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How Property Finders Are Life Savers in 2020

2020 has been a year of extreme difficulties and calamities for the whole world. With all the events that have unraveled in the past few months, one can easily deduce a few things. One of the most prominent ones of these is that it’s not safe to go out.

For people who were thinking of making future plans for moving, it could have been a real hassle. Since we’re all confined to our apartments, buildings or houses, we’re unable to visit localities. But that’s where technological advancements come together to provide us the luxury of using a property finder.

Let’s take a look at how these portals are reshaping the way real estate transactions are being made:

They’re Online:

Gone are the days when you had to go around asking retailers, agents, brokers about potential properties in the area. Now, you can easily find out all the potential properties with any specifications online. To use a property finder in 2020, you just need an internet connection. It’s as simple as a few taps on your phone screen and you’ll be browsing through various properties quite instantly.

With various lockdown restrictions in all areas render us unable to give potential properties a visit, these platforms can provide us with ease and convenience. By using these platforms, one can easily take a look at different properties. 

They’re Easy:

Property portals make finding real estate options easier by providing you a ton of provisions. Firstly, they are as simple as typing in an area of interest to view all the properties of the given area. Secondly, they also offer options to use filters and set preferences that will narrow your search down. These features can be used in combination to find specific properties in specific areas as well.

For example, if you’re looking for properties in the Business Bay area that are in a specific range, filters help. Similarly, to find real estate options that support certain amenities or provide certain facilities, you can use filters as well. Different portals in Dubai offer different types of specific features that make that portal unique. The best part is, you don’t have to pay a dime to use any of them.

They Give Clear Ideas:

In the past, if you moved into a new city and someone wished to scam you, they could do it without any difficulty. Anyone could come up to you and give you an over-hiked price and you’d have to believe them. It’s hard to tell if someone is lying when you know absolutely nothing about a given market. Furthermore, you would also have to give in to their demands of high commissions as well.

Property portals make it easier for people to understand the rates and trends of properties in any given area. For example, you can easily negotiate the price of apartments in any community by looking up similar property rates. In fact, you can even calculate the rental price or the sales price by using the 2% rule in real estate. The ideal rent for any property is 2% of its market price. So, if apartments in a building have an average cost of AED 100,000, the rent should be AED 2,000.  

Virtual Tours:

One of the newest innovations in the real estate industry is the ability to offer virtual tours over property portals. Various portals now offer their customers the ability to virtually visit a property from their homes. You can look at all sorts of properties with your family by clicking and moving around the property’s premises.

This feature alone has encouraged thousands of transactions and made it easier for customers to decide on properties without visiting. You can even look at minor flaws or look at the neighborhood through street views that reveal almost everything. Using maps and a 3D view from your screen, you can understand what living in the area will feel like.  

Endless Variety:

Lastly, the most compelling factor about property portals is the endless variety they have in store. Since anyone can sign up and list their property for sale or rent, one can find anything anywhere. Even if you’re not in the country, you can look at all the listings in the UAE and contact sellers.The variety of apartments, townhouses, condominiums, villas, penthouses, flats or even a studio for rent in Dubai can be overwhelming. Suffice it to say, you won’t have a problem even in the pandemic if you wish to find or sell a property.

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