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Flip-Flops- The Easy Breezy Comfort

When you think about the comfiest style of footwear for cool boys and girls, flip flops flashes at the back of the head always. They are consistently ranked number one when comfort is the key you seek in fashion. Apart from contributing to the hipster look, they also end up extremely affordable. With that said, if you have a nearby plan to visit beaches, they are a must-have beachwear to add your fashion shopping cart.

Youths have a greater inclination to flip-flops since they need things easy going which these footwears promises. With that said, if you wish to try out a few, here are a few top  flip-flops that you can come across when you go out shopping on

Various Types of Flip- Flops Available Online

Below mentioned are all the varieties of flip flops available; take a look at them before buying the one for yourself.


Buying a pair of clogs flip flops for yourself will make a unique addition in your lounge-wear. These flip flops have a covered style and are secured on your feet with the help of a backstrap. They are available in several colours and are fun to sport. So don’t wait to add a splash of pink, purple, or red to your style. Such a flop-flop pair is perfect for any beach trip.

Thong Style

These are the most acceptable and most common types of flip-flops. They are top-rated by everyone when talking about such footwear. They are accessible in various materials, for example- rubber, leather, or some synthetic blends as well. You can pair them with your pajamas or shorts when just chilling at home or for those visits to the nearby supermarket also. These flip-flops complement your Indian attires the best ways.


These slip-on are the most trendy and stylish out of the whole lot. Many of the Bollywood celebrities and fashion divas are seen sporting them with their gym wear or on their casual day out. They also look amazing with the sporty joggers, a plain t-shirt and a cool hoodie. Suppose you are planning to visit a beach or going to enjoy some water sport. Owning a pair of these flip-flops is must for you.


These are a type of flip-flops that are somewhat similar to that of clog style. You have multiple options to choose from when wanting to buy a pair of crocs such as- off-road sport crocs, solid crocs and boyband crocs. These all are amazing in their looks. All of these flip flops have a standard backstrap, but their thickness and accents vary from each other. The best part about them is that they are incredibly durable.

Flip Flops For All

Now you can buy these stylish flip-flops for men, women, and children from online store that too by relaxing on the comfortable sofa at your home. Go through the below-mentioned features and ideas, and buy the most appropriate pair for you to make your weekends more stylish and more relaxed. We have listed a few reasons to tell you why flip-flops are an inevitable part of everyone’s life:

For daily wear

Flip-flops are the must-have thing for your closet for several reasons. No matter if you are going for a casual outing along with your buddies or visiting the closest grocery shop for buying your daily needs and even if relaxing on your day off, flip-flops are the most proper footwear that you can rely upon. You don’t need to hurt your back by bending again and again to wear them. Opt for any colour or pattern that suits your style and comfort.

For your beach trip

Are you planning for a vacation at the beach to attain peace and relaxation? Then do not forget to buy a pair of colourful and floral printed flip-flops to complement your beach look. If you are styling your most loved sundress or your bright coloured denim shorts, complete your look with cool flip-flops. As you also want to make sure that you look the best in your Instagram pictures, along with the comfortable and breezy feel when you go for a water sport or stroll.

For cute little tiny tots

For lovely kids, you can choose a pair of flip flops which have their favourite cartoon heroes printed on them. That will provide them comfort along with joy. 

For the heavy rainfalls

Flip flops are also the saviours when streets have dirt, and the pits are submerged with water all around during rainy reasons. They are the best for those times because they are the easiest to clean and maintain.  

Are you still thinking? Go and have one at your disposal.

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