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Learn About Locks: 6 Facts About Hair That You Won’t Believe

How much do you know about the hair that grows out of your head?

We take our hair for granted (those who have lost their hair know this to be true). We don’t think about it; it’s just there by default.

We dye it, straighten it, curl it, braid it, and do everything to make it fit our aesthetic. But what do you know about it beyond the way that it looks and acts when you’re designing it?

We’ve got some interesting facts about hair to help you learn about your lustrous locks. Whether you’re interested in hair care facts, hair growth facts, or fun facts in general, we’ve got something for you.

Keep reading for some of our favorites.

1. Warm Climates May Help With Growth

Does your hair seem to grow faster when it’s hot and humid in the summer? This is because the heat might stimulate hair growth.

The nutrients required for our hair to grow are stimulated by the sun. This is a reductive way of looking at it but think of yourself as a plant using the sun as energy.

Heat on its own also helps, though this doesn’t mean that you should take boiling-hot showers. Water that’s too hot might stimulate growth, but it will also dry out your scalp which can hurt things in the long run!

2. All of Your Visible Hair Is Dead

Your hair might look luscious and thriving, but in reality, it’s dead by the time it sprouts from your head.

The blood cells in our hair follicles help to push the hair out of our heads, but by the time we see it, the cells of the hair itself are dead. The reason that it still looks shiny instead of dull and dry like we’d expect dead cells to look is due to the sebaceous glands attached to each follicle which supply healthy oils to our hair.

This makes sense, right? If our hair was still alive, we’d be able to feel it when it was being cut.

3. Hair Contains a Lot of Information

Have you ever watched a forensic cop show where they find a single hair at the scene and immediately find a suspect? Or have you known someone who had to take a drug test using their hair? How do they do that?

If the follicle is present from a hair (common for hair that falls out on its own or is ripped out rather than cut), we can collect nuclear DNA from it. Nuclear DNA contains information that’s unique to every person. Your hair is special to you! This is true regardless of if you dye it or otherwise treat it.

The hair knows all. There’s no way to hide anything from the hair, not even a special shampoo. When it comes to drug tests, hair may contain information for a year or more, and it can detect drug use over time instead of just within the past few days.

4. Cutting Your Hair Won’t Make It Grow Faster

Is this a surprising “not so fun” fact?

We’re taught the old wives tale that cutting your hair makes it grow faster. If you think about it, that doesn’t make sense. Our insides determine our hair growth, and since our hair is dead, cutting it makes no difference.

But what does it do, and how was that myth popularized?

When our hair goes too long without proper care, the ends split. As they split, they look thinner and can break.

This means that while trimming won’t make your hair grow faster, it will make your hair hold onto its length and health.

There are other speculated ways to keep your hair long and healthy, like eating well and taking vitamins. Check out this Sugar Bear Hair review and decide for yourself!

5. Daily Hair Loss Is Normal

Have you ever noticed a comb full of hair and gotten stressed out?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. The average person loses between 50 and 150 strands of hair per day. Most of the time we don’t notice because it falls while we’re going about our routine activities.

You may notice more when you’re home a lot. You’ll find hair on your clothes and in your carpet (and your vacuum will notice for sure).

6. You Could Be Causing Hair Loss Without Knowing It

Speaking of hair loss: you might be causing it without noticing.

There are a few ways. The first is through telogen effluvium. Some of the causes of telogen effluvium are unavoidable, like extreme physical or emotional trauma and stress or necessary medication.

If you go on a crash diet or otherwise lose weight in a short amount of time, or if you don’t take care of your nutrition, you’ll start to lose hair.

This hair loss is temporary, but it’s concerning.

Another common way people cause hair loss is through traction alopecia. This happens when you keep your hair in tight hairstyles too often or for too long. You’ll find yourself losing hair where the tension is most concentrated.

Let your hair breathe from time to time to protect it!

Did You Know These Facts About Hair?

How much did you know about hair before this? These fun (and not so fun) facts about hair might give you a new perspective on your precious locks.

Are you causing your own hair loss? Are you doing everything in your power to keep your hair long and healthy? Is it time to make some changes to your hair care?

We hope you learned something new! For more articles on health and more, visit the rest of our site.

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