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How can the prospecting service make your company sell more?

Prospecting customers is one of the essential steps to get more attention and also to expand your consumer market. However, many start-up entrepreneurs do not know how to do the process correctly.

Are you in doubt about the best method to win new customers? Do not know where to start? You can stay calm, no need to worry! It is possible to learn some alternatives for prospecting customers that really work.

Here, you will find all the information you need to choose the best customer prospecting service. Don’t waste any more time and follow our content to know how to get ahead of the competition.

First of all, do you know what prospecting is?

Prospecting is the act, in the broadest explanation, of looking for something in a wide field of possibilities. When we are talking about business, prospecting is related to a procedure that we do before selling products.

When it comes to prospecting customers, the company has the mission of looking for new consumers of the brand. These consumers, in reality, have an ability to buy their products. It is worth mentioning that we are not yet working with certainty at this stage.

Final sales are indirectly related to the prospecting phase. However, it is a fact that a company’s sales rate greatly benefits from quality prospecting. That is why most companies are investing in the process.

The classic way of prospecting is over the phone. You should already know this more active approach, of searching for customers in the market.

Nowadays, things are a little different. Increasingly, there is an investment in virtual communication channels and in refined strategies for prospecting.

What are the benefits of prospecting?

Before you start thinking about prospecting in practice, you need to see how advantageous this technique is. And, in fact, we have many advantages within this field! Follow the main ones below.

Increased consumer satisfaction

When we are talking about prospecting customers, there is a huge relationship with service. In fact, this is a process that involves a team to approach consumers in a systematic way, with great skill.

Therefore, we can say that consumer satisfaction increases a lot. When we have good prospecting, the attention received by each customer is much greater. They feel valued, as if they played an important role.

The secret to a good sale is, in addition to quality technical procedures, valuing the customer from the beginning. You need to show that he is unique and that his presence in your business matters a lot to the company.

Increased sales

The relationship between prospecting for customers and increasing sales is quite natural. Despite the other benefits related to customer service, we know that increasing sales is one of the main reasons to start prospecting.

Many people think that it is not possible to increase sales with prospecting customers. Most of the time, they are thinking about the old model of prospecting, which was over the phone. Nowadays, it is very difficult to sell like this, as it is a saturated technique.

There are several ways to communicate with potential customers, and modern features are very advanced. Generally, product promotion takes place in the background, while you arouse the viewer’s curiosity.

It is also interesting that you have a tool for measuring indicators. So, you can know which prospecting techniques are working best.

Service analysis

As we were talking about, service monitoring is one of the possibilities of refined prospecting techniques. In fact, there are some systems that already follow customers within social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Monitoring service is especially necessary to evaluate your team. Generally, companies have a team specialized in providing personalized assistance to the client. Your role is to check for quality in the process!

There are several aspects of care that can be evaluated. You need to check if they are following the company’s protocol, if there is a break in standards, if everything is in accordance with the brand values, among other points.

Our tip is to make a document for evaluation. This makes it easier to process all data quickly.

Conversion rate increase

Having a large target audience is not the problem for many companies. In fact, there are markets that are booming and in which you can also invest. However, public is not the same as loyal customers, who actually consume in your company.

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s companies is to increase the conversion rate, which is exactly turning your audience into consumers. This can be done with good lead capture and useful conversion pages.

With a good prospecting process, it is possible to convert with quality. This is because the service gains quality and you get to know exactly what the customer needs to convert.

It is also necessary to remember that all products appear to meet customer demand. In simple terms, you will solve a problem that that consumer has.

What do I need to know before I start?

In order not to throw yourself into the world of prospecting without knowing anything, we have separated some guidelines for you. This is a preparation to prospect with ease and quality, and you cannot miss it.

Define customer demand

As we were talking about, the products are created to meet customer demands. Before you start selling, you need to know what is the problem that your company intends to solve and what is the public’s relationship with it.

Imagine that you own a company that sells online courses. You already have a problem: your customers need knowledge that is not yet accessible. IT’S

necessary, through marketing, to clarify this need and ensure the importance of your service.

But do all customers look for the same type of course? Are there any time restrictions? Or maybe they need adapted materials? Understanding the demand is also keeping an eye on the details, to deliver the best possible product.

