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How Owning A 2-3 Bedroom Property Can Help You Earn Money From home?

If staying at home and not having a very satisfactory job is your problem and you wish to make more money without having to invest much time and money, then we have just what you need! We have the information and ideas which can help you earn a good amount of money which can at least help you pay your bills or cut down on your grocery costs.

So the thing is, if you have a house or apartment or even an empty garage that you don’t have any use for, then you are in good luck! You can rent your property and earn money in return and there are more than one ways to do it! Let us tell you what you can do!

Rent The Extra Rooms To Different People

If you have a three-bedroom house or apartment but you only get to use one bedroom, then why don’t you rent out the other two rooms to two different parties? Yeah we know it will affect your privacy but think of all the money flowing in and the ease with which you can pay your bills. Moreover, you will have company on weekends and somebody to watch over your place when you’re not around. 

We know living with random people can be tough, but these people don’t necessarily have to be random because you can also rent it out to your good friends.

Set Up Your Garage As A Bedroom Or Storage Space

If you have a vacant garage that you don’t use or have stored useless things in your garage, then it’s high time you clean it up and use it for a better purpose. You can rent your garage to people to store their goods in and earn money for providing a friendly neighborhood garage space. You can register yourself on the Space Next Door website and get customers without even having to search for them. 

The website will connect you to potential people who need storage space in your neighborhood or an area close by. The whole process is verified and very safe.

Rent It Out To Airbnb

Another safe and reliable method in which you won’t have to live with the same kind of people 24/7 while renting your place out. You can rent your space to Airbnb and make it a proper job for yourself to host guests. This will also give you a chance to meet new people and learn new things. This is a perfect way to earn money while sitting at home from the extra space you have. The amount of money you earn is dependent upon the number of visitors you receive. 

Provide Next Door Storage Space to Someone

You can always rent out an empty room or rooms in your house as a storage space to someone who needs extra space to store their goods. This will help you gain money out of extra space and someone in need of storage space will get the facility of storage space too.

Many of us are blessed with lots of extra space in our houses but we don’t know what to do with it. We often get fed up cleaning all that extra space like bedrooms and storerooms which we don’t even use. So what should one do about all that extra space and the amount of time which is used to keep it clean?

Well, you might be thinking there is nothing to do, we have a better plan for you. A plan through which you can not only make the place functional but also earn a small amount of money with it. Yes, we are talking about renting your extra space as a next-door storage space to someone who needs it.

What is a Space Next Door Storage?

The Space Next Door Storage depends on the concept of one party that needs space and rents it from another party that is willing to provide that space on rent to the former party. This concept is based on utilizing the extra storage space in your homes and providing it to people who need it most.

How Does It work?

Now you may be thinking how does this plan work? How can you find people who require extra space for their stuff and are willing to pay for it?

Use A Social Media Platform

 One way is using social media to announce in different friend circles and groups that you have some space that you want to rent out. But in this case, it will be hard to find quality customers because people may not trust a stranger with their belongings and secondly, your location might be very far away from those who need the space.

Use The Space Next Door Storage App

A more refined and simpler way is to register yourself on the space next door storage app or website. It will not only help you find the right customers for you in no time but is also very safe to use. The beauty of using this platform is that it helps you find people who need space that is near to your home. They have been registered on the website through a proper procedure. This is why their whole data has been saved on the app and they can be trusted to use your space.

It can also help you prevent your space from facing any damages because this platform gives a certain type of insurance. The company checks the records of people who are applying to rent some space from others and makes sure that both parties remain safe while making a deal. 

Short Term Space Rentals

You can also rent your space to people for a certain time and earn money from it. For example, if you are willing to rent your space out for just two months then this platform can help you find a client that is having home renovations and just needs extra space to store his or her belongings for two months to keep them safe from damage. So this way, you get the customer of your choice!

New Way Of Life

The lifestyle of a person forces him or her to make certain choices in life. And this is one of the reasons why people have moved into smaller spaces. When you look at the matter from a practical perspective, you will observe that bigger houses or apartments require a lot of time and effort to set up. You need more furniture for a bigger space and it also requires more attention. People living in big cities hardly find time for themselves or their families. Most of them come home late from work while others come home tired and just want to jump in bed.

This is why they prefer to take up a small space so that it is easier to clean and take care of. Minimalism has become the new way of life and by looking at how fast-paced life is, people are adopting minimalistic techniques in their lives.

Hard To Maintain

Larger spaces obviously are harder to maintain. They need to be cleaned and looked after every day. If you wish to get a bigger space, you will always have to keep a check on maintenance issues that arise quite often. If all the bathrooms in the house are not regularly being used, you’ll have to make sure they are cleaned and kept in great shape even though there is no use for them.

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