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Guide for increasing the productivity of email designs

The design for your email serves as an influential factor while evaluating how your email is perceived and eventually how its response is. Hence it’s vital to be well acquainted with the guidelines and factors to be considered before drafting an important email. Abiding by these rules and practices ensures efficiency and elevates the ultimate outcomes of your email marketing campaign to guarantee that you attain its targets.

It should be noted that you don’t get a second chance at making an appealing first impression. Therefore you should make it a point to put in all the efforts to ensure that your email format is influential enough to persuade the recipient to remain committed to potential interactions.

Email marketing is actually that source which in a flash turns out the revenue and drives lead. The costs that were spent on email showcasing will be paid off enormously. Measurements uncover that by 2020 the number of clients who use messages as a correspondence source will pass the benchmark of 3 billion individuals around the world.

We have mentioned below the most important features and trending ideas that should be incorporated in an email to increase its impact on the readers-

1. Lay a strong groundwork

An integral factor to pay special attention to while planning your email format is the required groundwork to ensure it works. You can achieve this by scheduling the primary steps and features of your email that viewers will receive. You should work towards optimizing them in a manner that drives the email and starts with an appealing and educational content selection.

2. Structured layout

To form an email that is easy to comprehend, the writer needs to give particular thought to the format in which they situate every component of an email. Preferably, your email should direct the readers towards the Call-to-Action (CTA). 

3. Adding images

Images or pictorial representation can add a lot of personality to the content of the email and help you in delivering the required message more expressively. The appropriate selection of visuals can have a lot of influence in persuading the reader to take action upon the email. Hence, you should tactically involve related visuals in the emails to make them more appealing.

4. Put in all efforts

To ensure a higher conversion ratio, make sure that every component of your email is implemented to reach its full potential. Make sure everything from the content, the links mentioned, and the facts stated compel the readers to take action upon the email. Adding your logo design will be better.

Then again, it’s the most effortless approach to underline some assertion or thought when you utilize distinctive shading for it. Simultaneously, there are chances that you will check the component that doesn’t have a source of inspiration and it is just an educational one so you will remove the client’s consideration regarding those pieces of your message that don’t bring any sense for you and can’t give you a change.

5. Subject statement

While creating the subject lines for your email try to make them relatable or appealing so that people are inclined to open them. If your email tone and purpose allow it then you can also include an emoticon to make it look more fun and interesting. Always remember to double-check the grammar, spelling, and unique sentence formation of your subject line.

6. Preheader text

Preheader text is used as a preview of what the email content entails and what the readers can expect from this email. It is a precise statement or title to define the direction and purpose of your email.

Yet, you should always aim at making them short and easily understandable while trying to avoid complex or technical terms that might confuse or bore the readers. Writers should try to focus and emphasize the advantage of clicking on the email by forming an appealing subject line.

7. Customization

You should always strategize using your company assets and plus points while advertising through email marketing. An impressive email design should ideally give the reader an insight into the brand motive and values along with giving them an overview of the company’s past accomplishments and future potential.

This interests the readers and helps to lay the foundation for a potential customer-service provider bond for the future. You can include certain data and figure inputs that promote the company in a good light and instil trust within the reader.

8. Information delivery

You should always try to ensure that you are using minimal word count and easy language to deliver your message and convince the reader to consider your business proposition. The right selection of words and including impressive data about a company leaves a huge impact on the reader.

9. Colour scheme

While deciding the colour palette for your email layout you should always try to integrate the colours that hold symbolic meaning for your brand and may hold meaning and connection to the audience as well. Try including warmer tones rather than loud, brighter colours that might bother some people and be unpleasant.

For instance, Spotify always makes their emails distinctive by adding their trademark deep green colour somewhere in their email. This strikes a chord with the readers and increases brand awareness.

10. Video

Email writing has evolved and come a long way from just being a textual means of communication. These days we have the option of adding static images with a play button that opens up a video clip. Hence, if the marketing campaign for any company needs to place cinemagraphs in their emails to induce higher conversion rates then they have this alternative now.

11. Tone of the content

You should have a clear idea of what you want to convey through your email to ensure the right delivery to the readers. You should decide upon the suitable tone (reassuring, humorous, positive, etc.) before drafting your email. Always remember to cross-check the spellings in the final revision and hitting send. You should be careful to prevent typos as they appear unprofessional and disorganized to the readers.


An inadequately structured and written email does not leave a lasting first impression on the readers. Through the course of this article, we reiterated the fact that designing a well-received and high-conversion email entirely depends upon the efforts put in while drafting and formatting the unique content of the email along with the accompanying images/videos. To guarantee a higher change proportion, ensure that each segment of your email is carried out to arrive at its maximum capacity

The plan for your email fills in as a persuasive factor while assessing how your email is seen and in the long run how its reaction is. Subsequently, be very much familiar with the rules and factors to be considered prior to draft a significant email. Submitting to these standards and practices guarantees productivity and hoists definitive results of your email-promoting effort to ensure that you accomplish its objectives.

If handling the intricacies and minute details entailed in email marketing intimidate you or is taking up too much of your time then you should consider hiring reputed online marketing agencies such as Designhill who are professionally skilled to implement and manage these market practices.

Now that you’ve garnered the necessary knowledge regarding email construction, you can make an informed decision hereon.

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