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How technology is helping fight coronavirus?

Before knowing about how technology can be helpful to fight with Coronavirus, let’s first know about this virus and how it spread. Coronavirus is the virus from the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) family, SARS was known to be the most deadly Virus in Asia in 2003. Coronavirus is also known as SARS-Cov or COVID-19. It a kind of airborne disease, which spreads in the air and by the contact of the affected person or the affected area. If one gets affected by it, the only cure for him is the self-quarantine in a separate place that no one can be in contact with the patient. No Proper vaccine has made for this virus so far, however, there are still some vaccines that doctors are using but these are being used to reduce the damage done by viruses and to boost the immune system of the patient. Patients are being cured by using these remedies and taking all major precautions such as social distancing and quarantine for the given time period. All the steps are being followed to cure patients or to control the spreading of it. WHO has announced a few guidelines to be followed by everyone to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, including social distancing, isolation, and quarantine for the patient. As a result of this almost all cities in the world been locked down for a certain period of time to curb the spread. In the Lockdown situation all around the world, we all relied on technology, such as mobile phones and telecommunication for the information while keeping the social distancing, use of the internet, and computers to work from a distance or work from home.

Coronavirus has impacted the huge numbers of people around the world and still going on its way. In these condition Doctors and the scientist are trying their best to control it by using the technology. If we talk about how technology is helping to fight Coronavirus? Well, there’s a lot dependency on technology to fight against Covid-19. Thousands of hospitals are being built all over the world for the patients of Coronavirus by taking the help of technology, the first Hospital for the self-isolation for Covid-19 patients was built in China with advanced technology and started to treat patients in just 6-8 days. This could have been done with the technology only, they have used pre-pre-build materials for the walls and roof of the hospital and aligned their best engineer to complete the task within time.

In this Pandemic situation Government and the Healthcare Industries are attempting to put technology ahead in every step they take to fight Coronavirus. As this is the Virus that spread with contact, hospitals are being prepared to have advanced technology for treatment so that they can treat the patient without contacting him. For Example, a fully functional electrical bed that can be adjustable with remote control, Digital Thermometer, so that temperature can be measure without a contact. These are the medical equipment. The government is also taking the help of technology to stop the spreading of this pandemic. Recently Indian Govt. has launched an app named Arogya Setu to fight against the Coronavirus. When you install this app on the phone you need to clear a health check and registered with your location so that it can alert you every time, whenever a new case of Corovavirus finds in your area, this prevent you to go the affected areas. Also if the user is found to be a Corona positive, it gives the immediate alert and can be useful to get help from required departments such as Police and Doctors.

These are a lot more technologies that Govt. and doctors are using to fight this Virus, some of these are:

•             Drone – Drones are being used by the Governments to keep an eye on the affected areas and in the hospitals also.

•             Mobile Apps– To provide more information about how can we take precautions and what to do or whatnot in the pandemic.

•             Information Technology- Govt. has launched few helpline numbers for this situation.

•             Blockchain- Blockchain technology can record the transition between two parties.

•             Artificial Intelligence– Artificial Intelligence is the Algorithm of the data that designs in such a way so that it can work without the man’s input.

•             Robot- Robots are being used in heavy manufacturing industries from a long time, and has done a good job in the medical field as well. Robots can be used to treat the patients and to have information about patients.

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