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Food Logo Design: The Importance of Color Selection

Adopting accurate logo colors can enhance the strength of your business and help you draw the right customers.

Furthermore, as you may figure, an inappropriate blend can have an inverse impact.

Colors influence our feelings and behaviors. Yellow is lively and green is soothing.

But, does this color psychology work in business and marketing?

According to a study, a few colors have a great influence on customers and others don’t. For example, yellow will make your brand look young and friendly, however, a green logo doesn’t urge your clients to think of your brand as a symbol of peace.

Most of the organizations pay more attention to the font style and design of their logo. However, very few of them stress over a significant detail: color.

The color scheme of a logo plays a major role in branding. It impacts the emotions of customers in different ways.

If you wish to convey a specific message with feelings to your customers then study color psychology. It’s an important aspect while creating a logo for a food company.

You want your buyers to feel happy, hungry, and content.

If you are curating a food logo design, then here is the guide that will help you to pick the correct color combination for your logo.

1. Red Color

Red color signifies enthusiasm, energy, risk; warmth, and heat.

Additionally, it has been found to arouse cravings, which clarifies why this color is used in several food items, Drink logos, and restaurant logos.

Picking red color for your logo can make it feel more powerful.

Moreover, the red color stands out and attracts attention. Whenever you see a red tone, you become intrigued by the logo.

Red has amazing physical impacts. This incorporates increased metabolism and blood pressure. So, certainly, red color plays a crucial role in a food logo design.

2. Orange Color

The tangy orange color implies appetite and thirst. And that’s why plenty of food and beverage organizations employ orange color in their logo.

Moreover, Orange is a striking color. Just like the red, you simply incline toward the orange color. However, rather than symbolizing power and energy, orange represents warmth and solace. Whenever you see the orange hue, you think about refreshing drinks or sweet things.

It’s used less frequently than red yet at the same time carries an energetic punch. Be careful while employing orange color if your brand is attempting to seem lavish, serious, or feminine, as orange doesn’t indicate those characteristics to shoppers.

Cooks adores orange color as this color ignites creativity — and who better to enjoy the innovativeness of food than a cook? If you are creating a logo for your utensil business, orange is a great color to use in your design.

However, there are some issues when employing orange as a logo. Several print media show orange color differently; this incorporates on the web, on paper, and TV.

If you want to add the magic of orange in your logo, talk about your options with a logo designing expert.

Designing a Logo for Food & Restaurant Business

3. Yellow Color

Usually, the food brands use two colors in their logos: red and yellow. We have already discussed the red color, now it’s yellow’s opportunity to excel. Yellow is a serious color, hence it draws in exceptional feelings.

Yellow is advantageous as it’s eye-catching and carries sentiments of happiness and satisfaction. Furthermore, the color signifies food qualities: Delightful foods like corn and lemons are yellow.

Similar to orange, yellow can be harsh on logos. If you have decided to include yellow in your food logo design, merge yellow with another color. Yellow is painful for the eyes and is hard to read.

However, if you mix it with a dull or dark color such as black, then it will brighten up the design.

4. Green Color

If your food brand is an eco-friendly, vegetarian, or altruistic, green is the color you ought to pick.

In this modern era, the green color symbolizes the earth. Whenever a person looks at the green color, they sense a feeling of bliss and fulfillment.

However, ensure you discuss your green color logo with a design expert. Green is an impactful color; and that’s why particular tones can appear to be unappetizing.

5. Blue Color

Blue is the embodiment of a cool hue. The color stimulates tranquility and relaxation. This is not the color that you need to include in your food logo design.

However, a few logos look incredible in blue. For instance, blue is a great color for seafood. Fish originate from the sea, which is blue.

But if you are into farming business then a blue logo won’t match.

6. Purple and Violet Color

Purple is also a cool tone and that’s why it’s one of the most troublesome hues to include in the food logo design.

Similar to the color blue, purple also signifies creativity and spirituality, which aren’t exceptionally tempting sentiments.

Moreover, similar to green, purple is incredible for food brands with sympathetic value. Purple stimulates your mystic senses and your confidence. It encourages you to become generous and ignites compassion.

While a completely purple logo won’t pass on much quality, including purple shades will make your logo powerful and memorable.

7. Black and White Color

If a logo designer is uncertain of which shade to pick, they can choose black.

Have you ever thought, why the black dress is the wardrobe star? Because black color looks great on everybody and is ideal for any event.

This rule applies to the custom logo design as well. Black is perfect in every way- Great readability, ideal font color, and can be utilized as an outline for a picture.

However, sometimes you need to place your logo on a dark picture. Therefore, have a similar logo accessible in white.

While the two hues aren’t “food-friendly,” you can draw a layout of a food-inspired picture.

8. Brown Color

Browns are frequently used for eco-friendly farms and food brands. The color implies the earth; it’s healthy, nutritious, and natural.

Whenever a person looks at the brown color, he thinks about the brown soil that produces their food. But, the color is not tempting and unappealing. If you are using brown color then mix other shades like green and yellow for a natural feel.

However, the foodies linked brown color with chocolate. And if you make chocolates, brownies or dark chocolate then use dark brown or brown-black shades.

9. Pink Color

Pink doesn’t trigger feelings like hunger and craving still can work in food logo design.

Pink signifies love, delicacy, and understanding. Moreover, the color helps us to remember some delicious treats such as cotton candy, ice creams, Pastries and even strawberry cake all have a pink color.

In case you’re in the desserts business, a pink logo will enact a sweet tooth.

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