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How Can Gemstones Be Helpful In Shaping Your Luck Or Fortune?

Gemstones are believed to bring good luck and good fortune to your lives. Often due to the wrong placement of planets and stars at critical positions of your horoscope, you do not get much success in your work which you deserve to. In spite of having all the probabilities and potentials of gaining success, often it has been observed that you do not reach your desired goal in your life. To support you with a strong fortune, Khannagems have brought you a number of marvelous gemstones which would help to a great extent in shaping your good fortune. These stones are believed to have amazing powers to deal with the various problems of your lives. They can be useful both for shaping your good luck as well as to erase out negativities from your lives. But wearing gemstones from any common gemstones shops may lead to create further problems. You should be well aware regarding the authenticity of these gemstones. The gemstones available in the Khannagems are hundred percent authentic in nature. They have undergone laboratory testing which are authentically government certified. Also these gemstones are suggested by properly trained astrologers who will guide you and suggest you the best suitable gemstone for you. You can even browse through the website of them in order to get each and every information about  the amazing stones. A great positive side of availing gemstones from these websites are that, you can place an order for an authentic gemstone via online mode. You do not have to go anywhere and you need not take out any extra time in order to buy these astonishing gemstones. There are an extensive variety of stones available here. You can choose them according to your needs and convenience and obviously following the suggestion of a good astrologer.

Precious gemstones are the ones which have been extracted from any mineral or rock. They have beautiful color and texture. They look attractive mainly because of their exquisite color and excellent shape. Few very important and precious gemstones are diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire. They are worn by people because of their excellent beneficiary effects on their lives. These stones have a few unique features which are discussed below in this article.

Diamond : This precious gemstone is believed to be associated with the planet Venus. Wearing this unique gemstone is very much suitable for the people belonging to the zodiac signs Virgo and Libra. It helps you to recover in various ways. In case you have every potential to be an artist but you cannot express yourself, diamond helps you in coming out of this blockage. Writers, painters etc. those who are suffering from the issue of creative blockage, a diamond is an excellent way out for them. It helps in bringing back love in your life. Diamond provides you with all the materialistic things that are essential in your lives. It removes anxiety and bad temper also which are restrains for striving high in life. 

Before buying a diamond it should be seen that it has a clear appearance. It should be crystal clear and colorless. A diamond should be devoid of any crack or spot on it’s body. With any such thing on the diamond’s body, it won’t have a good effect on your life. You can use diamond in the form of a ring which can be embedded in gold, silver or platinum but before wearing it should be energized through chanting a special mantra. Om Shum Shukraya Namaha Om must be chanted for hundred and eight times in order to energize a diamond. For men it is preferable to wear in the middle finger of right hand and for women it is suggested to wear in the middle finger of the left hand. But wearing a diamond should be suggested by a properly authorized astrologer.

Ruby: Ruby is a precious gemstone which is associated with the sun god. Since sun is the main star of the solar system and controls all the nine planets, all the qualities of the Sun gets transmitted in the ruby gemstone. It is also known as manik in Hindi. People belonging to government offices or those who hold senior positions in their offices, are very much benefitted by wearing ruby. Not only this, it enhances the cordiality between husband and wife. It even strengthens the bonding between the different members of the family. Ruby is even very effective in removing low self esteem and also recovers you from low confidence. Your health condition also gets well by wearing a ruby. It enhances mental sharpness and improves health condition.

Before wearing a ruby gemstone, it should be soaked inside water or honey for a couple of days in order to remove negative energy. It is better to wear a ruby in the right hand on a Sunday. However, if you are a left handed person, you  can wear it on your left hand also. While wearing, the Sun Mantra should be chanted.

Sapphire : This beautiful blue gemstone is associated with Saturn. It helps you deal with issues created by thefts. It also protects you from natural calamities like storm, earthquake etc. Sapphire should only be won if it is suggested by a certified astrologer only. 

It is better to keep the sapphire immersed in gangajal or unboiled milk in order to remove all the impurities and negative energies from it. A sapphire should only be worn on Saturdays, preferably on a Shukla Paksha day in your middle finger. The Shani Mantra should be enchanted while wearing it. 

Emerald: Emerald or Panna represents the planet Mercury. It is recommended for people suffering from diseases like asthma. Also people having several nervous disorders can also wear it. 

An emerald should preferably be worn on Wednesday with the enchantment of the Budhaya Mantra. A panna can be worn embedded in a gold or silver ring and the stone should be touching your skin.

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