of demo or full version of the tool

3. Once activated, go the Setup tab to select source as “G Suite” and destination as “PST”.

4. Scroll-down to Workload section to select Category of items to backup & set date-range filter.

5. In the Source tab, enter the details of Admin and Project Settings. Once all fields are filled, click on Validate button.

6. In the destination tab, browse the location where you wish to save the backup files & Validate.

7. Go to User tab to select the option for fetching user account ids.

8. Click on the Validate button for authentication and then click on the Start Backup button.

9. Now the tool will start taking backup of G Suite data. Once done, it will allow you to download report in Summary, Detail report.

10. To handle the failed, skipped, or want to backup newly arrived emails, then use Retry Failed, Re-Run Full or Delta Backup option respectively.


So, in this article we have explained how to backup G Suite data to computer of single and multiple user account. We have also gone through step-by-step process to backup your data in two of the best methods. We also mentioned the limitations of Built-in Google backup Tool. At last, we would recommend, one must never compromise when it comes to data backup and always seek professional help like SysTools Software.

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