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How can poor capacity planning destroy a project?

Imagine you received a website development project of an eCommerce company. The brand was to be launched by the end of October. The festive months had approached, and the project needed to be up asap. To make the project a hit, you need to have flawless capacity planning.

What is capacity planning?

Capacity Planning is to analyze the available human resources and infrastructure for a project. It helps you to deliver your client’s expected solution on time. There is no shortcut to success stories. Agreed! A solution-oriented project needs capacity planning.

Has your project ever failed despite capacity planning? If yes, then it could be because of improper planning. Understand that for successful project delivery, you need a balance between supply and demand. Capacity Planning is the process to help you with this.

Deciding the total duration of hours and infrastructure needed to deliver the output on time refers to capacity planning. It is a part of Capacity management that encapsulates planning, management, and optimization. Capacity is the time frame required to complete the work.

Facts of Capacity Planning

With capacity planning you can:
1. Check the availability of resources to form a team and match the skill criteria.
2. Boost the decision-making process for the approval of the projects.
3. It helps you to acknowledge the availability of enough people to work on a project.

How poor capacity planning destroys the project?

Poor Capacity planning can destroy the project. If you fail to analyze the skills/talent, the output will not be in line. Poor planning can crush the output of the dream project if you:

Fail to determine the exact resources needed by the project

If you fail to determine the exact resources available for the project. You might not allocate them wisely. It is important to find the exact resources required. You must find the detailed requirements of the project concerning the resources and the scope of performance expected.

Quick Tip:
Procure the talent to match the exact demand, do it soon. Suitable people you hire will boost the project and deliver it on time.

Do not prioritize the project

Remember, you cannot handle all projects with the same resources without proper capacity planning. Keep in mind the time deadlines when you prioritize the projects. When you do not prioritize jobs, you will fail. Mark the relevance of the projects, for flawless capacity planning.

Quick Tip:
Make a list of the projects based on their importance and the deadlines so that you can complete the work. After you have chosen the projects, decide on the manpower you will need. Bring things to match the standards of output.

Do not prepare a cross-functional team

In common, companies miss to prepare and train the cross-functional team. When you are not able to collaborate the resources, projects fail. It happens because you cannot perceive all the projects on a broad spectrum.

Quick Tip:
Preparing a cross-functional team allows you to manage different projects at every level and for varied functionalities. Use capacity planning tools to deliver the projects within the stipulated time frame preventing the failure of your promises.

Calculate resources poorly

A poor calculation of resources indicates low project output. Failure of a project is not the only unavailability of the resources and less time. But it is an indication of the miscalculation when you go into capacity planning. Don’t know how?

Quick Tip:
You must compare the exact demand with the infrastructure. Also, try to narrow down the gap between what you have and what you want.

Cannot determine the resources needed by the project

If you are inept to pin down the number of resources, your project might fail. You won’t want that to happen, right? Next time, when you start a project, begin with determining the resources you would need. Try to pick the right person for the job. Without capacity planning, the quality of the results can be compromised.

Quick Tip:
It is better to find out the possible tools of capacity planning made available by companies like eResource Scheduler.

Tips for capacity planning to prevent the failure of projects

Have you ever analyzed what it takes to steer a project successfully through all stages? You must know that capacity planning is the only way that can help you. Here are the ways for you to know about capacity planning:

  • Abide by regulations laid by the union or government to prevent unexpected delays in the project.
  • Analyze and forecast ways for capacity planning. Keep in mind the demand of the project. Also know whether the resources can be reassigned a job or not?
  • Make sure you keep the communication open between everyone in your team. It will help you resolve the requirements of the project.
  • Make sure you prepare a capacity management plan. It should have details on infrastructure needed to meet the changing demands of the projects.

Capacity Management: Why do you need it?

To deliver flawlessly, you must choose the best capacity management practices. For robust project delivery, it is the demand of time that you:

Do Continuous Planning:

Continuous planning is the backbone of any successful project. For a successful project, the secret mantra Plan It Now. This will keep you prepared for any unexpected changes. It brings the real picture of infrastructure you own. Based on that, you can prioritize the projects.

Carry Workload analysis:

A continual workload analysis will bring out a clear picture of the talent and resources you own. It will clarify the situations you lack and the talent you need more.

Study the trends of projects:

You must be aware of what kinds of projects you have handled. Take an idea from the projects handled in the past. It supports you in decisions for the future.

Now you know how to rectify the capacity planning. An effective capacity management plan fosters the growth of a company. The simple idea is to prevent project failures with capacity planning.

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