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How New Marketing Campaigns Can Help Grow Your Business During COVID?

People are still avoiding stepping out of their homes due to the ongoing situation of Corona virus outbreak. In such a case, brands are thriving to keep up with the market and remain ahead. Does it mean that they can continue with their old marketing strategies, or need to modify them? Well, the top SEO companies in India would suggest the second option to begin with. 

It is really vital to have a fair strategy of marketing, which can relate to a customer and build a good reputation for your brand. And this is implied directly with the fact that customers nowadays invest more time surfing the internet, shopping online, and checking out what’s trending. 

Modified approach 

Everyone needs support and care during tough times. Companies that show value to their customers, engage with them and extend their sympathy will have good user retention. People need to overcome the stress brought by the pandemic, and hence, brands should ensure that they are distracting their customers with positive engagements.

Multiple brands are coming out of their comfort zone and offering different mediums like informational videos, contests, and games. These cool strategies available on their websites, apps as well as social media pages are enough for their customers to remain engaged. This method keeps customers in a loop that also stimulates their mind space. One such platform that offers its users with exciting games is Flipkart.

Maintaining brand recognition

Where businesses have experienced a decline in sales, giving in and reducing marketing budgets seems easier. But instead, marketers can redesign their product branding methods and concentrate on creating a higher awareness of their brand name. Businesses that disappear from the market in such times are likely to face challenges in making a comeback when their product demand rises. This is a lucrative time to work on a productive and futuristic marketing strategy to connect with customers.

Revamping your marketing campaigns with below methods will help your business grow further:

Effective communication: As the structure needs a change, your interaction should be simple and sensitive. Whether it’s a sanitizer or a car, provide your customers with assurance or quality services that can support them through these tough times. For instance, manufacturers are supposed to speak about technologies associated with their products, which ensure safety and health. Luxury or comfort isn’t the only motto to showcase items now. 

Avoiding hard-pitch sales and making it worthwhile: We all know how crucial a sale is for any product! But not when people are concerned about their health and also facing financial issues. In such periods, the well-being of your customers along with channel partners needs to be taken care of. Some organizations have introduced a Social-Fund that provides compensation to employees whose immediate relatives have become jobless during the crisis. Many brands have also initiated a step to use their manufacturing units in developing masks, sanitizers and ventilators.

Offering resolutions: People will always seek the companies that can resolve their issues. For instance, if an event or a conference was cancelled during the lockdown, you need to make use of technology and arrange a digital event. This way you can retain your customers well. For example, airlines can offer resolutions in the form of a refund or a voucher that can be redeemed during the next booking. This will not only bring appreciation but also hook your customers with your brand.

Choosing performance-driven marketing channels: When times are tough, many brands lower down their marketing budgets. In such cases, it is necessary to wisely choose channels that can offer ROI-based results with minimum budget. Affiliate marketing is a viable medium that accepts payment only for results. This marketing strategy can assure you to benefit the most from your advertising budgets without getting concerned about the effectiveness of your strategy for driving sales and profits.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led all brands to come up with marketing strategies that are dynamic, persistent and can flow with time. Soaring as an eminent SEO agency in Gurgaon, Qwerty Brand Solutions has led businesses to a successful space with its benchmark ideas and strategies. If you would like us to assist you with your digital marketing requirements, just give us a call and receive top-notch services from our experts.

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