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What is FSSAI:

FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI) in its full form. FSSAI is an authority for any food company in India to have a food license. FSSAI maintains that the food company works with a suitable license and quality management. Food companies are expected to follow the laws and guidelines of the FSSAI. The FSSAI is fully responsible for setting guidelines, values, and controls for the health of food corporations in India.

FSSAI registration:

Food business operators are also necessary to acquire the FSSAI Certification, such as small food producers and even small-sized producers, storage units, transporters, dealers, advertisers, distributors etc. If the annual turnover of a food company is below Rs. 12 lakh, basic food licence registration is required. Generally, simple food safety registration is done anytime someone starts a company and is unaware of the anticipated turnover, and it can be upgraded to a state licence if the turnover reaches Rs. 12 Lakh. This licence has a cumulative term of 5 years and a minimum of 1 year.

Fssai registration procedure step by step:

You may apply both online and offline for FSSAI Registration. To easily receive the FSSAI Registration Certificate online.

  1. Verify Eligibility
  2. Pick License or Registration Form
  3. Sign up for the Food Licensing & Registration Scheme and register for a license/registration online.
  4. Full Type A of FSSAI food license registration on the FSSAI website
  5. Upload the records that support it.
  6. Pay the fees. (In the case of central license online, a payment system for state license/registration can be online or offline through challan, etc.)
  7. You need the governments to file Form B. Print Type B, then sign it the same way. Upload it after scanned this form and recognition will be produced.
  8. If you fail to respond with 15 days of the deadline, the govt will submit your deadline for edits back, so your request will be denied.
  9. It will take 30-50 workdays for the government department to fully review the document and approve it.

Types of fssai registration:

FSSAI Central License:

To receive a Central food registration granted by the national government, Food Business Operators are required. For longer than a month while a state is operational. Besides being applicable to the central office, all the offices throughout the country are protected by the Central License. If they have a yearly turnover from over 20 crores, a central licence is obtained by restaurants and other food business owners. For a period of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years, a Central License is available.

Cost of FSSAI Central Registration– 3999/-

FSSAI State License:

The acquisition of the FSSAI State License is mandatory for both small and medium-sized enterprises. It is provided by the relevant government of the state where the group is prepared to start a food company. It is necessary to remember that the corporation has to work in one state only. If the company’s annual turnover dropped from 12 lakhs to 20 lakhs, it will have to apply for a State License. The cumulative length of service for this license shall be 5 years and the minimum duration shall be 1 year.

Cost of FSSAI State Registration- 2999/- 

FSSAI Basic Registration:

The application for the FSSAI Basic License is required for small companies with a low turnover of up to 1 lakh. This license is also given by the state government in question. The minimum and maximum duration of possession of this license shall be 1 year and 5 years respectively.

Cost of FSSAI Standard Registration- 1499/- 

Required common documents for fssai registration:

State And Central registration:

  • PAN of the proprietor / Directors/ Business
  • Evidence of address by proprietor / directors (Aadhar, Visa, Voting Card, DL etc)
  • Passport size portrait of the owner /Directors
  • Declaration
  • Evidence of ownership (Rental Arrangement / Utility Bill) of premises
  • Incorporation License / Partnership Deed / MOA & AOA
  • List of made or packaged or preserved food items
  • Project for Food Safety Control Scheme if any
  • Trade License if open
  • Food Type List
  • List of services

Basic registration:

  • Owner’s PAN / Directors/ Business
  • Evidence of address by owner / directors (Aadhar, Visa, Voting Card, DL etc)
  • Passport size portrait of the owner /Directors
  • Declaration
  • Incorporation License / Partnership Deed / MOA & AOA

Advantages of FSSAI food license obtain:

  1. There are some regulatory advantages that the food industry will get
  2. Creates awareness for customers
  3. You should use the FSSAI badge, which can generate a client’s goodwill.
  4. Put down principles focused on science
  5. Regulate the production, transportation, delivery, selling and import of foodstuffs
  6. Facilitating food security
  7. Maintaining protection is the responsibility of the research and development sector.
  8. New regulations that are compliant with foreign organisations have been adopted
  9. Set up studies with facts proof for development policies.
  10. The probability of market growth is immense.

Checking FSSAI status of application:

  • Enter the FSSAI official site first
  • As seen on the form, insert the specific tracking information.
  • The 17-digit application number you obtain when you sign up for a food license is kept handy.
  • You will then be routed to the status page after entering the information.

Fssai renewal:

In India, prior to starting a food company, FSSAI registration or Food License is necessary for any food business operator. Similarly, it is essential that the FSSAI license be extended within the time limit or before it expires. The food license issued by the food business regulator may be valid for a duration of one year or up to five years.

Registration fees for FSSAI differ according to the tenure of the FSSAI License. gem Portal its benfits Every food business operator wants to apply for an FSSAI extension 30 days before the expiry of the current food license, in compliance with the FSSAI regulations.

FSSAI License Renewal penalities:

 If the request for FSSAI License (State and Central) renewal is not documented at the agreed period, then FSSAI Licenses will be fined Rs. 100 a day.

Penalty on FSSAI Registration Renewal:

If the Food Register Renewal is not completed within the stated period, it would be deemed a gap and the food company operator will need to apply for a new licence to pursue the company further.

The license or FSSAI registration will continue to be in power until the FSSAI renewal application arrangements have been passed, which must be 30 days from the date of the expiry of the FSSAI license.

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