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Harmful Effect of Drinking High Concentration of Iron in Water

Even if the water from your stream appears to be pure, it may be contaminated with heavy metals and other impurities, including ferrous iron. When water filters are replaced for the first time, people are often astonished to learn how contaminated their water was with iron, clay, and other impurities. Many people experience this issue and are concerned about the safety of iron in drinking water. But no, that is not the case. Even though iron is an essential mineral, it must be removed from drinking water. This is because it has numerous effects. There is a high concentration of iron if the water in your house or business is discoloured or has a reddish-brown tinge to it, as well as a metallic taste.

One of the many minerals required for human health is iron. Anaemia, exhaustion, and a rise in infections are all possible side effects of a lack of iron. But when it comes to iron, how much is too much? Drinking iron-fortified water can be good for your health. Excessive iron in drinking water, on the other hand, may have harmful consequences.

What causes iron to form up in your drinking water in the first place?

Iron is one of the world’s most abundant minerals, accounting for 5% of the planet’s crust. Iron deposits can be found in a variety of geological formations. Rain often dissolves part of the iron when it falls and soaks through the rock. As it continues to seep through the rock and soil, it carries that iron with it.

Ferrous iron, which is soluble in water, and ferric iron, which is insoluble, are the two types of iron found in water. Because the iron dissolves evenly and the water remains clear, water containing ferrous iron is often indistinguishable from pure water. When the water reaches a home pressure tank (well tank) or spills into the air, the iron is oxidized and becomes insoluble ferric. It subsequently becomes evident and starts to have an impact on the water quality.

Effects of the high level of iron in drinking water

Minerals in hard water, such as iron, produce several cosmetic issues. They can leave a foul taste in your water, as well as build up in your plumbing and cause stains on your dishes. They can develop build-up on your skin and hair, leaving them dry and lifeless, and they can make getting your laundry clean more difficult. A few of the major harmful effects of drinking water with a high concentration of iron are:

  • Effect on health:

Iron overload is a medical condition induced by a mutation in the gene that controls iron digestion. Even if this problem isn’t very popular, it’s still a cause to remove iron from water. While a low quantity of iron isn’t toxic in and of itself, the EPA classifies iron in drinking water as a secondary pollutant. This is because iron frequently contains bacteria that depend on iron to exist. When these tiny organisms are digested, they can cause injury. Hemochromatosis, or iron overload, can cause damage to the liver, heart, and pancreas, as well as diabetes. Fatigue, weight loss, and joint pain are common early signs.

  • Plumbing issues:

If a home’s water has too much iron, it might cause plumbing problems. Excessive iron can leave a residue, which can build up and block the system. When this happens, homeowners may notice a reduction in water pressure or lethargic draining. Another reason to remove iron from water is for this reason. Brown slime forms in your pipes and anywhere there is water in your home due to bacteria clinging to the iron. A discharge of coloured water can result from a rapid discharge of material in your pipes.

  • Affects your skin:

Water containing an excessive number of dissolved minerals, such as iron and magnesium, might harm your skin. They can harm good skin cells, resulting in wrinkles. Also, soap does not mix well with iron-containing water. This causes problems when washing and bathing since soap scum residue is left on your skin as well as in your bathtub. This can clog skin pores, resulting in a deposition of oils on your skin. As a result, skin issues such as acne or eczema may arise.

  • Effects on Food and Drink:

While a foul taste isn’t a huge problem when it comes to water contamination, it may certainly detract from the appeal of food and drink. Iron can provide a metallic taste in food and drink if it isn’t treated properly in the water. An unpleasant taste in the water you drink or cook with is never a great sign. The presence of iron in drinking water creates an unpleasant metallic flavour. The taste of any beverages made with this water, such as tea or coffee, will be impacted. Also, water with a high iron concentration may blacken and ruin the flavour of fruits, vegetables, and other meals cooked in it.

Ion exchange in a home water softener can help in removing some of these minerals. A water softener works by purifying the water in your home through salt. The EPA recommends a limit of 0.3 mg/L for safe iron levels, although even lower amounts can cause some of the issues outlined above. If your water contains iron, the best solution is to use a water softener. Filtration and ion exchange are two methods for removing iron and other hazardous chemicals from your water.

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