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How Mobile Tracking Devices can assist in tracing stolen Bikes

In the present, bike theft has become an enormous crime market that sees thieves steal the bike in an average of five minutes, with just 5% of them ever returned. The bike owner can now combat this with a mobile tracking device that informs bike owners when their bicycle is being taken and the direction it is headed.

The problem with theft of bikes is the ease with that bikes are taken away and the fact that they don’t usually have distinctive features on them. It is impossible to know the exact location of your bike after a simple coat of paint at a hardware store and some bright stickers. That is until now.

One of the most recent security devices disguised as a rear light, but actually functions. It is equipped with an electronic device for tracking, a battery, and a SIM card. The device that tracks you, when turned on, sends you an SMS message informing the owner that their bike was stolen . You are then in a position to track it using an easy GPS map application on the internet, like Google Earth.

When the Bike GPS tracker is activated, it instantly informs you of the location of the stolen bike and will provide an indication of the direction it is heading and even if it is still for more than a few minutes. One issue that may arise is that you do not switch off the device off. If somebody accidentally bumps into it, the device will continue to send you text messages to inform you of the theft that is not actually happening.

The camouflage is the ideal disguise because it appears like a rear-mounted light and can even function as additional light. Its shortcomings result from its open location, but there are plans for devices that could be hidden beneath the seat or in the tube framework of the bike. However, this could cause issues when replacing the batteries. There may also be issues in identifying the exact location of the buildings, but the latest technological advances will likely reduce the chances of locating your bike stolen.

But, for the moment, they aren’t cheap, however, all in all, the cost of this technology in comparison to the expense of a mountain bike is to be worth the cost. As with all technological advancements, the cost of these devices is likely to decrease as time passes. The cost of bicycles, as per the Environment Transport Association, is PS850 which means that this handy device could be a big help in reducing crime on bikes and also helping increase the number of recovery statistics.

The idea of carrying your mobile phone when biking was not a good idea before. There was always a danger of dropping them from your bags or pockets. For longer rides, batteries could even go out. It’s good news that organizations like Biologic have come up with products that can make life easier for cyclists. These include gadget mounts, battery packs that can be recharged by bike theft tracking devices.

Bicycle Mounts

What’s the purpose of having your iPhone in case it’s inside your purse? With a Biologic bike mount, you can secure your iPhone to your handlebars, it allows users to view and use it with ease. It allows you to view the cycling apps you use, such as monitoring your heart, GPS Map, or speed or distance trackers. Checking your iPhone while cycling is okay occasionally however, you must put it down when you must play around with the device. Untangling the handlebars, even for an instant or two is not a good idea.


Power is a concern for iPhones especially when you have your apps running throughout your entire bicycle journey. Utilizing your apps often will draw out the battery pack regardless of whether you have taken the time that you charged it prior to leaving home. In contrast to other phones, iPhones can’t carry an extra battery to replenish the battery of your iPhone that is depleted. Bring an extra charger that you can carry around, or better yet, you can use the chargeable iPhone cases. With the use of a rechargeable case, you can make it more practical as it doesn’t require you to put it into a separate bag or pouch once you have attached it to the iPhone.

Another option that is practical is a rechargeable power source. They come with an inbuilt strap that allows you to connect them to your bike in a secure manner. They’re more flexible than battery chargers specifically designed for iPhones because they are able to charge any device that has a USB cable. It’s possible to make use of a power pack to charge your mobile phones (even when it’s not an iPhone) and GPS units, or cameras.

Dry Bags

Exposure to dirt and water can damage the condition of your iPhone. It is recommended to protect your phone with an airtight bag when you plan to ride through rainy conditions or through a dusty landscape. Dry bags will ensure that your iPhone is dry and safe, yet allowing you to see and use the touch screen. A few of these dry bags can also be used as bicycle mounts.


