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Features & Add-ons on Your Car: When You Should & When You Shouldn’t

We love our cars, and we love to be comfortable in them…

We love to make them look beautiful as well…

That’s why we go making modifications such as a new sound system, a nice color paint job, or window tinting.

What you probably don’t know is that you’re most likely driving the value of your car downhill with those add-ons.

So, if you’re thinking about pimping your ride today… what should you do with your car? And what shouldn’t you?

Here’s everything you want to know before making any bad decisions when changing stuff in your car…

Why is this Important?

You’re probably going to buy one car or two in your whole life, and that makes it your second most precious thing you own right after your house.

But unlike your house, adding stuff to your car and making repairs doesn’t increase its price when you want to sell it.

You most likely will be losing money.

And yes, you might like to get comfortable with your car and make it suit you better, but that might not make it look better for a potential buyer because a car that is changed or meddled with in any way means potential breakdowns and repairs of any sort.

Which will make them pay less for your precious asset.

You also might find this whole thing trivial because you’re not planning on selling your car any time soon, or ever. But you never know when you might need to cash your car for quick money.

And at the same time, some modifications and add-ons make your car look better for any potential buyer.

Let’s dive into it…

What Changes are Bad for Your Car?

1. Tuning Your Engine

You might think that this is always a plus because it adds on performance and makes you fly on the highway. But a tuned-up engine only looks appealing to motorheads, that’s because it’s not economic at all. You don’t want to be spending more money if you don’t need to.

2. Paintjob

A car with a paint job can put a lot of question marks on your car. Such as scratches, dents, and probably accidents. You’re probably better off buying a car with the color you desire from the first place than having people think you went through an accident.

3. Spoilers, Skirts, and Any Body Additions

Only think about this kind of modification if you own a racing car or you’re just a collector. That’s because most people simply won’t like them.

4. New Rims

Rims are only good looking for a certain amount of time… maybe after a couple of years your new flashy rims will not look as good… with rims it’s always a gamble.

5. New Set of Lights

What doesn’t occur to you when you get new lights is that they might mean a potential problem with your car’s electric circuit because not many people know how to install them properly and that won’t look good when you’re trying to sell your car.

To sum it up… these changes and everything similar will be bad for your car’s value.

What Changes are Good for Your Car?

1. Any Factory-Installed Additions

The best additions you can get for your car are factory-installed additions. That’s because they’re more trustworthy for any potential buyer who’ll come along the way.

2. Tires

Your tires wear out over time and friction on the road, and with it your traction and handling… and that’s what makes a new set of tires so good for the price of your vehicle.

3. Safety Measures

One of the best things you can add to your car and brag about when selling it to anyone is how safe it is because a safe and secure car is always a plus. Anything in the lines of alarms, airbags, a GPS tracking system… all of which will make your car better in the eyes of the buyer.

Of course, your car is your home and you’re free to do whatever you please with your property, but you never want to lose money over simple but unnecessary additions… and now, you know how to go about it.

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