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How Custom Magento Extension Can Help You Elevate Your Online Store?

Running an online store is not a kid’s toy. It takes lot of efforts, commitment, and innovation in order to facilitate the customers in a best possible way. And the main reason behind this is fiercely competitive eCommerce market. Whether it is a small business or giant organization, everyone is in race to launch their products or services online and leverage from the digital business model. However, this has created cutthroat competition among the retailers and to sustain their existing customers, they must come up with something new every now and then.

When it comes to beat the competitors, there is nothing better than upgrading your existing Magento store with customer Magento extensions that are designed provide advanced facility to your site and customers. With the help of extensions, you can easily customize your website without investing more time, efforts and cost. Let’s take a look at few of the most amazing Magento extensions that will aid innovation and UX factor to elevate your online store.

Engage with customers using Contact Form for Magento 2

Utilizing conventional email links on the website may lead to your inbox full of spam and junk. Many online store owners often struggle to establish a way of communication with the target audience to gather their details. Be it a survey, conventional contact forms, or you want to gather customer feedback about your product or services, Magento 2 contact form extension can be a great way to collect customer information right from the online store. The extension is easy to install and manage. Moreover, it is easy to customize the forms to fulfill your expectation while gaining features like:

  • Allow displaying forms anywhere on site
  • Easy to enable or disable the feature of extension from the backend
  • Fully responsive and 100% flexible front-end design
  • Integrated form validation and spam protection using captcha
  • Helps you configure dynamic contact forms using conditional form fields

Blogging Made Easy with Magento 2 Blog Extension

In this fiercely competitive eCommerce market, everyone is trying outreach another one by spending huge money with the intention of attracting new customers. But they often forget that content is the key to achieve desired interaction and attract new customers. A blog extension for Magento 2 can help online retailers attract new customers, generates more traffic, and gain authority and credibility. With Magento 2 blog extension, the store owner can create as many posts as they want with beautiful images, tags and a lot more. Furthermore, you can get features like:

  • Manage blog posts, categories, and tags
  • Incorporated industry-best SEO practices to design
  • Leverage from advanced permalinks
  • Out-of-the-box comments section
  • Multiple language support

Notify Your Customers about their Orders via Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension

When you run an eCommerce store, it is crucial to notify the customer about different details of order to gain their trust in you and employ professional impression in their mind. Magento 2 SMS Notification turns out to be a very convenient way to send SMS to customers for their order statuses as they get a facility just like the order tracking process does.Whether it is about the orders, shipment activities while product order in the store; the extension easily notifies customers through order status with text notification on registered mobile. It helps you gain benefits like:

  • Ease of enabling or disabling SMS notifications.
  • Instant and quick notifications about orders status.
  • Dynamic and customizable SMS text.
  • Mobile number verification through OTP.
  • Seamless SMS integration with different Magento 2 SMS gateway providers, i.e. Twilio, Bulk SMS, Msg91.

Let customers know what you are selling with Magento 2 Product Attachments

How would you convince your customers to purchase your products or services? With a detailed descriptions and various supporting documents that can establish a level trust on the product you are selling. Magento 2 Product Attachments help store owners to attach important files like user manuals, videos, tables, audio files and more. With Magento product attachments it becomes easy to upload file of any format and use a catchy icon that grabs customers’ attention on the go. Moreover, you can leverage from the features like:

  • Attach or add an unlimited number of various file types.
  • Display appealing icons for different attachments.
  • Display attachments in different views, i.e. list view, table view or box view.
  • Benefit from mobile optimized design.
  • Ability to enable/disable different attachments on the go!

Enable Request for Quote on Products

Today, consumers prefer online shopping because it is highly convenient and flexible. In order to boost the customer’s experience and let them feel engaged and sense of bargain, it is always advisable to enable request for quote on products. Magento 2 email quote extension brings your customers and your store better interaction through quotations.With the help of a simple yet intuitive quotation form, the potential buyers can inquire about price of their favorite product on the go. Moreover, the site owners can view the quote requests, can take necessary actions accordingly. Moreover, it brings features like:

  • Enable request for quote on products with ease.
  • Ease of enabling or disabling notifications.
  • Store owners can easily approve or delete the quote requests.
  • Leverage from bulk request for quote extension for Magento 2.
  • Send quote requests from multiple places in the store.

Such custom Magento extensions can be of great help when you wish to enrich your customers with engaging and powerful features. Moreover, it helps retailers in various ways as we discussed in this post. There are various other extensions that can help you boost performance and engagement of your online store. What’s your take on this? Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you elevate your online store with engaging features through custom extensions…

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