It can be difficult to use earphones when biking. The wires can get caught in a knot or become caught up in things as you bike. A pair of speakers on your bike lets you listen to your music without the additional hassle of having to deal with the earphones. Be sure to limit your music to a reasonable volume so that you do not disturb other people (and perhaps animals) who you pass.

Different kinds of batteries, speakers dry bags, speakers, and bike mounts can make it simpler to carry your iPhone for your next cycling adventure. Be sure to select the right gadgets to match your model of iPhone but keep in mind. Accessories for a third-generation iPhone are not compatible with accessories that are compatible with an iPhone 4S and vice the reverse.

Motorcycles and other motorsports are fantastic sources of entertainment. There’s nothing quite like the joy you experience when you roar through the streets riding your motorcycle out in the open. Naturally, the very same aspect that makes motorcycles so enjoyable due to their size, small dimensions, and their ability to feel the air outside is the same factor that makes them attractive for thieves to target.

Motorcycles are being stolen at an alarming amount. When it is time to read this article, a number of motorcycles will be taken. The most frequent method of getting them taken is to steal them and throw them into a van or trailer. Theft rings often travel along residential streets at night, stealing all bikes left outside. Therefore, with the high likelihood of your vehicle being taken, you’ll require the best security system. Which one?

There are three kinds of security systems. They all have a distinct approach and various degrees of success. The most common security system includes the chain on a bike. It is ideal because of its ease of use and low cost. Elementary school kids are familiar with a bicycle chain and are able to operate it. Chains on bikes are also useful as you don’t have to put them in place and they’re ready to be used right straight out of the box. But, the chain is the most effective steal deterrent that can be evaded by the thief. One quick snip using an ax then your bicycle is taken. The amount of time required for you to tie your bicycle is the time it takes a criminal to take your bike.

The other kind of motorcycle alarm is the remote-controlled audible alarm. There are kinds of alarms. They can flash your lights and some send a signal to the remote control when you’re within the range (couple 100 feet) and some may disable your bike. Alarms like these are an obvious improvement over chains, and they are efficient as a deterrent to theft.

However, they’re only an alarm to deter theft and depend on the prompt intervention of another to prevent the theft. The alarm’s sound can be an annoyance to the burglar as well as an opportunity that someone else is nearby at the time that the alarm sounds and will be able to end the activity. However, a skilled criminal could quickly destroy the power of your alarm and it will be out of service. In addition, when your motorbike begins to sound the siren, it is probably already in a van or trailer just about to take off across the street.

The final kind of motorcycle security system is the GPS monitoring system. GPS trackers are a newer technology that has just been introduced to the Powersports market. These systems aren’t thieves deterrents in the conventional sense however they are stolen recovery devices. The majority of GPS systems are quiet and concealed so as they are not designed to notify thieves of their presence. They are made to ensure that in the event that you lose your bicycle you can access an online application to track the exact location of your bike. These kinds of systems are most efficient in regaining your bike.

The main problem that comes with GPS tracking devices for motorbikes lies in the price. A majority of companies are charging between $600 and $1000 for a complete system. In addition, they typically add an annual service fee that ranges between $15 and $20 per month. This is a significant amount to pay and usually restricts these systems to those that have custom motorcycles. Another issue in GPS tracking devices is the fact that a lot aren’t designed specifically for cars, but motorcycles. This can cause technical issues since the GPS system is not able to cope with the extreme heat that comes with being mounted on the motorcycle.

In evaluating the various options It is crucial to establish the security level you require and what price you’re prepared to spend. If price is the primary factor then the chain is an inexpensive option. If you think an affordable system that can make an audible alarm is what you require You can locate a variety of these options at low costs on eBay. If you are looking for the best degree of security for your motorbike and other Powersports, a GPS tracker specifically designed specifically for Powersports, including motorcycles, is the best option. Be cautious when choosing the right device. Beware of the expensive cost upfront, as well as hidden charges, and ensure it’s designed specifically for Powersports.

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