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How to add subtitles to a YouTube video?

YouTube has become the most popular platform for watching videos in recent years, where you can find a large amount of content of all kinds. That’s why you should use YouTube in your digital marketing strategy. However, on many occasions, we find videos that do not have subtitles in a language other than ours, which becomes a problem, especially if it is content that we need to see. Subtitles are one of the most important tools in any video file since they will make it easier for many people to watch them. That is why here we show you different methods to be able to place these STR files to a YouTube video.

How to add subtitles to your own YouTube videos

Adding subtitles to a video on YouTube or any other platform is extremely important since this will allow said content to reach a greater number of users, especially those who speak a language other than ours and even people with hearing problems.

Create subtitles

The first way to do this is by creating the subtitles yourself from scratch or modifying the drafts if you have activated the contributions of the community in your channel. In addition, you must have the classic version of Creator Studio since if you have the beta version of YouTube Studio, you will not be able to perform this method. But this way takes a long time. So we recommend a free online tool called FlexClip for you to add subtitles. It is much easier to add subtitles to a video with FlexClip.

Upload subtitles

Another way to insert subtitles to a video is by directly uploading the subtitle files. This will avoid creating them yourself, which can be a bit more tedious and will undoubtedly consume much more time. These types of files usually contain all of the text and the time codes that determine the exact times for them to appear and disappear during content playback. Some other files of this type of text contain information about position and style, which is ideal for people who have hearing problems.

In order to carry out this, you need to follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • The first thing to do is to log into your “YouTube Studio beta version” account.
  • Now in the menu on the left select the option “Videos”.
  • Then click on the title or thumbnail of a video.
  • The next thing to do is select the “Advanced” tab.
  • In the “Advanced” section we select the option “Upload subtitles”.
  • Choose between the options of “With time” or “Without time” and then click on “Continue”.
  • When you have done all this, select the text file that you want to upload to the video.
  • Once it is loaded into the account, select the “Save” option.

In this way, you will be able to add a subtitle file to a video in the beta version, a very simple and fast way to achieve it. To check that everything has turned out well, you will simply have to reproduce it.

Synchronize automatically

Another way to do this is by using automatic synchronization, which can only be applied to the video’s original language. In this case, it is about being able to obtain the entire transcription of the video and that the text of the dialogue is divided into lines automatically. That is to say, said a transcript would collect everything that is said in the reproduction but does not include the same times. Therefore, you will have to take care of setting the times yourself to synchronize the dialogue with the video playback.

For this method, it is worth mentioning that it is recommended to use videos not exceeding 60 minutes, nor to use reproductions that have poor audio quality. It is also important that the transcription is in the same language as the original video and that it is also compatible with speech recognition technology.

Keep in mind that synchronizing the times of the text and the video will take a few minutes. During the wait, you will return to the list of all your videos. Once the playback has been completed, all the subtitles will have been automatically published in the video.

Insert automatic captions

This method is only available for the “Classic Version of Creator Studio”, and which will help you insert automatic subtitles in each of your videos uploaded to the YouTube platform. This will undoubtedly help you so that your videos can reach a greater number of people. In this case, YouTube uses voice recognition technology to be able to create these dialogues automatically.

Automatic captions for live broadcasts

In this case, these automatic subtitles are only available in the English language. They can only be used by those YouTube channels with more than 10,000 subscribers and broadcast at normal latency. In addition, you must have compatible software through HTTP POST. Therefore, if you meet these requirements, you can do the following:

  • Create your live broadcast as you normally do. For this, it is necessary to use the new YouTube Live platform.
  • Now in the tab “Ingestion settings,” we select the option “Subtitles”.
  • Then check the boxes to enable subtitles.
  • Then you need to click the URL box of “Swallowed subtitles” to select and copy this address.
  • Now copy the URL to your captioning service so that you can access YouTube compatible software.
  • Finally, click on “Save.”

Extensions to add subtitles to YouTube videos

Another way of being able to insert subtitles to videos of other YouTube people is through the use of extensions. In most cases, we get videos that are in a language other than ours, which makes it impossible for us to know what they speak, which becomes an inconvenience when it comes to a movie or series that we want.

Subtitles for YouTube

This extension can be found available for the Google Chrome browser, it stands out for its easy operation, where it is simply a matter of dragging the.SRT file over the video to which we want to insert it. Regarding its configuration, we can carry it out with the letter “V” to deactivate it. The letters “G and H” allow the synchronization to be changed in intervals of 50 milliseconds.


This extension can also be found available in Google Chrome, which will allow us to add subtitles to YouTube videos online in a very simple way. In this way, Substital has become a solution to understand those videos in a language other than ours. This will also make it easier for the hearing impaired to understand such playback.

Among the main features, it is integrated with Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon prime, and Dailymotion. It also allows you to change the color of the subtitles, the background color, automatically adapts the size of the video subtitles to match it, has correct character encoding and supports most online videos.

To sum up

In a word, adding subtitles can be done in a very simple way, without the need to have a lot of experience in this area. Here we have explained the different ways to place subtitles to your YouTube videos. If you think the process is troublesome and time-consuming, you can get your subtitles in a flash with the best subtitles generator on the market.

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