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Software Engineering: A Guide to Understanding Weighbridge Software

Are you curious about weighbridge software? Weighbridges, also known as truck scales, are designed to measure large industrial vehicles’ weight and contents.

They are strewn throughout the country at road safety stops and gas stations. They are imperative so truckers can maintain reliable and accurate figures of goods going and goods out of their trucks. A weighbridge is controlled by software that helps measure these accurate figures. If you’re into software engineering, keep reading because in this article, we are diving into how weighbridge software works.

What Is Weighbridge Software?

Weighbridge software is a type of software that collects and manages scale-weight data of large semi-trucks and other industrial vehicles.

The main purpose is to give the user accurate and reliable weight info of their truck and payload. Two different consumers often use weighbridge software: “mom and pop shops” looking for an extra way to make money from their gas station or truck stop or large corporations that need to manage their fleets and their truck inventory by weight.

How Does Weighbridge Software Work?

Weighbridge software reaches three main goals for your scales: data management, ticket printing, and reporting. Let’s get into it.

Data Management

Data management is necessary to give truckers the necessary info they need. This data can include the following:

  • Axle weight
  • Scale weight
  • Trailer weight
  • Payload weight
  • Weight graphs

This data would be managed by the weighbridge software and printed off for the user.

Ticket Printing

Once the data is collected and analyzed by the software, it can now be printed off for the user. This can be for reporting purposes or be sent to archives. The parameters on the information on them can be customizable.

The spectrum of information could include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Description of load
  • Vehicle registration
  • Weight information
  • Weighperson’s signature
  • Unforeseen problems with the load
  • Customer/supplier info

Ticket printing info can be as customizable as you want. Be sure that whichever software you buy, it has customizable ticket printing.


Reporting your info can be easily done through digital means such as email. This is especially important for large scale corporations. With instant reporting, departments can share info on bulk-loads easier and faster.

Why Is Weighbridge Software Important?

Aside from bulk-weight reporting for goods, there are also legal parameters trucks need to abide by to transport on the road safely. Weighbridge software can easily generate needed axle weight information if you need to report to vehicle safety officers on the road.

An unbalanced axle can be deemed illegal to drive on public roads, resulting in companies being issued fines.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Weighbridge data management has come a long way in the past 50 years. Back then, a card was distributed to the truck driver with information recorded by a mechanical scale.

Not only was the information not accurate, but it left companies who sold goods by bulk weight not able to reach their maximum profits. It also gave trucks to potential to drive off with overweight loads and causing potential safety hazards on the road.

Now, most truck scales are measured using electronic systems for improved accuracy. This way, it’s easier to minimize errors, which will increase safety and maximize profits.

What to Look for When Purchasing Weighbridge Software

Many companies offer weighbridge software, and you’ll want to find the one with the best bang for your buck. Look for one that has all of the essential features you’ll need for your operation.

Here are some features to look for:

  • Reports on sales, customer returns, supplier returns
  • Keyboard only/mouse only/mixed-mode data entry
  • Keyboard or customizable key binds for faster data entry
  • Liquid weighing
  • Multiple user modes
  • Single or multiple screen operation
  • Multiple reporting templates
  • Reporting outputs in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV, Word, or txt
  • 24-hour software support

These features are available depending on your budget. Plan out your budget to see what features you can include, depending on which software you choose.

Weighbridge software is available on multiple operating systems. These operating systems include Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Pick a weighbridge software on an operating system you feel the most comfortable using.

Where Can I Find Weighbridge Software?

Weighbridge software is available through weighbridge software suppliers that you can find online. If you’re looking to buy software online, a quick search on the internet will do the trick.

A lot of the weighbridge software available for consumers often come with demos or free trials.

Call the company for more info and ask to see if there is a free demo available. This way, you can try the software out yourself to see if the software’s features and usability work best for your operation.

Software Engineering: Is Weighbridge Software Right for You?

If your operation depends on your fleet’s accurate weight measurements so you can increase your profits, you should invest in weighbridge software. Not only will this help you keep track of the goods you’re moving in and out, but you’ll also increase safety for your drivers and others on the road.

Make sure to look at reviews of the software you’re thinking of choosing. It’s always good to find a second opinion because users will know any problems with certain systems firsthand.

The last thing you’ll want is to deal with tickets not printing through correctly or information not being processed accurately.

Remember that quality software engineering and a good developer are needed to bring you accurate software. Don’t skimp on genuine weighbridge software because a weighbridge ticket is one of the most important trucking companies’ documents.

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