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How Coronavirus Has Affected Consumer Behaviour Towards Luxury Kitchen Appliances

The novel Coronavirus crisis has not just turned into a pandemic worldwide but also changed consumer behaviour or point of view in different sectors, including the luxury kitchen appliance market. This virus is so contagious that it has not even spared the royal families, popular political leads or others who usually are resistant to other crisis.

What’s important to note during this COVID-19 situation is that it has led to a significant impact on customer’s buying behaviour and their willingness to spend money accurately and wisely. According to the Index of Consumer Sentiment (ICS) report, Coronavirus has hugely affected how consumers spend on luxury kitchen appliances and other objects. It is because the critical situation in the world has impacted the high-income customers, along with their confidence to spend money without thinking twice.

Despite many industries being hitting rock bottom due to the lockdown situations in many countries, these industries, including the market of luxury kitchen appliances London, are likely to bounce back. But the question here is how and in what format they will show up with.

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Changes in Consumer Behaviour towards Luxury Kitchen Appliances

From getting a bottle of chilled water to searing meat chops precisely, kitchen appliances have become a significant part of our lives. Regardless of the consumer’s budget, they want selected devices to be high performance and last long. But when one invests in luxury appliances, they are guaranteed more features, facilities and better performance to make life more enjoyable and more straightforward.

But, are luxury appliances worth the fuss? And, how COVID-19 situation has impacted the consumer mindset? Well, luxury appliances are known for their impeccable performance and high-quality materials. But after the Coronavirus breakdown, consumers are demanding more such appliances that are not only good in performance but also help in sanitising the objects kept within.

Here are some essential things that consumers have become very particular about after the COVID-19 pandemic:

Quality Performance: When consumers invest in luxury kitchen appliances, they don’t just want to pay for its gorgeous aesthetics. Instead, they look for a high-quality product with innovative features. If they’re spending extra money, they want their product to be built with a state-of-the-art engineering design that performs longer and better than conventional appliances. Compared to cheaper counterparts, high-end appliances also undergo advanced testing during the production and development phases, ensuring better productivity.

Advanced Technology: Homeowners now don’t see cooking as a mere household chore. They have realised that it’s a great pastime while creating culinary masterpieces. Therefore, companies are supposed to live up to the expectations of consumers who are now seen as home chefs with desires to cook food with the highest levels of professionalism, using their luxury cooking appliances. For instance, some cutting-edge refrigerators, such as the ones built with Sub-Zero technology, offer professional chefs superior craftsmanship while providing the highest level of freshness. Likewise, luxury dishwashers are expected to perform their task without the unwanted and annoying sound of the machine during every clean cycle.

More Features: When investing in luxury appliances, consumers expect new and advanced features like auto-sanitisation and auto-cleaning so that the homeowners don’t have to spend much time cleaning each device after use. Some existing pre-programmed cooking appliances work with just a simple one-touch operation and also have the self-cleaning ability. Furthermore, larger capacity dishwashers are being integrated with flexible racks, as well as refrigerators and other smart appliances are coming with the ability to be connected to Wi-Fi to handle the functioning without even requiring the user to get up from their couch.

Sleek and Durable Designs: For modern kitchens, homeowners prefer elegant, durable and thoughtful designs to provide timeless elegance and luxurious touch to the given space. The luxury kitchen appliances must be sleek enough to fit into any custom cabinetry to provide the interior with a streamlined look. Consumers expect their high-end kitchen appliances to feature more comprehensive options to match them with different design styles in any kitchen interior.

Savings: Earlier people didn’t overthink when spending on a luxury appliance. But now they have become more aware of investing in energy-efficient and quality products, rather than something that ends up being a showpiece in their kitchen. It is vital for consumers now to invest in energy-saving and eco-friendly appliances that not only reduce your energy bills but also leave minimal carbon footprints on the environment. With more people going green and opting for environmentally friendly products or appliances, even companies are investing in innovative technologies to make the home, as well as the earth, a better place to live.


With changing times, consumer demands and buying behavior keep changing. In the sudden COVID-19 scare, consumers are more concerned about their health when choosing luxury kitchen appliances. Therefore, companies need to understand the current mindset of consumers to come up with more valuable and high-performance appliances.


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