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Email Marketing: SMTP Server buying guide


Email is one of the most common means of communication, and people across all platforms of life use it. Through email messages, you can combine with your relatives and friends no matter where they stay on the planet. It takes just a moment or two to get your communication transferred to the receiver.

Not only do individuals make the management of email for their communication. Companies also depend on email to communicate with their employees, clients, and business partners and market their services and products. And unlike individuals, businesses send numbers of email messages every day. Hence, they look for a skilled email service for fast delivery. This article will study why companies require an SMTP server, its benefits, and how to buy an SMTP server.

Why You Need To Buy SMTP Server For Email Marketing

You can certainly send and receive emails with free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. But these free email clients have their conditions when you need to trade with thousands of emails daily. That’s why many organizations purchase mail servers of their own, as they help in high volume email activities. They also guarantee that their email marketing campaigns deliver the best results.

The main feature that distributes a shared, free SMTP server from a dedicated SMTP server is that the free SMTP services have restrictions on the number of emails you can send in a day. This restriction poses a significant barrier when you have to send time-sensitive marketing emails to a large number of recipients frequently. When enterprises buy SMTPservers of their own, there is no limitation.

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Benefits of Running Your SMTP Server

Let’s sum up the benefits of using dedicated SMTP servers with the following points.

No Limitations

The main advantage of running a dedicated SMTP server is that there are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send daily.

Detailed Reports

Email campaign managers understand exactly how many emails were received, delayed, bounced, etc. Dedicated SMTP services provide administrators and campaign managers with all the required tools and reports. 

Hassle-Free Process

With a dedicated SMTP server at your control, you don’t need to worry about the terms and conditions forced by third parties. On the other hand, when you share your email server with other clients, all hosts are concerned if any sharing clients do anything spammy.


One of the essential benefits for businesses to buy dedicated SMTP servers is to decrease the costs related to bulk emailing to a great extent. There’s no more spending money based on per email cost or depending on third parties to send bulk email messages.

How To Choose The Right SMTP Server For Email Marketing

Even though an SMTP server should come with many benefits, in reality, a lot of it depends on the SMPT Server Providers, features offered, price, etc. You should choose carefully and have the following points in mind.

Domain Restrictions

When you’re looking to buy an Email server for email marketing, it is better to go for SMTP servers, followed by a hosting plan. It guarantees that all domain limitations on sending emails are taken care of.


Assure that the SMTP server’s pricing structure is inside your budget and buy the service that you need. Taking a costly one with a host of features that you will rarely use would only be a waste of money.


While the market is filled with various SMTP service providers, choosing the best SMTP server that provides to the business needs is essential. If they are to make a wise choice that serves their economical pricing needs, businesses need to know their email marketing elements.

Remember that some SMTP service providers offer various attached features that could considerably slow down the email marketing process.


Check for essential features like selective disperse, real-time delivery reports, etc. The particular disperse feature ensures that the email campaigns reach their customers at the specified time.

The real-time delivery feature guarantees that businesses can check whether their email campaigns have arrived at the intended audience. Administrators can change the SMTP settings based on their specifications.


The reputation of an Bulk email management Services is an important point you should take into attention. To some extent, high importance is inversely proportional to the chances of your email messages being flagged as spam. In the case of bounces, reputed SMTP servers even handle the redelivery of these messages.

Sending bulk emails: providers versus servers

Advertisers have two choices for conveying mass messages: email specialist co-ops and mass SMTP workers. As a groundwork, in the event that you’re curious about what a SMTP worker is, it’s most likely not a smart thought to head down that way.

An email specialist organization (ESP), like Campaign Monitor, gives you devices and a stage to make and send messages. Great ESPs have the foundation to help advertisers from email creation through change and investigation. They’re superb for advertisers of any foundation and ability level. What’s more, with Campaign Monitor, making a life-changing email just takes you minutes, with simple to-utilize devices and highlights.

Alternately, a mass SMTP worker offers less highlights, however places more control under the control of an architect (indeed, we say engineer since this is an incredibly convoluted framework). This choice is basically an ESP stripped to its center capacities. You should plan your own messages, arrange a framework to send crusades, and these administrations offer no help—you’re totally all alone.

There’s bunches of adaptability, as you can send any message you need whenever, liberated from any limitations an ESP may force. The other side is that you should feel sure about your capacity to oversee and arrange a worker, and in case you’re working outside of those email best practices that ESPs live by, you probably will not perceive any outcomes from your gigantic time venture.


You can improve the usability of your email clients by using or buying a dedicated SMTP server. Many benefits come along when you buy an smtp instant activation server for email marketing, such as ensuring your email lists’ security, etc. So if you want tobuy the SMTP server, you should go to the best SMTP service provider only, and Time4Servers is the one you can trust completely. 

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