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How to Assess and Hire ReactJS Developers?

Hiring expert and credible developers have been cumbersome for many web development companies these days. Are you one of those companies who are looking to Hire Dedicated React Developer in India? If yes, then be prepared to follow the complex path of the selection process which will finally give you the right candidate.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is used to build user interfaces for single-page applications. This is an open-source JS library generally used for the view layer of website and mobile applications. ReactJS is created by Facebook and is a front-end library that runs on a browser. It runs efficiently on servers such as Apache and back-ends like Rails or PHP.

The major reason for the popularity of React JS is that it is very helpful in reducing the complex development process. The components written in ReactJS can also be amended and reused as per your future requirements. Many popular websites are built on React JS such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Netflix, and many more.

What Makes Hiring of ReactJS Developers Difficult?

Certain factors make the hiring of ReactJS developers a bit difficult. Let us try and find out what are those factors.

  1. The main game is demand and supply. Due to the increased usage of ReactJS technology in web development, there is a huge demand for ReactJS developers. The demand tends to get unfulfilled due to scarcity of the expert developers in the market.
  2. Hunting for the right talent during the scarcity is another challenge. When you do not have many options to choose from, then you fail to get a qualified and skilled developer.
  3. The hiring and firing become a trend when you compromise on the skill of the developers. Most of the website development agencies face this issue of developers coming and going at a very fast pace due to wrong selection.


Assessing and Hiring Perfect ReactJS Developers?

A streamlined approach needs to be followed to Hire Dedicated React Developer in India. The process might seem to be a bit cumbersome and lengthy but it is worth getting a skilled developer for your company. Appended are a few procedures which is mandatory while hiring a perfect ReactJS developer for your company.

Aspirant Sourcing Through Various Channels

One of the vital and crucial steps is candidate sourcing through various channels to hire a suitable ReactJS developer. It is a well-known fact that you need an ample amount of time to research and shortlist a suitable candidate matching your target profile.

A better way to ease out the selection process is by spending a good time sourcing your requirements on social media and leading job portals. The majority of aspirant’s surf jobs online which matches their skill sets perfectly.

Keep in mind that to make sourcing effective through various channels, you require a well-written job description and responsibilities. This should include your company overview along with the required qualification and skill set of the candidate. By this, you will help the aspirants to get a clear picture of their KRA and understand your company.

Appended are the few sourcing platforms which can be used to post JD and shortlist the relevant aspirants.

Credible Job Portals

This platform is a one-stop solution for both employers and the candidate with a user-friendly theme and interface. There are a variety of credible job portals such as Indeed, Monster, Shine, Naukri, and so on.

Expert Recruitment Blogs

These sourcing blogs are mainly written by recruitment experts to help employers better understand the strategies to be considered while hiring the aspirants. These blogs contain elements such as employee retention and sourcing channels information etc.

Social Media Platforms

The Social Media platform is the place where most of the talented aspirants spend their maximum time. Research reveals that almost 75-80% of recruiters rely on social media to source their aspirants. There are many reliable social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. which can be used for this purpose.

Employer Website

An organization’s career page plays a vital role in attracting the right aspirants especially when you mention the employee benefits along with JD. By this mode, you will have an easy and less time-consuming approach to the applicants and can achieve the desired result in no time.

Freelancing Portals

In the recent past, there has been an evolution in freelancing portals. This is one of the places from where you can choose your talent. There are no demographic barriers here and you can get your work done flawlessly.

One thing which you need to be careful about here is verifying the genuineness of the freelancer. There are many credible portals such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many more through which you can hire your ReactJS developers. These websites already get the freelancers verified for their genuinity to make your life easier.

References and Consultancies

You can post referral benefits on your social media platforms as well as portals for getting genuine referrals. Other than that you can also approach credible recruiting agencies or consultants to get the suitable aspirants offline. But in both the case you need to be very vigilant as fake referrals and consultancies can spoil your experience.

Screening Candidates

The next level is going to be the screening of candidates. This includes resume, background, and aspirants scanning. This will help you shortlist the right candidate for your requirement. One of the major screening which is important at this point is ReactJS skills such as:

• Proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
• Thorough understanding and experience of ReactJS and its components
• Expertise in data structure libraries
• ReactJS workflows experience like the flux and redux


Shortlisted aspirants are supposed to be interviewed by the panel of the employer. Considering the pandemic and otherwise, you can always opt for either telephonic or video interviews. There are a lot of video conferencing tools available nowadays at very nominal cost such as Zoom, WebEx, MicrosoftTeam, etc. to conduct interviews.


Once the candidate passes the screening and interview round, they reach the pool of final shortlisted candidates. This is a very critical phase where your expert HR professionals and technical teams’ intervention is required. A wrong decision can lead you to a disaster whereas the right one will make your company leap towards a successful journey.

Wrap up

In the end, you must have now understood how to Hire Dedicated React Developer in India and why ReactJS is popular across all the web development agencies. The aforesaid factors are a few out of many which will help you select the right candidate for your company.

All you need to grow your online presence is a professional website developed through ReactJS and a good website development agency having a dedicated and skilled React Developer. Once you are up and running on this framework, it will be easier for you to maintain it at your end too.

The success mantra while Hiring a Dedicated ReactJS Developer is to spend enough time and have a streamlined approach. Sourcing a good JD through various channels with all required details for aspirants to better understand their KRA is very important. This will not only help the right candidate reach you but also save time in the hiring process.

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