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Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

The best region in Dubai for starting a trading or manufacturing business is none other than Free Zone. There are more than 30 registered Free Zone in Dubai which are operating global businesses and each of these districts is dedicated to specific business activity.

The Free Zone company formation in Dubai is a very simple process but to complete this procedure you need some help from a professional business consultancy agency. To understand what these business setup consultants in Dubai can offer first you need to gain some important details about steps for registration.

Steps for Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

There are basic guidelines that are compulsory to follow by any foreign investor who plans to establish their business setup in Dubai.

Here are those steps for company registration in Dubai:

  • Search for the best jurisdiction

The basic rule for completing your registration form is creating a pre-plan before applying for company setup in Dubai. There are dozens of Free Zone and the majority of them are located near seaports, airports, or railway stations. Your business class can determine what type of free zone is suitable for company formation in Dubai.

So, any consultancy firm you hire can get you precise details about which Free Zone is perfect for your future enterprise. Do not forget that each Free Zone has its own rules and you need to be extra careful before finalizing your decision concerning business setup in Dubai.  

  • Decide your company structure

The second stage focus on your business model which is essential to resolve before collecting your documents for license application.

Your business model is consisting of:

  • Business plan.
  • Cost structure.
  • Organizational strategy.
  • Shareholders details.
  • Register your Trademark

The next step is finalizing your company name that must come under Dubai norms. The name should be Arabic if you are not setting up a branch of a foreign firm. There should not be any copyright issue and you need to pay some dues to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or any Dubai Free Zone sector in which you will operate your business.

  • Apply for a Legal License

The license application requires some documents to attach with the application form. The application can be obtained online or you need to visit the government department for a legal permit. The fee for any trading license in Free Zone can be decreased with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai.

The documents you need to paste with the license form are:

  • Passport copies of business partners.
  • UAE identity card details.
  • Business plan documents photocopies.
  • Free Zone attested application form.
  • Get your Office Space

The Free Zone company formation in Dubai must require legal land for warehousing or manufacturing plant. The Dubai government also approved virtual business in Dubai but the office setup is obligatory. The Flexi Desk is suitable for entrepreneurs or foreign investors who want cost-effective office space which can be flexible and increase productivity. The company setup in Dubai Free Zone requires heavy expenditure but in the initial years, Flexi Desk can give you everything in one specific space.

The Flexi Desk is good for starters but if your company already exists and wanted to expand in Free Zone then you need a physical plant/warehouse to get approval from Dubai Government. The restrictions for Flexi Desk are slightly higher than other workspaces but with business setup consultants in Dubai, you can get a proper place in Free Zone.

  • Create a bank account

To manage your business finances and completes the course of company formation in Dubai a bank account is a must.

The free zone bank account documents needed are:

  • A business profile of the owner is required.
  • Tenancy contract Ejari must be provided for business setup in Dubai.
  • Provide trade license and Articles of Association for your free zone company.
  • The shareholder’s Emirates ID and passport copy are required.
  • The employers’ details with their immigration documents.
  •  Submit major business suppliers and customers’ names.
  • Memorandum of Association must be attached with the bank form.

The bank account forms submission and formation can easily be done with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai.  They can translate and complete all bank documents if you are unaware of complicated details. The company setup in Dubai free zone is now complete but only one requirement is left and that is to apply for VISA.

  • How to apply for VISA

There are some easy steps that you can follow to get your VISA for business setup in Dubai:

  • The E-channel service is created by the UAE government to help foreign investors for getting VISA online.

The E-channel can eliminate paperwork and send documents quickly to the owner.

  • Pay the VISA application fee and submit documents online with the help of a consultancy firm.
  • The documents required for the VISA form are:
  • Emirate ID card.
  • Medical fitness test reports.
  • Residency details.
  • Company bank account details.
  • Company shareholders’ passport copies.
  • After submitting these documents wait for a week to get your VISA and residency stamp on your passport.

To apply for family or business partners you should have a salary of around AED 7000- AED 8000. The consultancy agencies can help you to get a favorable package for family VISA deals at affordable prices.

Benefits of Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai

  • Full ownership

The 100% ownership for international investors made the free zone area ideal to get the company setup in Dubai. The local sponsors cannot become your company’s shareholder partner or interfere in your business decision-making procedure. There will be no extra deals that are meant for local agents and you can get full profit on the company’s net income.

  • Tax Exemption

Another great advantage for company formation in Dubai is 100% tax-free for free zone firms and it includes all corporate taxes. There will be no tax deduction from your capital and profits. The Free Zone residents do not pay taxes to UAE and 100 % import/export taxation exclusion for company owners.

  • World-class facilities and infrastructure.

The Dubai Free Zone District has leading-edge technology and the best innovative cities to facilitate the foreign business community. You can experience international standard services in Dubai Free Zone. The high secure warehouses to best transport infrastructure help you to get the best out of Dubai Free Zone resources.

  • Business-friendly environment

The smooth business running environment in Dubai Free Zone creates a great atmosphere for your company’s future. You can interact with all professional international companies and completes the trouble-free procedure of hiring labor.

How KWSME can help you?

KWSME is a consultancy agency that can help you with your company formation in Dubai. They have experienced professionals who can assist you in every lawful business activity. Starting from firm registration to liquidation, they have the best knowledge about Dubai Free Zone rules and regulations to give you legal advice for all important business processes.

KWSME suggests the best investment details to fresh investors and legal advisory services in Dubai. They can help you to translate any legal document or filling bank papers with professional experts. KWSME team is filled with the best team which can also help with VAT advisory services in Dubai. If you want auditing services or company liquidation support KWSME will be available to provide the best assistance.

The offshore business consultancy is also handled by KWSME and sectors like Ajman or JAFZA or RAK are also covered by KWSME. Starting from company formation to company registration, this agency will assist you at the best level.

Visit for further details about Dubai Free Zone and the mainland.


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