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Gearing Up for the Upcoming Models in Custom Apparel Packaging Industry

Since the last ten years, the global packaging industry has been enjoying steady and fruitful growth. The industry’s growth is driven by the paradigm shift in substrates’ choices, inauguration, and expansion towards new markets of luxury apparel boxes and other various dynamics. The packaging trends took a roller coaster ride in these ten years, from excessive use of plastics and different non-biodegradable packaging materials to accommodate consumers’ demands for luxury apparel boxes. The US and other emerging regions’ economic boom has pushed the industry towards more significant industry consolidation.

The growth is expected to increase at a quicker pace in the coming ten years. However, this growth will face more massive pressures, complex challenges, and more disruptive changes. Due to this backdrop, the Packaging Republic will help you understand what is in store for packaging until 2030. Research on the packaging was conducted recently in the US. To perform the analysis, interviews were taken by the retailers, FMCG companies, and other big fish of the custom apparel packaging industry.

New Models in Custom Apparel Boxes Wholesale

The Report, No ordinary disruption: Winning with new models in packaging 2030, unfolded the trends reshaping packaging. According to the report, some significant trends will change the packaging industry’s game. These trends will raise the performance bar in the next ten years. The trends include; e-commerce, changing consumers’ preferences, FMCG and retail margin compression, sustainability, and the Internet of Things. To deal with these pressures and potential disruptions, the custom apparel packaging companies will need to show much higher innovation and agility levels.

E-commerce – The exponential growth of e-commerce has placed an intense focus on better packaging. As a result, the demand for custom packaging grown by many folds. Yet, many businesses owners are still skeptical about leveraging custom packaging. For them, product box is nothing more than just a mean to ship the item so there is no point in splurging a lot of amount on bespoke packaging. That said, the increased demand has forced many to switch gears.  

Changing Consumers’ Preferences – The consumers are demanding more personalization, convenience, and cost-effectiveness in custom apparel boxes wholesale. This is driving SKU proliferation to new heights. But there are only a handful of packaging suppliers that can deliver quality bespoke packaging, especially when it comes to finding a supplier in the US. However, Packaging Republic is America’s leading custom retail packaging manufacturer that has been providing a range of packaging solutions to businesses of all sizes is now looking to fill this void was offering quality custom apparel packaging at affordable prices.

Compression of FMCG and retail margin – The FMCG companies are already going through profit margin compression. Anymore compression may intensify the threat of insolvency.

Sustainability – Sustainability requirements in custom apparel boxes wholesale are rising with every passing day. Consumers are becoming more aware of rising environmental issues. For this reason, Packaging Republic is offering numerous sustainable packaging solutions to its clients in the US. And all these solutions are provided in high finesse and supreme colors, so they can aptly persuade potential consumers in the retail store and hyper markets. 

Internet of Things – The costs are being driven down through digitalization. Digitalization is also playing a crucial role in gaining a competitive edge. Through the integration of technology in packaging, more excellent customer value and services are generated by the brands. A few high-end brands have started using and implementing the Internet of Things in smart or intelligent packaging, interactive packaging, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Some brands are also using collaborative robots. The brands are planning to implement these options, and the trends show that these types of packaging will become common all over the world.

Wrapping Up

All of these five trends are approaching at varying pace and strength. The most significant shift in packaging is expected through e-commerce. Amazon has shaped a few packaging trends and protocols. However, more development is in-store. The second most pressurizing dynamic is digitalization. The high-end brands are using digitalization as a cost-efficiency boosting tool. The cost will be saved through automation. Through interactive packaging, the brands are conveying product information and collecting consumers’ preference data.

The last three trends are already bringing their impact in full throttle and are expected to increase strength over time.

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