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How much does it cost to develop a doctor on-demand app development in 2021

To realise the value of doctor on demand app we need to give a look on a plot. The scenario would be you arriving at a cricket ground with all your practice done and you are ready for a big match, but just before few minutes of starting the match a pain breaks out in your body and you are feeling exerted. At that moment you will have a query in your mind, whether to go and play or to seek a doctor to get your body-ache checked.

You have few minutes left and you need to take best decision which should not affect your health as well as you work. To provide cure to millions of people who are stuck in this kind of situation doctor on demand app was launched. The motive of these apps is to provide instant cure to these problems. There is only one simple step that you have to follow is to open the app, find the best doctor according to reviews and your liking and get the best cure for your problem.

Benefits associated with doctor on demand app

In this tech savvy world those who adopt theses telemedicine apps will experience various benefits and changes in their life style.

Improvement in patient outcome

A telemedicine app help with to improve overall experience of the patient by providing relief from visiting hospitals or clinics, seeking medication, missing appointments and keeping a track of various subscriptions etc,which disturbs tranquillity of a persons life.

Less paperwork

This is the major benefit of a telemedicine app as it provides relief to patient as well as doctor from maintaining a physical track record of treatment and medicines. It allows them to record details in mobile app.

Higher level of convenience

Telemedicine works well in all parts of a specific city but the greatest relief it provides is for rural people. Since almost all doctors live in metropolitan areas, we are all aware of the greatest challenges when it comes to seeing a doctor or a medical specialist. A rural resident must travel a great deal to make an doctor appointment mobile app and it can prove decisive for saving a child or an elderly person’s life.

Reasonable services

Since these facilities are reliable and are available in real time, all costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions immediately decrease. The telemedicine solutions have made these processes very reasonable.

Decrease in hospital re-admissions

It can be clearly understood from all these perspectives, telemedicine apps are solely intended to give their patients the greatest possible assistance. We then come to a stage where patients are able to benefit from the health system even though they remain at home by using telemedicine software. You don’t have to go to hospitals to get yourself admitted or to avail the benefits offered by hospitals.

Higher ROI

These telemedicine apps provides various benefits to doctors as well by cutting various costs on infrastructure, equipment’s, staff and electricity. It even helps them to maintain a higher rate of interest by cutting such unnecessary cost.

Mature work life balance

It is truly fascinating that doctors can communicate with their patients through these telemedicine applications even while they are traveling or are at home. Digital visits to your home to provide sufficient medical care are a choice provided to your doctor by these telemedicine applications. It is easy to see how this alternative helps doctors achieve and maintain an excellent balance between working and life.

Advantage in competition

Not every doctors and medical associations provides patients with superior facilities. So if you are planning to become the Winning horse of the race then you can invest in these telemedicine apps which will help you to give a boost in your career.

How exactly does a Doctor on demand app works

The working of a Telemedicine application works in a following manner-

● The basic of a telemedicine app that a patient has to follow is to create his/her account and login into the system to receive treatment from a particular doctor. The he/she has to give a detailed description regarding his/her symptoms.

● The following step is followed by the symptoms reported by the patient and the app searches the most appropriate doctor in their vicinity.

● After locating a Doctor who fits the patient’s requirements, he/she may arrange a video call with doctor and create a schedule on the in-app calendar.

● In the video consultation, the patient expresses his frustration or uneasiness to the doctor. The doctor them recommends the appropriate treatment after diagnosis of the problem, assigns laboratory tests and all the other relevant substances.

● When the video consultation process is over, the patient can perform normally and pay the doctor through an automated payment gateways for the services he receives. After paying for his health care, he receives the recommended medications and advice from his doctor.

How much does it cost to develop a doctor on demand app

Various factors are involved in creating an e-prescription app and these factors are the geographical position of app development, availability of application on multiple platforms including ios, Android, Wearables.

App development company location

A major factor influencing the total cost of an app is the geographical position of the chosen motive app development business. Pro-hour developer costs USD 150-200 per hour in East Europe, which is around USD 120-USD 180, while developers’ hourly costs in Asian countries such as India are around USD 40-USD 70.

Features included

The amount of features an app can provide also contributes to the total cost estimate of the e-prescription app. For the on-demand version of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the cost starts at USD $30,000. In the event the app is designed for a variety of devices and features, the app will cost over $75,000. The cost will increase.

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