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How do I clean my Canon l1300 printer

Canon is a Japanese company known for manufacturing cameras and other imaging devices. Canon manufactures various types of printer devices. You can easily get a robust Canon printer at good prices. Canon manufactures simple mono printers to multi-functional ones. You can take quality printouts with a Canon printer at a very good speed. Canon printer provides good services. If you want to keep your device in good condition then you take care of your device. Always keep your device clean and prevent all types of handling accidents.

Remove junk for preventing a paper jam

Paper jamming is a very common issue faced by almost every printer user. Paper jamming occurs when junk like paper is stuck inside the Canon printer. Paper jamming mostly appears on DMPs but you can get this issue on other printer types also. In order to prevent paper jamming, clean the printer regularly. Open the access door of your Canon printer and check for paper chunks. Now remove the ink cartridge and clean the printer with a dry cloth. Clean out all the junk and paper chunks from the printer and then reinstall the cartridge. Now close the access door and give a test print command.

Reset Canon Printer

Resetting the Canon printer from time to time is also necessary. If you are using a wireless printer then you must have connected your printer to various devices. If your Canon printer is not secured then someone can use your printer without your knowledge. So you should always keep your printer password protected. If many devices are saved on your printer then it will eat up the memory. You should reset the Canon printer and then reconnect the printer to your default device. Here are the steps for resetting Canon printer:

  1. On your Canon printer, Press the setup button
  2. Press the arrow button and go to Device settings
  3. Click on the OK button
  4. Now again press the arrow button and navigate to Reset
  5. Press the OK button
  6. Press the arrow button and go to the Reset All option
  7. Click on the OK button

Then hit the Yes button and your Canon printer will get reset. After resetting the Canon printer, connect it to your default device and take a test printout to ensure that you have configured the connection correctly.

Clean the printhead

Cleaning the printhead is necessary. If you don’t clean the printhead then the ink gets dried up in it which can cause printing issues. You can easily clean the printhead by following the given steps:

  1. Go to the printer driver setup window
  2. Select the Cleaning option from Maintenance tab
  3. Print head cleaning dialog box will appear on the screen
  4. Click on the ink group you want to clean
  5. Hi the initial check items to review the item before cleaning
  6. Now press the Execute button
  7. Canon printhead will start cleaning
  8. Nozzle check dialog box will appear on the screen

Check the results and hit the Print Check Pattern otherwise click on Cancel button. Repeat the steps twice for better cleaning. If your printhead is still not completely clean then use the deep cleaning option. 

Follow the mentioned steps for deep cleaning:

  1. Go to Printer driver setup Window
  2. Tap the Deep Cleaning option from Maintenance tab
  3. Select the ink group
  4. Tap the initial check items 
  5. Hit the Execute button

After completing the deep cleaning, the Nozzle check dialog box will appear. Check all the results and then click on the Print Check pattern for checking the print quality. Otherwise, click on the Cancel button to exit. You should clean the printhead once in a week for better maintenance.

Canon Printer mistake in there’s turned into one of the public troubles. It sometimes happens because of this chip that occurred, an empty or very low ink malfunction. Even though a couple of troubleshooting tips are mention to wash deeply, examine this printer’s positioning, plus even more. The consumers, if still hesitating because of the matter, then they’ve been advocated to contact.

Regrettably, suppose these preceding steps haven’t worked for resolving any problems concerning canon printer ink malfunction. In that case, you’re going to propose to select the advice by dialing in the Canon help team. For availing the quantities of canon technicians.

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