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How Technologies will Be Changing the Face of the Business in 2021?

With the coronavirus pandemic upon us, the world around has drastically changed. Be it the way we eat, work or used to go on vacations. Everything has changed from the way it was before and this has overall impacted our lives in many ways. We no longer want to go to a crowded place taking the safety aspects into consideration. 

Similarly, we might not want to get in touch with things more physically. The list doesn’t end here. The only fact of the matter is that as we try to return to the world in normalcy, there will be more than a few measures to take up. 

Businesses Traveling an Extra Mile

For businesses this would mean travelling an extra mile to get things one and make processes more friendly for the people. Avoiding all the touch and keeping the norms of social distancing intact would mean adding new touchless processes in business and making even the smallest facility touchless. Even as businesses operate at half the strength, there will still be a responsibility to keep everything clean and sanitized.

Even though infectious diseases like influenza existed before the COVID time, we seldom paid any attention to it. At an individual level the employees might have taken a backseat and stayed at home but little did anything change at the workplace. However, situations are not the same in the age of COVID. 

Since it is a matter of life and death organizations are putting the best of the available technology to the rescue and improving the quality of the workplace. Imagining all this during the 1918 Spanish flu would have been impossible, because we didn’t have the technology and even if it was there, it would have taken years to get it scared for the needs of all people and be available at the lowest costs ever. 

However, the situation is different today. We have progressed more than ever in the world and most of all technology has advanced. The advancement has not only come into effect as variations and unattainable superior technology like missiles, robots etc. But, the technology for common use has also become more accessible and easier to use. 

This means that even small businesses can leverage technology and make full use of it without any hassles. Not only is this good news for organizations but also for employees who are willing to adopt more and more safety measures since they are being asked to come to the workplaces physically. 

Let’s take a look at the top technologies that are changing the face of the businesses and making them effectively touchless-  

Soap Dispensers

While this might seem like a very trivial aspect to consider when we talk of technology, it is in fact one of the most impactful. It is agreeable that it doesn’t include anything sci-fi but soap dispensers attract a lot of touch. People keep washing their hands, before food, after and at several other intervals. With the pandemic on the rise, this number will only increase.

Therefore, when people are called at a workplace, they will be using soap dispensers to wash their hands. This also means more contact on the surface of dispensers. To avoid this, companies are leveraging technologies so that soap dispensers can be safe. The touchless soap dispenser would have sensors that will detect a hand and dispense a quantity of soap over it. While this is good for your employees, it will also reduce the costs of soap, since different employees tend to use different quantities of soap for the purpose. 

Automatic Doors

Another great business technology that will take over all organizations are automatic doors. Doors have knobs that are pulled or pushed by a lot of people coming in and going out. This makes them a hotbed for viruses of different kinds. With automatic doors, people will no longer have to push or pull. They can move freely without having to touch anything. Therefore, you will have to spend less on cleaning and at the same time your employees will have less chances of getting infected. 


There was a time when employees had to physically punch in using their fingerprint to mark entry or exit at the gates of the workplace. However, that is not the case anymore. The biometric signing in method cannot be put to use because of several reasons, the most important of which is touch from different people. Therefore, as you use digitized sign-ins from your workspace computers and more, things will become more simplified. A touchless sign in system can include a QR code login so that employees can scan it form their phones effortlessly and mark their attendance easily.

Digitized System

A digitized system for appointments and other pen and paper tasks must quintessentially take place in an organization. This would mean that if you have to make appointments for meeting with someone, you don’t have to walk up to their receptionist’s table or write your name and signature. Instead, you can do everything from the digitized system.


The pandemic is sure to change the ways of the world. In fact, it has already started doing so at many levels. This is directly reflected in organizations and their ways of conducting business. Thanks to the progressive Power BI Development technology, the transition from usual to post-pandemic usual is becoming effortless.

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