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Quick Remedies to Get Relief From Burning Eyes

The sensation of burning in the eye is very annoying. It is a common eye condition that you may experience without any serious cause behind it. But in some cases, the frequent sensation of burning eyes may indicate an eye issue that must be treated early. 

What Gives You A Burning Eye?

Irritants may give you a burning eye and can often lead to serious eye issues. These irritants are allergens, exposure to UV rays or chemicals and certain infections. While most of these can be easily treated at home with simple home remedies, some may require proper medical treatment.

Before we begin to discuss the home remedies for burning eyes, let’s discuss the causes: 

Causes For Burning Eyes

The most common causes of burning eyes are:

  • Irritants and allergens– Many people are allergic to pollen and dust. Even pets can also spread certain allergens that can give you dry and irritated eyes with a burning sensation. So you should identify the root cause of the problem and try to remove that. Also, certain eye makeup can sting your eyes for the loads of chemicals they have. It is important to buy only good brands while you shop for makeup items. 
  • Toxic substance exposure– Most of the industrial toxins that are used for household works are irritants. They can cause damage to your skin and eyes. Therefore, make sure you always wear safety eyewear and gloves while you use toxins to clean your bathroom floor or use any pesticide. In case any of these substances contacts your eye, seek medical advice immediately and find the best eye hospital.
  • Chronic dry eyes– This is a medical condition that some develop for a certain eye issue or they are born with. Dry eyes happen when the tear duct of the eye does not produce adequate tears to keep the eyes moisturized. Dry eyes need to be treated medically if home remedies fail. Book an appointment with an eye specialist, if you develop dry eyes and experience burning eyes.

Common Home Remedies For Burning Eyes

In most cases, burning eyes can be easily treated at home with the following remedies.

  • Cleaning the eye near the base of the eyelashes is very effective in treating burning eyes. One needs to use lukewarm water for this. 
  • Lubricating eye drops reduce redness, itchiness and dryness. As your eyes become comfortable and soothing, the burning sensation will go away naturally. You can use artificial tear drops for dry eyes.
  • Applying warm compress helps treat itching and redness. This, in turn, will relieve the burning sensation. While doing warm compress, make sure you use a clean piece of cotton cloth.
  • Antihistamine eye drops work great in treating eye irritation and reduces burning sensation. You can buy OTC eye drops for your eye burning sensation.
  • Always drink plenty of water to keep your entire system hydrated and eyes moist.
  • If you frequently work on a computer or laptop screen, make sure to take breaks after one hour and splash your eyes with water. Also, you can use anti-glare glasses.

Common Home Remedies For Burning Eyes

Take care of your eyes and keep it protected from pollution and harmful environments. Burning eyes is a treatable condition. Just follow these simple tips.

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