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Everything You Need to Know About DrChrono EHR: Pricing, Reviews & More!

What is an EHR? 

The term EHR itself explains a lot of what the software is about. EHR itself stands for Electronic Health Records, this does indicate somewhat what one should expect from the software. It does keep your patient records in digitized copies but these days EHRs are capable of much more. EHRs like DrChoro EHR Software show us just what they are capable of. From DrChrono billing to the practice management software which can be easily integrated within the software; everything in this software is superior. So essentially this software on its own could sustain and run your medical practice without any issues. There are many reasons doctors are shifting more and more towards software like this. While DrChrono pricing can seem a bit high, the amount of things it does for you and your practice more than makes up for it! So let us see what these amazing features are which make the DrChrono cost worth it. 

Everything About DrChrono EHR


One of the most important aspects of any EHR software is that it should be able to have templates which make sense to you. DrChrono price might seem high but honestly they have templates for various specialities which can be customized for your practice. Overall, having customizable templates which cater to your speciality is incredibly helpful. It helps processes get done quicker and helps you diagnose and treat a patient much quicker since you do not have to constantly have a struggle with the paperwork. 


These days EHRs are capable of doing anything and at times they need some help from other software which can integrate with them and provide you with an overall amazing user experience. DrChrono billing is a software which is easily integrated into this EHR and helps you manage your revenue cycle, do billing and take care of almost everything related to the monetary aspect of your practice. DrChrono EMR can also be paired with its practice management software so you can essentially communicate with patients, schedule appointments and much more. All of these features are incredibly helpful and make managing your practice much easier. 


A really great feature which every EHR should have is the e-prescription feature which makes your job a lot easier and the lives of your patients simpler too. An e-prescription feature allows for you to make prescriptions virtually for your patients so that you can save time for both you and your patients. With this feature your patients do not have to come in to merely collect a prescription and you do not have to block out a time for them to be able to visit. This feature is another one which justifies the pricing of DrChrono. 

Lab Orders

Another major feature of DrChrono EMR is the fact that it has lab order within it so that again 

you and your patients benefit greatly from it. The lab order features lets you get patient test results directly to your software without the patient having to bring in the result themselves or having to collect them physically in any way whatsoever. This helps you save time since the test results are sent to you as soon as they are made available so you can essentially waste no time in between the results being ready and you reviewing them so that you can diagnose your patient faster as well. According to DrChrono reviews, this is a highly appreciated feature in the EMR. 

Appointment Profiles

One of the most important aspects of any practice is of course the patients and their satisfaction with your services. Thus it is important to employ any software which will help you increase patient satisfaction. Appointment profiles are a great feature in how you can improve patient interactions and have you patients leave your practice happily. This feature essentially gives you a patient profile in a summarized form with the most important points highlighted so you can know about the case specifically when the patient comes in. This feature informs you of everything you need to know and saves you time as well. A lot of DrChrono reviews talk about how helpful the service is. 

What People Think of DrChrono 

Now one of the most important aspects in terms of deciding whether an EMR is worth it is to read its reviews. Lucky for you there are tons of DrChrono reviews available online. A lot of physicians who use this software appreciate it quite a bit for the various functions it has especially those which increase patient satisfaction. The DrChrono price can seem steep but the amount of features you get in return is incredibly helpful. At the end of the day however, the decision is yours to make. This is because you are the one who has to bear the DrChrono cost so it should be you who makes the final decision. This means you should make a list of all the features you would ideally want from your ideal EMR software and then decide whether or not you are willing to invest in it. You can cross reference all the features this software has with the ones you require for your practice. After this you can make the final decision of whether or not you need to invest in this software.

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