Have prospecting lists

A prospecting list is a selection of people who have the potential to purchase your product. They are people who are part of your target audience and may be interested in consuming within your company, but do not know the proposal.

The best known prospecting lists are by email. It’s that old technique of sending an e-mail to everyone. This method, although quite old, is still widely used and works for almost all markets.

You do not need to use prospecting lists just by email. The good thing about having a personalized service to prospect customers is the possibility of being able to adapt to different communication channels.

You can use phone lists, on social networks and even by Whatsapp.

Establish communication channels

It is important to know how to choose your favorite communication channels. And it does not depend on your personal taste, but on the greater chances of winning customers.

If your audience is very connected on social networks, for example, you should prospect via Facebook and Instagram, in a majority way. However, if we are talking about an older audience, the ideal is to use prospecting by email.

Take care with well-known and publicized methods, such as telephone prospecting. Does it still work? Yes, otherwise there would be thousands of companies focused on this segment. However, it is not the most advantageous option.

Techniques that are already beaten are complicated, because the audience is tired. This is exactly what happens with phone calls, which should be avoided.

Know the difference between inbound and outbound

Inbound and outbound marketing are two well-known ways to advertise products, and they can be very useful when prospecting.

Inbound marketing is a new technique that attracts customers through content marketing. This means that you get the public’s attention through interesting posts that arouse curiosity. Then there is the advertisement itself and the conversion of the customer.

Outbound marketing is the best known technique, as it is the traditional one in this market. In it, you promote products directly, without going through the conquest of the consumer with relevant content.

Both techniques are very useful in the current market. You just need to know the type of customer your company is looking for.

After all, how to start prospecting?

To finalize our tips, we will give you some more practical guidelines for you to rock when prospecting new customers. Do not forget to pay attention to consumer demands at the time of contact.

Think about hiring a specialized service

If your company has a large capital and you do not have much experience, it is possible to hire a service to take care of all the part of prospecting customers. They are marketing companies that manage to meet a huge demand on a daily basis.

This is an option for large companies that have the possibility within the budget. Do not forget that prospecting is an essential step in the process, which is why it needs to be done with quality.

Hiring a specialized company has a very variable cost. You need to keep an eye on the size of the company, the services provided, the type of service and more. If that is your decision, it is worth researching a lot before closing a deal with any service.

Be fast and recurring

One of the biggest difficulties for those who work with prospecting is recurrence. You cannot think that you will make contact once with the customer and he will automatically consume your products on a recurring basis.

In reality, one of the principles of prospecting is the frequency of contacts with the customer. With the amount of information and advertisements nowadays, the public ends up forgetting its content easily.

If you make contact on a Monday, it is likely that on Friday he is already researching another company. And you can’t let that happen!

In order not to take the risk, be faster in contacts. Make a recurring contact, but be careful not to end up in the spam box.

Have a script

You may have seen the scripts at telemarketing companies. They contain a series of procedures and statements that the employee must follow when serving a customer. And this is one of the most efficient ways to guarantee good service.

First, start by thinking about what you have to offer: is it a product? Do you want to present the brand? Or are you looking to introduce your blog?

Then, it is essential to think about how to approach the customer for whom he has his curiosity aroused. Here, catchy catch phrases are always welcome!

Be careful not to build a script too plastered, of those that tire readers. You can be more flexible, especially if you are prospecting on social networks or in exclusively virtual environments.

Beware of the number of attempts

The prospecting process within marketing is very active. You must be available at all times, and you must try several times with the same viewers. The first few attempts may not work.

It is interesting to make contact with the people on your prospecting list more than once. So, they don’t forget your proposal and can think more about your brand. The important thing is to keep an eye on the limit of exaggeration, so as not to end up damaging your company’s image.

Our tip is not to spend more than 3 times when prospecting a customer. Did not work? Then we can go on to other attempts, with other people.

And you, what are you waiting for to start prospecting for customers? Our tip is to be very careful when choosing a service, as this is a measure that can impact your budget and the future of your company.

Did you have any questions regarding the content we present? Are you still having trouble choosing the best prospecting service for your company? We can help you! Leave a comment below.

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