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The Use of AI to Enhance Staffing

Artificial Intelligence is of great use when it comes to recruiting. It decreases the effort of the recruiters, helping them a lot. AI can automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. AI software can help in filtering out the resume and finding the resumes that fit the eligibility criteria.

AI can replace repetitive, high-volume tasks. So the time taken for the recruitment process is reduced, and the process speeds up. It will be of great help when the company is looking for resources urgently.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Automating repetitive, high volume tasks

The manual screening of resumes is an arduous task. It takes a lot of time and effort. Reports show that more than half of the resumes received will not be eligible for the positions. So, in short, it is a colossal waste of human time. The manual screening of these biodatas takes hours and hours.

With AI, you get all the qualified resumes from the long list in no time. The AI software will even schedule the interviews. So the HR can concentrate more on the complex parts like the actual interview. 

Another advantage is that the AI seamlessly integrates with the HRs current recruitment so that your present workflow does not get disturbed. It also makes the recruitment process faster without missing out on real talents.

A Better Quality Hire

AI recruiting has notedly become more efficient than traditional methods. With more data available about the candidate, the software can predict if the resource can be resourceful to the company. So here, the quality of the hire improves with the use of AI.

The AI software makes sure the candidate has the required skills and experience to have sound output from the employee. It ensures the employees are more productive and happy in the company and are less likely to turnover. 

The use of AI also cuts down the cost of recruitment. It makes sure high-quality hiring with less finance.  It can be of great benefit for IT staff augmentation agencies.

The benefits of Using AI in staffing

Intelligent Recruitment Automation

The traditional recruitment software like the Application Tracking System (ATS) will help store the resumes in your database. So you will have a pool of candidates in your organization’s cloud. So, whenever in need, you can take the list out from the database.

The problem here is that the database will have a long list of candidates, and to filter out from the list, takes a long time. It is similar to a job portal. But with AI integrated with the software within a few seconds, the whole list can be filtered with the help of the right keywords.

Another benefit of using AI is that it can also fix the suitable interview date. The process otherwise takes a lot of discussions to find the suitable date of interview. 

Eliminate the Human Bias

Most of the time the human bias comes into play during the interview. It is an unconscious one but still happens. With the help of AI, the tendency can be removed. AI cannot directly remove the bias, but it can help the company realize any unconscious bias while recruiting.

Humans are biased; for example, we often judge people based on their name, caste, race, and gender. AI helps in identifying this bias in the first step. AI can analyze the pattern of the older recruitment process and make conclusions out of it. It will tell you if there is some unconscious bias going on while hiring developers. Like if there is a bias towards males, it will show up in the analysis.


The process of recruitment takes a long time. Deciding the kind of candidates you need for the onboarding process can take weeks or even months and, in some cases, years. Some repetitive and high-volume tasks in the whole process take a lot of time. With the help of AI-integrated software, these processes can be automated.

It can filter and give you the list of eligible candidates and make the process easier. It will help in saving a lot of time. It also helps fix the interview dates, which is ideal for the candidates and the recruiters. So, without a doubt, it can save time and get the resource faster.

Improve Candidate Experience

Another benefit of using AI-integrated software is it improves the candidate experience. As the impression the candidate creates with you is not the only important part. The image the candidate has of your company is also vital.

A conversational chatbot on the website can help the candidates in finding answers to many of their queries. The candidates will be curious to know about the company’s happening and their job profile; here, the chatbots can help. 

AI-driven software will also help in sending emails to suitable candidates. You will not flood the wrong candidate’s mailbox with irrelevant information. It can also improve the chances of getting qualified candidates.

Rediscovering of Candidate

Your company’s database will be having the details of many candidates. Mostly you have the required candidates there themselves. You need not go searching in job portals to find candidates. So the issue here is to filter out the candidates from the database.

AI-enabled programs can help in rediscovering old candidates who are still eligible for the post. From the candidates’ filtered list, the recruiter can contact the people and see if they are still available. Or in some cases, some other vacancies which are more suited for them might come up. It can help HR. In any way, the AI-enabled software can help improve the hire’s quality and give you the right candidate.

The AI Innovations in recruiting

Physical Interview Robots

Yes, you read it right, a real robot to conduct interviews. A robot engineered to perform natural language processing and also integrated with interview analytics can execute an interview. The main advantage here is that the robot makes sure all the candidates get the same kind of interview. As with robots, there will be no biasing. The organization has to make sure that the candidates are comfortable with a robot interviewing them. It should not be like the candidates walking into the room and freaking out seeing a robot in front of them.

Conversation Analytics

Technology has advanced in such a way that AI can give insights regarding the conduction of the interview. The AI listens to the discussion and offers valuable insights into how the interview can be improved. Recording the audio and video of the interview and transcribing it can help the interviewer see how effective the interview was and how they can improve it.

AI-Powered Background Checking

Background check of the candidates is a long and tedious process. It can take a lot of time. The AI-powered background checks are more effective as they will eliminate any biases and do the process perfectly. It also takes less time and proves to be more efficient than human processing.

Determining Compensation

Deciding on the employee’s salary and other benefits is often an arduous task as it will depend on the living cost of the locality. The compensation, over-time payment, bonuses should be according to the industrial standards. An AI-integrated software can help in deciding these factors in a better way.

In a Nutshell 

Artificial intelligence can help in improving the quality of the hire and save time and money. The AI integrated staffing can also help overcome the challenges faced by staffing firms in the Coronavirus pandemic. The hiring process can go lengthy and time consuming. It might even take months to land on the right candidate. With the help of artificial intelligence, the process becomes more efficient.

AI integrated staffing processes can help in finding the right resource in minimum time. It will also help in finding remote candidates. AI-enabled software can also help in staff augmentation and project outsourcing. It can help organizations in finding the right partner.

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