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How Marketing Automation Can Help Businesses During A Pandemic?

Thriving business during a pandemic? Yes, it is possible. Thanks to marketing automation.

Today businesses use the best of the tools and techniques like marketing automation to help them strive in these uncertain times. They have an online presence through websites, social media, and digital ad strategy to make their mark in the global landscape.

Marketing Automation technology offers a solution that can be implemented to achieve business goals like good customer engagement, understanding customer needs, customer retention, revenue, and so on.

How does Marketing Automation help?

Marketing automation provides business solutions that include, marketing automation integration, support, CRM Integration, automated campaign management, lead generation strategy, and content management.

Marketing automation comes with the following benefits.

  • Need fewer resources
  • It is faster
  • Better targeted.
  • More relevant
  • Low cost

Let’s delve deep

Easy to implement CRM Integration: As it is not easy for a business to hire expensive talent especially during economic slowdown. It is advisable to use marketing automation. The integration of a marketing automation platform does not require a large team of experts. It is very easy to implement solutions for business needs. A good marketing automation tool as a service provides you with CRM and social media integration consulting programs as well.

Reach: There are 4.66 billion internet users worldwide. Marketing automation can help businesses by ensuring the better reach of the audience present in various geographies of the world and falling in different time zones. You can segment customers based on demographics, interests, or past purchases to target the right customer at the right time when they are active. Also, it helps to identify the right choice of channel to send the relevant message.

Automated Campaigns: Automated campaigns can reach the targeted audience at right time. It helps to get maximum conversions if executed correctly. You can analyse the customer data and send personalized messages to segmented customers.

Easy Scale-up: You can remotely scale all of your marketing processes just with the touch of a button. Marketing automation tools can finish tasks simply and efficiently which were otherwise done manually. This includes managing various marketing channels, keeping track of leads, create a design, produce a landing page, and so on.

Good Customer experience: While people are following social distancing, people are going online for shopping. With ample options to choose from it is a challenge to keep customers glued to your brand. Marketing automation allows sending personalized emails to customers just like traditional customer outreach. To ensure a good customer experience throughout the customer journey automated emails are Marketing automation allows sending personalized emails to customers just like traditional customer outreach.d at each stage like customer acquisition, onboarding, maintenance, customer retention, upselling and cross-selling.

Re-targeting: Your potential customer is more likely window shopping before making the final purchase. Marketing automation software solutions give businesses a platform to retarget the users and remind them of your offers, discounts, or upcoming sales. This has proved to be an effective tool to increase revenue.

Inter-department communication: During the pandemic, while various teams are sitting across various geographies, it is difficult for teams to communicate and coordinate. Marketing automation is a versatile tool that streamlines inter-department communication. This helps the sales team and marketing teamwork in unison to create maximum revenue for the business. The marketing team can pass on all the relevant leads to the sales team to ensure no potential lead is left unattended.

Lead generation: Marketing Automation helps to generate inbound and outbound leads using relevant content and targeting options. This helps organizations to generate revenue and increase sales.

Multi-channel targeting: Most brands today prefer multi-channel marketing to cater to their niche audience. Most brands have their audience on mobile and desktop. Marketing automation helps to measure and implement marketing strategies in a simplistic way for a variety of audiences present across channels.

Lead tracking and conversion: Using a marketing automation tool you can easily keep track of marketing qualified leads, and identify the nature of content preferred by visitors on the website. Marketing automation software can flag those leads that can be potential customers. It sends alerts to the sales team to send follow-up emails to high-quality leads.

Customer Engagement: Once potential leads are identified the marketing automation tool helps to find the best ways to engage with them. This can be easily done by insights gained by the customer data about repeat visits, click history, pricing page visits, and so on. You can set a marketing campaign based on the insights and reach your target customer.

Marketing automation has become an integral part of any organization’s marketing strategy courtesy of all the benefits associated with it. The advantages are so many that it is no more just an option, but it is an obvious choice.

Now that you have made up your mind to switch to marketing automation, you must choose the best that is suitable for your specific business needs. Do share with us your experience of adding a marketing automation tool and its impact on your business.

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