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Features Of An IT Help Desk

An IT help desk’s main role is to reduce IT downtime by providing quick remote assistance with a variety of IT issues. It is primarily focused on end user’s rather than the wider network.

To get an end user back into working mode, any basic functioning IT helpdesk needs to have the ability to provide technical support. The help desk usually uses specialized software to diagnose, record, track and manage problems raised (often referred to as tickets).

What Are The Features Of A Help Desk?

  • The ability to log and track incoming IT problems
  • A single point of contact for IT support
  • Can escalate issues if needed
  • Focusses on the end user not the network
  • Easy to use

Why A Help Desk Is Important

  • It Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

IT frustrations can chop away at staff morale. Having an easy to use and easy to access IT help desk shows your staff that their experience at work matters and that issues they raise are taken seriously…

  • Boosts Productivity

IT downtime isn’t just frustrating, it takes a toll on your overall productivity. The quicker that a malfunctioning machine or piece of software can be fixed and set back to working order, the quicker that work can commence. Having effective IT solutions only a call away helps to keep your business productive.

  • Cost Saving

In order to run a help desk, it takes human resources, software and hardware resources. however, these expenses are offset in the long run by the higher ROI resulting from a boost in productivity and a reduction in downtime.

  • Helps Identify Systemic Problems

If you combine your helpdesk with detailed record keeping you can quickly gather important information that can influence business-critical decisions. Statistics on which machines, departments or software is causing the most problem can help inform decisions on procurement, upgrade schedules and training. Detailed reports can let you know what the peak times for IT issues are in your business and what the most common issues your staff face are.

Why Outsource Your IT Help Desk

While very large businesses will have their own in-house IT support department with its own help desk, many small and medium businesses will outsource their help desk as part of having a third party managed IT support company take over their IT services. There are several benefits to outsourcing your help desk (and your IT support as a whole).

1. Cost Saving:  

An experienced IT support outsourcing company providing help desk support will spread their costs across several companies at once. This means you are not paying for staff to sit their idle waiting for a call.

2. Specialist Skills: 

An outsourced IT company will have a variety of specialists in different hardware and software issues. If the first engineer to answer your call doesn’t fix it, they will escalate the issue until it reaches an engineer who can.

3. Free Up Time: 

Unless you’re an IT company, you didn’t get into business to fix computers. By letting an experienced third-party manage your business IT, you free yourself up to spend more time on the parts of your business that truly excite you.

4. Scalability: 

The help desk requires constant upgrades as the company grows.  When this happens, an in-house help desk can quickly consume capital, time and resources. When the job is outsourced, the problem of scalability is considerably reduced. An outsourced IT helpdesk already helps multiple companies of various sizes, thus the increase in service to one of them does not affect their overall profitability.

5. Disaster Recovery:

 Outsourcing is an appropriate strategy for the planning of business continuity in a disaster. The availability of the help desk to its users is unaffected during a disaster.

6. 24/7 Support:

As many providers use virtual IT helpdesks managed by staff in multiple countries, they can offer 24/7-365 support. This is important to modern businesses which often operate outside the 9 to 5 paradigm.

A help desk has become an essential service for technical support in many leading businesses by allowing IT users to get quick solutions to any IT issues they face. Outsourcing your day-to-day IT support to an expert managed IT services company is a viable solution for IT support with several long-term benefits. If you do not already have one in place, consider contacting a local managed IT support provider and discuss outsourcing your help desk.

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