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Five Leadership Tactics to Grow Your Small Business

When you might have thought of starting a business without thinking about operating as a business leader. Leadership is a skill that is a necessity and constantly needs to be developed as you keep progressing. If your business is small, then without proper leadership your business will eventually come to a halt while running aimlessly. Certain leadership tactics have to be implemented if you wish to grow your business no matter if it is just at inception or is already a renowned and established business. Leadership is all about bringing things into implementation not standing by and giving directions, it requires active behavior. So here are five leadership tactics to grow your small business.


Any company or business, irrespective of its size has a practice, culture, or tradition. A business leader has to be an example of what the culture or practice of the company should be, by being prudent. He should determine his expectations and at the same time be responsible for propping them. This is not it, setting guidelines, certain practices and culture are not enough. As a leader, it is your responsibility to convey your expectations with your team members because they should be aware of what is being expected from them. The best way to do this is to begin during recruitment. George Scorsis Florida and Toronto executive entrepreneur is an example of a leader that has prudence and clarity with his team. George Scorsis is the executive chairman of WeedMD.


For any business to flourish, management of the business is a key factor. Effective management can only be done when there are strong work relationships that cannot be there without communication and being available. What are the biggest reasons for leaders to struggle? The reason is that they are not available. It often happens that a problem reaches extremity and only then address it to their superior, why? because they fear talking to their boss. Availability does not mean to be physically present, it means the communication and understanding between a leader and his team members. Companies grow and innovate when employees can freely talk to their superiors about problems and issues or just to maintain transparency.

Take Risks:

In a company or business, employees should feel comfortable sharing ideas, speaking when something is wrong and also come up with solutions. As a leader, it is your responsibility to make them feel that way and that the company expects the same from them. Not all ideas will be necessarily good but you be careful of the way you turn down their suggestions. Take time to do so and do it politely. In an environment where employees have freedom of suggestions and speech, you have to be ready for handling feedback and suggestions that point to certain drawbacks in the company. You should also be open to trying and implementing ideas and suggestions coming from your team members or employees, even if they think differently. It is a risky thing to do, but also important for the growth of your company as well as yourself. Seneca, a Hispano-Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist once said, “It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.”


When it comes to mentoring or training great leaders, it is a big responsibility. The best way to do it is to inculcate leadership development programs. These can be conducting coaching sessions, mentoring programs, training sessions, and being alert for other external opportunities as well. If a coworker with leadership potential is sent to a conference or a similar leadership event is an excellent way of rewarding him, thanking him or just as a gift. It is programs and activities like these that help in attracting new talent or improving employee recognition.


In small organizations, it often happens that employees are asked to carry out tasks that are outside their job profile. Moreover, they are even expected to come forth and portray leadership characteristics. Initially, those employees will fail to notice the benefits of it. The benefits include invaluable experience, growth as a professional, and an increase in the fast-paced environment. In times like these, you should be providing incentives to employees who perform well and exceed expectations. Incentives or rewards like cash bonuses, time off from work, or similar opportunities.

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