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How Do Different Car Tyres Benefit You While Driving?

There are various kinds of tyres accessible and it can be confusing whenever it comes to selecting the tyres for the automobile. 

Evaluate the seasonal circumstances, the driving patterns, and the car capability requirements when determining which tyres are appropriate for the car. Summer tyres are just normal car tyres till the seasonal introduction of a winter tyre. Many drivers continue to use such tyres throughout the year, while others opt to switch to winter tyres in the cold months to improve quality and reliability. 


Since the introduction of the winter tyres and its specialised extreme cold engineering, it has been established that the design and make-up of standard tyres are better placed for usage at conditions over 7°C, and this is where the capabilities truly excel. As a result, ‘standard’ Tyres Fareham have been renamed ‘summer’ tyres. 

Summer tyres have a softer composition that puts them suited for usage in hotter weather. In colder temperatures, the delicate mixture starts to seize and harden. In conditions under 7°C, this has an impact on the efficiency and the control motorists have over them. 


Summer tyres really function best in wet situations than every seasonal tyre, despite their weak results whenever the temperature lowers. The summer tyre’s distinctive tread grooves aid to rapidly expel rainwater from the tyre’s contact area and prevent hydroplaning. Instead of providing insufficient snow grip, a summer tyre would utilise its specialised qualities to deliver exceptional damp-road grip and total driver response in damp environments. 


Summer presents the ideal circumstances for unlocking the benefits of the summer tyre, which are designed for speed and skill. Summer tyres typically have fewer grooves in their tread design, allowing them to optimize the quantity of material in contact with the ground. Drivers benefit from the enlarged contact patch because it improves road grip and traction. Summer tyres are ideal for high-performance vehicles because they provide improved sensitivity, turning, and braking.  

 In cold weather and situations like snowfall, most motorists underestimate the capability of the tyres Fareham. While fitting winter tyres to the car is not a regulatory necessity in the UK, they get a safer function as temperature falls than summer tyres. 


Summer tyres, often called normal tyres, are not meant to withstand freezing conditions or adverse weather, therefore their performance is limited. Winter tyres are made of a particular rubber mix with a strong silica component that allows them to stay pliable as the temperature falls, like summer tyres, which tighten up. Because of this ideal hardness, winter tyres maintain high amounts of traction whenever you need it the most. 

Winter tyres will have a unique tread layout with an ideal number of sipes that allows the tyre to sink into the snowfall, resulting in increased balance and reduced stopping distance. 

Winter tyres provide improving security on cold and melting roads since they effectively remove water from the tyres to prevent hydroplaning. 

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Winter tyres make a great expenditure for safety if you reside in a rural place or routinely encounter cold temperatures and snow throughout the winter. 

Winter tyres might appear to be an expensive alternative because you’ll have to keep the summer tyres if they’re not in service, and they’re also a headache because you’ll have to schedule a tyre installation every 6 months to swap the tyres annually. However, keep in mind that different pairs of tyres can last twice as much time as one pair, so it isn’t always a significantly more expensive choice. 


If you and the car determine that snow tyres are the best option, you’ll have to replace all of the tyres. Only using two winter tyres will damage the car’s balance and control, which could be unsafe. 

Make sure the fresh winter tyres are labelled with the authorized winter tyres emblem, which would be the Snowflake on the Hill. 

Selecting new All-Season Tyres Fareham might be difficult, therefore expert advice speaking with a professional who can assist you. For further details, please call your local branch. 

 New or pre-owned 


Why should you get new tyres? 

  • They will ensure that you have 100 per cent tread. 
  • Fixes and adjustments will not be made. 
  • There’ll be no outside or internal harm that could cause a collision. 
  • New tyres come with a guarantee, and if the tyre is damaged, you can contact the manufacturer. 


Why should you buy second-hand tyres? 

When you buy old tyres, you can receive up to 90 per cent of the tread for half the price. 

Because some tyres are removed from new vehicles after only a few hundred miles, used tyres can be in excellent condition. 

You may improve the planet by purchasing used tyres, as they would otherwise wind up in dumps. 

Your Requirements 

Examine your requirements before purchasing tyres: 

  • Style of driving 
  • Figure out what you require from your tyre. 
  • Select touring  Tyres if you want comfort and responsiveness. They’ll offer you a smooth ride and excellent traction on wet roads. 
  • Select high-performance tyres for the race car if you want it to succeed. At faster speeds, they can give you excellent traction in both dry and rainy conditions. 


  • Is it more common for you to travel on streets or off-road? 
  • Choose off-road t or light-truck tyres if you travel off-road and have an SUV.  They will give you enough traction on uneven terrain. 
  • If you operate your SUV, consider SUV tyres. They will make it possible for you to use the vehicle on the street in a pleasant manner. 
  • Consider touring and high-performance tyres if you have a conventional passenger and sports car. 

Regular load 

Consider obtaining tyres with an increased load rating if you travel by car and have significant loads on the car. Consider choosing LT (light truck) and ST (special trailer) tyres if you own an SUV or a heavy trailer. LT tyres are designed to carry heavy weights in off-road situations. ST tyres are made specifically for trailers, with wider sidewalls that can carry higher vertical weight. 

The number of tyres you’ll require. If you only require one or two tyres, do not purchase the entire set, because the other tyres may have aged and deteriorated by the time you want them. 

Ensure you do the study by reading up on different tyre manufacturers, their advantages, disadvantages, and cost. Read evaluations on both authorized and independent sources to get a sense of what to expect in a shop. Discover how regularly you must get new tyres for the automobile if you’re not clear if it’s even necessary to purchase new tyres. 

Expect to pay a premium for tyres that were initially installed on the vehicle. Carmakers, on the other hand, often couple each car with two distinct models to accommodate any driver’s needs. If the data placard does not include this information, you may obtain a suitable substitute on tyre-sale sites. To view the all-season tyres Fareham labelled with OE, you’ll need to enter some data about the vehicle. 

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