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Five Trends That Will Shape the Data Center Industry in 2021

What is waiting for in the data centre industry in 2021? This is the most asked question by the data centre industry professionals. This industry did a pretty good job last year, so it is time to know the trends that will shape the data centre industry in 2021.

Here we have identified some trends that can-shaped the whole data centre industry in 2021:

1. Data Tonnage Can Create A Challenge

A huge amount of data will exist like never before in 2021. This is a sign of new things to come as the new generation of technologies can transform many things, such as storing, managing, moving data, etc.

M2M or Machine to Machine technologies will generate a huge amount of data that can be very expensive to move in 2021. This data tonnage can create big challenges in both the distribution and concentration of data. Nowadays, datasets are growing rapidly, and they are testing some important things, such as network requirements for analytics, AI, and other data-intensive applications.

Data gravity will create a larger concentration of computing and storage resources at the core of the network. And that means business expansion at major data centre hubs.

2.Climate Risk and On-Site Power Generation

Climate change is a major factor when it comes to cost and availability. The data centre management will have to deal with that in the coming years.

In 2019 the effect of climate change on the bottom line became more noticeable. Climate challenges, along with the growing complexity of global energy, will provoke more data centre operators to integrate on-site generators or seek other techniques beyond conventional utility power.

Cost is not the only component that will provoke data centre operators to evaluate on-site power. Availability and time to market are also some noticeable issues.

3.Changing Shape Of Data Center Districts

Datacenter districts will arise in major markets, both driven by market forces and public policy.

In 2021, developers will buy properties to create new data centre campuses. So the economics will make data centres the most practical use for real estate.

Datacenter districts also give a productive focal print for infrastructure. So in 2021, get ready to see more of them.  

4. Water Conservation

This is another big trend for data centre infrastructure, which is also driven by climate. Water will be a more valuable product in the coming years. Water Conservation will drive new thinking in data centre location choice and data centre architecture

5. AI / Artificial Intelligence

Ever since Google published the research about AI and data centres to improve power efficiency, many organizations follow AI’s transformational potential.

According to researchers AI or Artificial Intelligence will grow rapidly in the coming days.

Here are some more trends :

  • Diversity of data centres
  • Remote management
  • Unstaffed data centres
  • The hype of 5G
  • Cloud and connectivity
  • Targeting green power

In this article, we shared some trends that will shape data centres’ future in 2021, along with a little brief on Eliot. I hope it will be helpful.

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