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Get Rid of Chronic Wounds & Swollen Legs with DVT Compression Pump

The leg injuries may lead to acute infections and if they are not treated with proper medications or therapy they can transform into chronic wounds. The most common chronic diseases are venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, pressure ulcers, DVT, and lymphedema.

The orthopedics and healthcare specialists suggest compression therapy to treat any acute infection due to limited blood supply to legs and feet. The best DVT compression pump for legs is the ultimate solution to get rid of chronic wounds or swollen lower limbs.

There are certain types and categories of compression gear that manage to reduce the impact of acute infections in legs and to use the ideal gear for the specific wound you need proper guidance for finding the right tool.

What are chronic wounds?

Chronic wounds are the higher level of acute infections in the lower limbs and with these fatal bruises, you might get Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

There are some types of chronic wounds which include:

  • Ischemic Wounds

The blood clotting and lack of oxygen supplied to the heart is one of the main symptoms of Ischemic wounds. The lightheaded feeling or weakened pulse or pale skin are the signs of ischemic infection. The DVT compression pump for the legs is the best way of treating these wounds.

  • Surgical wounds

The surgical experience is a difficult scenario for the patient to take every action carefully for quick recovery. After surgery, some blood vessels get blocked and it might turn into chronic wounds due to a low supply of blood in the deep parts of the veins. The chronic wounds mostly show blisters and dark spots on the legs. DVT pump for home use is the best remedy to prevent any risk of DVT symptoms.

  • Radiation Wounds

The cancer treatment involves some radioactive therapy and when your body exposes to radiation it might deteriorate your immune system and cause acute infections.

Compression therapy is advisable in the early stages of cancer treatment because acute can change into a chronic infection which is not a good scenario for a cancer patient.

How DVT Compression Pump prevent chronic infections

The medical garment which is designed to overcome the effect of swelling in the lower limbs is known as a DVT compression pump for chronic wounds and swollen limbs. The main function of compression gears is to regulate blood circulation in the whole body and develop a healthy immunity to fight chronic infections.

A compression device for DVT and swollen legs is made with a programmable user display that is connected with a sleeve that wraps around the lower limb and applies firm pressure to decrease the volume of veins. The sequential pressure exerting procedure helps to make artificial blood circulation in high velocity that cleans vessels without leaving any trace of lymphatic waste.

This effective blood flow will boost up the healing process and removes the blisters that are formed in the specific areas of the calf, knees, and ankle. The best compression pump for DVT is comprised of advanced machinery that exerts pressure in gradient or sequential or continuous compression on the lower part of the legs.

There are three main pressure ranges light, medium, and firm which exert 20mmHg, 30mmHg, and 40mmHg compression respectively. The new technology allows the patient to buy a DVT pump for home use which can exert uniform pressure or segmented compression in various levels.

How to use DVT Compression Pump to reduce leg inflammation

The chronic wounds are extremely sensitive areas on the lower limbs that demands slow treatment with the help of expert healthcare pupil. DVT machine for chronic infections and inflammation must be made with soft moist-whickering fabric that wraps around the leg with firm gripping. Set the right pressure and let the machine do its work. Normally it takes 1 hour to perform the cyclic air pumping procedure that can last long for a maximum of 2 hours.

The safest way to get the best results through a DVT compression pump for legs is using them daily until you observe some decrease in chronic wound spots. Nowadays programmable air pumping devices are available in the online store and you can purchase them easily.

Types of DVT compression therapy pumps

There are two types of compression devices which have some unique features and their functioning system is slightly different compared to each other.

The most common is a non-segmented pump that works with standard pressure levels on the foot, ankle, calf, and knees. There are no specific pauses or divisions that are programmed in the compression device.

The second one is slightly advance and is known as segmented or sequential compression gears because the sleeves which wrap around the user’s leg are divided into segments. These chambers apply pressure on the walls of lower limbs in a sequence that you can set manually in programmable devices.

The pressure is high at the proximal end but decreases in each portion until it reaches its lowest level at the distal end. These DVT gears can work splendidly to get rid of dangerous chronic wounds or swollen legs. Each part of the lower limbs gets compression therapy and veins follow the natural style of expansion and contractions.

These non-segmented devices are now becoming a standard and people are avoiding non-segmented sleeves to get better results.

When to stop using the DVT machine

Chronic wounds treatment is a serious situation for the patient and healthcare experts must use the device wisely and observe the health situation of the user.

There are some situations in which stop using the pump:

  • Slight fever
  • Shortness of breath while using the pump.
  • Discoloration of the limbs.
  • Acute redness
  • Swollen area or continuous aching
  • Ankle soreness suddenly starts.

If these issues occur then remove the sleeves and turn off the pump. After that contact the doctor or any physician to give you approval for reusing the compression device to remove any wound or infection.

Benefits of DVT Compression Pump for Legs

  • Use them while resting on the bed at home or traveling.
  • Helps to recover degenerated tissues and ligaments.
  • Increase respiratory and circulation system.
  • Boost ankle tendons healing.
  • Prevent blisters and color change of the skin due to chronic wounds.
  • Prevent PE, Lymphedema, and DVT if used at the right moment.

How to get the best DVT Compression Pump for chronic wounds

Medshoola is the best brand in the USA that is offering the most advanced DVT Compression Devices which is designed with cutting-edge technology to give comfort, good hygiene, and durability. Medshoola compression device for DVT has a 30-40mmHg pressure level which works perfectly for those patients who are suffering from chronic wounds and leg swelling.

Medshoola can offer you finest compression device with smooth fabric which is made with nylon and spandex that gives firm grip on lower limbs. The moist-whickering feature and cushioned padding in the sleeves gives relax feeling to the user while operating the device. Medshoola brand is not only providing compression gear but they also offer socks and stockings in various styles and sizes. Medshoola care about their customers and for that reason they have a wide range of compression stocking products including athletes socks for ankle pain.

Feel free to get connected with the Medshoola brand by visiting and purchase the best products at affordable prices.


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