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How Cloud Technologies are helping in the times of Pandemic

The world has been severely hit by a pandemic and the businesses are already sliding down. We’re amidst the outbreak of a deadly virus and everything is forced to stay stagnant! Such transformation isn’t easy to get in the gut and we need resources to keep going. Cloud-based services have given us a way out to let the transformation happen smoothly.

Well, in case you might are less aware of what cloud-based services are, or what it can do, here’s something to interest you! Imagine your life without the cloud, the lockdown could have taken you by the nerves, and work from home would never be possible in the wildest dreams. Not to mention, binge-watching wouldn’t be possible either!

Cloud helping people to live normally in the tough times

Cloud-based services today are letting us stay normally even in unprecedented times. The technology is already running a lot of stuff, for instance, online meetings, complex tasks requiring artificial intelligence and cloud computing, diagnosis, surveys, and the ones helping in monitoring people over the precautionary measures. When it comes to the education industry, students are grounded and the only way out is online learning which surely requires solid cloud-based services. It is much more than just providing the cloud space for virtual meetings but also, host of tools for maintaining teaching standards.

Technologies bringing you closer to a Digital Outlook

While numerous technologies are helping to pave a path, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be classified as one of the leading ones helping to come up with smarter ways to deal with the disease. In a few countries, communities have turned to voice recognition bots for asking questions and recommending home quarantines. The bots on the other hand collect and checks the information including personal identities, health conditions through multiple questions. Monitoring and identification are faster & efficient. In India, the government launched Arogya Setu Mobile Application which fetches the user’s location data and Bluetooth to assess if you’re nearby someone who is infected with COVID-19 by looking around the database of the known or registered cases. The app also has a chatbot for the users helping them determine if they have some symptoms, letting them know whether they must seek medical help or stay home quarantined. Alongside this, it also shared the updates from the health ministry, and helpline numbers from each state.

Artificial Intelligence is making Diagnosis more effective

Each COVID patient admitted to a hospital goes through more than 2000 CT (Computed Tomography) images, if the readings are to be compared manually for each patient, it must require tons of effort. AI in this case can be a boon to the medical industry, as it assists through quantitative analysis speeding up the process and avoiding errors that are caused due to fatigue and other factors. With the help of the technologies including chatbots and AI on online platforms can help the authorities in sharing information and collecting their responses with negligible human involvement, based on the same they draw inferences benefitting the society and the economy. In this way, businesses and companies can use insights for planning and strategizing. While employees can go for developing AI-based platforms to track work, delegate it, and finally streamline the process, especially in the case of lockdown! Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development is an imperative aspect to consider, as AI-powered apps can let you stay at the top of your business requirements.

We need efforts together to fight back the Pandemic

 Its always a collective effort to come through the hardships, organizations today are making the best of they can to help their employees across the globe. For instance, in Malaysia, Huawei is working with the country’s Health Ministry to contribute to the Huawei Cloud AI-assisted Diagnosis Solution for a certain hospital. The primary goal is to empower local medical personnel with artificial intelligence capabilities by providing an AI solution for analysis of CT images (for COVID-19 Patients).

On the other hand, people, in general, are serious and concerned about the dire need to not just help oneself but others too by keeping themselves confined in their home if they’re symptomatic and avoiding frequent movements other than essentials. With the improving capabilities and better understanding, we can surely fight back the Pandemic!

Cloud Tech Startups that are helping in Corona Crisis

Cloud-based services are a relief in the struggling times where stepping out isn’t an option! With the help of the cloud, companies in the various industries can quickly access documentation, collaborate with each other, and send information securely! Recent startups have also proven a great aid in terms of collaboration & management. Here a few names-

  • Oodrive– Founded in the year 2000, a France based company specializing in managing sensitive data. It helps in the adoption of electronic signatures in companies of 500 or more employees.
  • WeTransfer– Founded in 2009, a Netherlands based company offers the simplest way to send large files anywhere around the globe.
  • Tresorit– Founded in 2011 is a Switzerland based company is a zero-knowledge content collaboration platform designed to protect the digital valuables of individuals & organizations with the help of its cloud services.

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