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Top E-commerce Web Design Tips to Reach More Customers

E-commerce has suddenly become very popular. Digital shopping is the current user favorite shopping trend. The current pandemic scenario has worked in favor of the e-commerce sector. When people were out of options to go to stores to buy daily necessities, they started depending more on online shopping.

As the demand for online shopping increased, so did the number of e-commerce sites. There are numerous online stores available now for the same kind of products or services. With many options available now, it takes a lot of effort to make the user purchase from your e-commerce site.

A lot of attention needs to be paid while designing the e-commerce site. A beautiful UI with seamless navigation can do a lot of wonders. All the designer gets is a few seconds to impress the user. So make sure to put in the effort to make the e-commerce site flawless.

Top E-commerce web design tips to reach more customers

Simple Design

Keeping the design simple and up-to-date is very important. A designer will be tempted to use all the intrinsic and sophisticated templates available. The designer has to keep in mind that the users will not be technically sound to use the complicated designs. 

A simple and traditional design will be easy for the customer to follow. For example, the cart icon is traditionally placed on the top right corner of the page. The users are used to this practice. So keeping the icon in the same position will help the customers to use the website better.

Improve the Search Usability

If your e-commerce website is recording your customer’s activities on the website, then it is a win for the website. It also means that your website has well-designed navigation and search options. It will help the customers in finding out what exactly they are looking for.

A data on their search history will help in giving more customized search results for the customers. The website will have information on the kind of products the user likes and whereabout about the brands they prefer. The auto-complete option alo helps the users in finding out the required products.

Helpful Product Description and High-Quality Product Images

Another very significant tip is that the website has to provide the full information about the product. The kind of materials it is made of, allergen information, if any, should be present on the website. The one disadvantage of e-commerce over brick and mortar is the customers cannot have the real feel of the product. So make sure the customers have the right information about it.

High-quality images can also help the user’s to have a better idea of the product. Make sure the image is similar to how the product will look in real life.

Honest Pricing

Another important web design tip is to be transparent with the customer in every aspect. About the content of the product, the date of manufacturing, place of manufacturing, all the details should be present depending on the product. 

The pricing details should be transparent, and no hidden charges should be there. It would make the customer trust your website less. Also, a detailed description of the shipping charges and policy will be good. So the customer will understand how the price is broken down. It will make the customer trust your website, and they will even come back to you.

Personalized Homepage

Anyone would like personalized products and services. A touch of customization will make the customers happy and satisfied. So personalized homepages can give the customers a home feeling. It will improve the relationship between the website and the user.

In traditional brick and mortar concepts, it is easy to build a customer relationship as you get to see them. But when it goes virtual, the effort has to be doubled because you don’t get to see them.

To have a good customer relationship, make sure you interact with them digitally and make them feel at home. A home page is like a welcome signal; if it is defined according to the customer’s likes, you get them to like you.

Reviews and Testimonials Can Help

As mentioned above, in virtual shopping, the customer does not get to see the product. To get a better idea of the product, it is good to have customer reviews and testimonials. Honest reviews will always be a guideline to the new customers.

It will help the customers to decide on the product. The pictures of the customer with the products will be more useful. 

Work on Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is one the best easy to market your product. It is cheaper compared to conventional methods of marketing and more effective. We all have fallen for the bait of social media marketing at least once. And the advantage here is you can purchase the product and continue with surfing. You don’t have to go to another separate platform to find the products.

Social media is way too popular now. So it will be a wise idea to have your brand’s presence known there too. It will not do any harm. It is also important to keep a watch on important eCommerce trends to keep the website up-to-date.

User-Generated Content is Resourceful

Content generated based on the user’s search history is way more resourceful than some random products flooding the website or the user’s email. When the products the user was looking for comes back in stock, it will be really helpful to notify the customers about it. Also, emails about the ongoing or upcoming sales festival and other offers can be of value. So rather than flooding the user’s inbox with random stuff, this information will be helpful for them.

Skillful Use of Colors

Another very important factor to be considered in the e-commerce UX is the use of colors. A rich set of color palettes can make the website attractive. It allures the user’s to your website. The colors should be chosen according to the kind of products. We all know green stands for natural, so if the product is anything natural, it can use green shades.

If your website is selling some funky products, then loud colors will be good. So choose the colors according to your product. Make sure it syncs with the website. 

Easy Check-Out Facilities

Another critical factor is the easy check-out facility. The provision of guest users can help in the case the user sent wants to start an account. Also, the different modes of payment can help the user. If one method is not working, they can always rely on the other. Make sure the designer looks at the website like a user. Make the journey for the user as smooth as possible. Let them come back to your website and choose your service again and again.

In a Nutshell

E-commerce websites are designed with a lot of effort and focus. The designer has to think from the user’s point of view. There are multiple websites available for the same service or products nowadays. So make sure you get your customer to like your website. It depends on the kind of user experience the website is rendering to the user.
There are many UI UX design agencies to help with the user interface and user experiences. They can deal with the website in a completely professional manner. The website design tips mentioned in the blog can help you to start with the website. It will give you a brief about expectations from your website.

Nihal PS is a certified SEO strategist who is certified from Semrush, Moz, Yandex and Google. He works as a digital marketer at Mindster which is a mobile app development company and UI UX Design agency in India. He has the credibility of bringing up rankings of websites with his continuous efforts and tactics.

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