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Heavy Equipment Rental Software – Everything You Need To Know

Heavy equipment rental is one of the most bullish sectors in the overall rental economy. Huge initial investments in purchasing new construction machines, high taxes, and maintenance costs are creating a robust demand for renting heavy equipment in the market. So much so that the equipment rental market is projected to reach USD 122 billion by 2024. This massive market potential has inspired many entrepreneurs to launch their own successful equipment rental marketplace. And whenever we talk about a rental marketplace, the first thing that comes to mind is the requirement of an efficient equipment rental software.

What is an Equipment Rental Software?

A software for equipment rental businesses is a suite of time-saving digital tools that can help companies effectively manage their rental businesses. And if we talk about the best equipment rental software, EZ Rent Out is the name that instantly comes to mind. It is a cloud-based software for the machinery rental industry responsible for inventory management, invoicing, and transportation scheduling.

EZ RentOut is one of the most popular rental software that helps in managing the entire business process. But there are also many other software such as Prexa 365, Booqable, Asset Panda, and Windward System Five that are helping equipment rental companies grow in this increasingly competitive landscape while also reducing costs and managing rental assets, customers, and invoices, all from one place. 

Below-listed are some of the best heavy equipment rental software:

  • Yo!Rent
  • Point of Rental 
  • Wynne Systems
  • Equipment Rentals Software
  • EZ Rent Out
  • Intempo Software

However, with time, people are becoming more and more aware of the limitations of cloud-based software. For one, the troublesome software integration and insufficient data security is swaying companies away from cloud-based rental software. Equipment rental companies are greatly inclining towards progressive web-based solutions such as Yo!Rent to launch their own online equipment rental marketplaces. 

Moving forward, let’s dive a little deeper into how heavy equipment rental businesses operate and different models through which they can generate more revenue.

Heavy Equipment Rental Business & Revenue Model – How Do Heavy Equipment Rental Businesses Work?

Being a source of recurring revenue, the heavy equipment rental business idea is a perfect blend of convenience and streamlining of rental operations. 

To help you kickstart your equipment rental business, I have compiled a list of essential information which can help demystify all your doubts regarding the equipment rental industry. It can be the perfect starting point of an entrepreneurial journey. So, let’s go!

Source: FATbit Technologies

Like any other online rental business that bridges the gap between renting and selling, an online heavy equipment rental marketplace also connects companies with their customers. There are primarily three parties involved in a heavy equipment rental marketplace, and they are,

Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace Subscriber

  • Register on the website
  • Select the equipment according to his or her preference
  • Choose one out of many listed types of equipment on the website
  • Choose the payment method
  • Ask for a refund or replacement of the equipment in case the equipment is damaged or not up to the mark.

Equipment Seller

  • Assemble all the equipment
  • List the types of equipment on the website
  • Accept the booking as per request by the customer
  • Answer queries related to the replacement of an equipment
  • Coordinate with the admin of the website for marketing

Equipment Marketplace Owner

  • Check the credentials of the equipment seller 
  • Enable or disable the account of the equipment seller
  • Check the information related to the equipment & mark its approval/disapproval accordingly
  • Receive the payment as per the payment methods
  • A deduction will be seen and the commission will be sent as the remaining amount to the equipment seller
  • Handle the payment and customer-related queries 
  • Also, handle the marketing of the website

Heavy Equipment Rental Business Revenue Model

  • Membership: Monthly or annual membership fees can be charged from the equipment renters.
  • Commission: Behind each piece of equipment sold/rented, a small percentage of commission is deducted and the remaining is sent to the equipment renters.
  • Advertisement – The website owner can display featured advertisements on the important pages of the website such as blog pages and homepage banners.

By now I am sure that you are clear about the know-hows of an equipment rental business. But if you are still wondering about the most lucrative equipment for your rental business, I have got you covered!

“Excavators are the perfect heavy equipment for the rental business.”

It turns out that excavators have more appeal among the customers than other heavy construction equipment. No wonder, because it’s excavators that generate recurring revenue in the middle east countries such as UAE.

How to Build a Heavy Equipment Rental Marketplace Using Yo!Rent?

First things first. The reason for choosing Yo!Rent to launch your equipment rental marketplace is that it is a new-age solution to start an online rental business. Unlike Woocommerce and other current market players, Yo!Rent is a white label solution that has no recurring charges. You can rent as well as sell heavy equipment on Yo!Rent and easily customize the platform according to your requirements. So you see how easy it is to scale your equipment rental business with Yo!Rent and take it to the next level.  

The steps mentioned below will provide you further information on how to set up your rental marketplace using Yo!Rent and will act as a roadmap for your business. 


  1. Get the lifetime valid license of Yo!Rent in which there is no recurring cost of ownership.
  2. Deploy the rental software on the web hosting server with technical support from Yo!Rent team.
  3. Start adding the heavy equipment machinery along with the spare parts that are already there in your stock.
  4. Finally, launch a heavy equipment rental website and expand its reach by making use of Yo!Rent marketing software features.

Must-Have Features for a Heavy Equipment Rental Software

  1. Smart-Review Management – The feature allows verified buyers to submit reviews on the listed equipment. 
  1. Renting & Selling Feature – Admin can manage the renting & selling option based upon his/her business requirements
  1. Real-time Inventory Availability – This feature helps in keeping the customers and stock informed about the real-time availability of the inventory.
  1. Shipping Method Management – Yo!Rent comes with in-built shipping method management 
  1. In-Built Analytics & Reporting – This feature can help you keep a track record of your heavy equipment rental website with useful statistics & analytical reports such as sales, orders, and new buyers/vendors.
  1. Localization Settings – This feature allows you to make the search user-friendly by searching based upon the location or area by the user.
  1. Multiple Revenue Channels – The feature allows your equipment rental website to generate revenue through distinct channels such as commission, advertising, affiliate marketing & vendor subscriptions.
  1. Multiple Payment Methods – Yo!Rent provides the convenience of 15 payment gateways. More can be added with customization.

Luckily for you, all these features come pre-integrated with Yo!Rent so that you can start your heavy equipment rental marketplace without any hassle.

In a Nutshell,

Heavy equipment rental software has the maximum potential to deliver the best performance in the near future with speed and agility. That’s why Yo!Rent has been put in this list. 

At the forefront of the rental industry is the heavy equipment niche. The heavy equipment rental business model relies on the stream to maintain recurring profit. And this makes heavy equipment rental a win-win business idea for both consumers and entrepreneurs.

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